MAC   Paint Pot (Discontinued)

Paint Pot (Discontinued)


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The Good
  • Long-wearing (103)
  • Creamy (102)
  • Easy To Apply (86)
  • Blendable (78)
  • Crease-resistant (69)
  • Great Value (59)
  • Smooth (53)
  • Travel-friendly (35)
  • Buttery (25)
The In-Between
  • Buildable (77)
  • Highly Pigmented (66)
  • Sheer (11)
The Bad
  • Creases (11)
  • Hard To Blend (11)
  • Too Little Product (1)
  • Fades (1)
  • Hard To Apply (1)
  • Powdery (1)

11 Written Reviews

Profile photo of Pedro


4 months ago.

AMAZING. I prefer applying it with a brush, doing it with your finger will probably make it a little clumpy. Set it with a matte skintoned powder and you're done: best eye primer ever.

Skin Tone: Medium - Skin Type: Combination - Undertone: Yellow
Profile photo of Mindy


3 years ago.

I love Bare Study as a wash of color alone on my lids or as a base for lighter eye looks. It doesn't crease at all. Since you only need the smallest amount, these last forever.

Skin Tone: Medium - Skin Type: Normal-to-Oily - Undertone: Olive
Profile photo of Natalie


3 years ago.

I absolutely love all of MAC's paint pots. They are so pigmented and smooth. Also you don't need a brush to apply it, making it have very easy to apply. They truly make a wonderful base that ensures your eyeshadow to stay put all day!

2 out of 2 users found this review helpful.

Skin Tone: Medium - Skin Type: Normal-to-Oily - Undertone: Olive
Profile photo of Emma


3 years ago.

This particular shade is perfect for when I want to do a black smokey eye because it works so well as a base. Once applied there is enough time to blend it out, and then it sets to prevent any creasing. It's great when used under black eyeshadows to intensify them and make them longer-lasting. I find that even though it contains a slight shimmer I am still able to apply a matte black eyeshadow over the top without the shimmer coming through, which is great! It's really creamy and smooth to apply so it doesn't tug on the eyelid.

Skin Tone: Fair - Skin Type: Oily - Undertone: Yellow
Profile photo of Sarah


3 years ago.

This is one of my favourite MAC products. I use this product every single day, for all my makeup application. I use this product not only for highlight on the eye, but it works really well as a base for your eyeshadows to adhere to. It's creamy, smooth, and foolproof to apply! In order to get the most out of this product I apply to clean fresh eyelids, and once it sets I apply a nude powder eyeshadow over top (I use Urban Decay FOXY, or W.O.S) to increase its staying power. I have quite oily eyelids and since I started using this product, my product no longer migrates or creases.

Skin Tone: Fair - Skin Type: Combination - Undertone: Neutral
Profile photo of Katrina


3 years ago.

When i first got this paint pot i loved it! It was creamy, smooth, pigmented, and it made my eyeshadow last longer. But as months passed, i noticed it became so dry that whenever i use it on my lids my eyeshadow won't stick anymore and it was hard to blend. I didn't leave the lid open and would always close it tight so i was disappointed that the product dried just half way of using it.

Skin Tone: Light-Medium - Skin Type: Combination - Undertone: Yellow
Profile photo of Jessica


3 years ago.

I have it in bare study and not a fan of it. Its a lil too sheer for my liking and it creases on me even with an eyeshadow primer. Im better off with the maybelline color tattoo. Same thing just cheaper and they dont crease on my eye lids.

Skin Tone: Medium - Skin Type: Oily - Undertone: Yellow
Profile photo of Cortni


3 years ago.

I love how it neutralizes my eye lids so the color I apply over-top is more true to pan and looks more opaque! It makes blending so much easier and resists creasing. When I add UDPP underneath, I can apply my eyeshadow at 8 in the morning and it will stay put with the occasional touch-up until 11 at night! I just wish there was a more sanitary way to apply the paintpots and they came in a smaller size for less $ because I feel like it will dry up before I finish it.

Profile photo of Ann


3 years ago.

I've had this baby for nearly a year now (probably should replace it), and it's a godsend if you have oily lids. Soft Ochre is creamy and matte in the jar, but after spreading it on your lids--easy to apply and blend, by the way--it settles down to a dry, matte finish. Soft Ochre is a "light" nude shade, which is just slightly brighter than my NW20 skintone. This paint pot works best as a cream base for eyeshadow.

Skin Tone: Fair - Skin Type: Combination - Undertone: Pink
Profile photo of Erin


3 years ago.

So I've never used any paint pot aside from this, and I've only used this as a makeup base as it shows up a really nice light tan color on my skin, but I love it. This paired with my Urban Decay primer potion and no makeup is coming off of my eyes or creasing for the next 24 hours.

Skin Tone: Dark Tan - Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry - Undertone: Neutral
Profile photo of Ann


3 years ago.

This is a great paint pot that leans more glittery with a hint of color than full-on opaque. Let's Skate adds a soft, pearl-to-gold glittery sheen to your eyelids and helps eyeshadow go on more smoothly. I experience no fall-out (not even a speck of glitter) while wearing this for 12 hours, and this is now my go-to cream base when I wear shimmery eyeshadows (I prefer Soft Ochre for more matte looks).

Skin Tone: Fair - Skin Type: Combination - Undertone: Pink