#156 Large Flat Blush Brush

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#156 Large Flat Blush Brush Reviews

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The Glossover

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  • Price $37.00


This classic blush brush quickly and easily adds a healthy glow to the complexion. Its versatile size and shape is adapted for all types of blush application. Featuring wavy fibers, it can be used with loose and compact powders.

Temptalia Review

#156 Flat Round Blush Brush ($55.00) is a flat, fluffy blush brush with a domed, rounded edge. It’s not too dense, but it has enough fibers to not feel sparse. The brush head is 35mm in length, 35mm in width (at its widest point), and 15mm in thickness (at its thickest point). It has an pinched ferrule and a moderately wide handle (just under 1.5 centimeters in diameter) towards the center that narrows and tapers to a slanted point.  This brush had nice weight distribution.

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