#150 Precision Blush Brush

Make Up For Ever

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  • Price $40.00


This very firm, supple, professional-use brush is beveled to sculpt and transform the face using shading and highlighting. Featuring straight and wavy fibers, it can be used with loose and compact powder, and is ideal for applying powder blush and sculpting kits.

Temptalia Review

Make Up For Ever #150 Precision Blush Brush ($40.00) is supposed to be used for applying powder blush and sculpting products. The brush head is 26mm in length, 30mm in width, and 16mm in thickness. It has a pinched, metal ferrule, and a total brush length of 7 inches or 18 centimeters. The brush head is slightly angled and rounded, so it would work well for contouring and sculpting the cheeks or around the jaw and hair line. It is too large to work in smaller areas like around the nose. The bristles were soft, moved together nicely without splaying, and I didn’t experience any weird greasiness/oiliness with this brush. MAC 168 ($35) is fluffier, larger (narrower but longer). Sephora Pro Angled ($32) is longer and not quite as dense. Hakuhodo J511 ($33) is smaller and fluffier.

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