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Make Up For Ever

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The Glossover

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  • Price $13.00


An oval-shaped sponge applicator that collects and applies pigments and pearly textures precisely so the product doesn’t fall beneath the eyes. It is also great for blending pencils on the eye contour. The applicator is refillable.

Temptalia Review

Make Up For Ever #222 Sponge Applicator ($13.00) is a sponge-tipped applicator on a long, wooden (beech) handle. The sponge-tip is 12mm tall, 9mm wide, and 5mm thick. It’s attached to a black knob that has a thin (about 3-4mm wide) plastic piece that has a lot of flexibility, so you can bend the applicator as needed to maneuver around during application. Sponge-tip applicators are good for picking any powder product that is prone to fall out, crumbling, or when you need to really pack on a color; like a white eyeshadow base, sponge-tip applicators can really pack on a product. It is also a useful applicator for smudging eyeliner or eyeshadow underneath or on the lash line.

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