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Temptalia Review

Pink Union has a muted plum-mauve with a frosted, metallic finish paired with a medium-dark violet purple with very, very subtle red undertones. The marble side is, generally, pinker than a lot of mauves on the market. It is a touch pinker than MAC Circa Plum and a fair amount pinker than shades like MAC Tendersmoke. Inglot #445 is purpler and darker. theBalm Curvy Cami is slightly purpler. Inglot #399 is pinker. The solid side is darker than MAC Violet, not as red-toned as Urban Decay Delinquent, and a touch more red-toned compared to MAC Parfait Amour.  When used dry, the marbled shade goes on fairly well, though the solid side is much more muted and softened.  They both apply more intensely and with a smoother appearance when applied damp.

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