MAC Lipstick Up the Amp

Up the Amp

MAC Lipstick

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Up the Amp (Lipstick) is a brightened, pinky purple with subtle, cool undertones and a soft shine. It had rich, opaque color coverage and wore well for five hours.

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  • Easy To Apply (16)
  • Creamy (15)
  • Moisturizing (12)
  • Smooth (12)
  • Great Value (9)
  • Long-wearing (7)
  • Travel-friendly (3)
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  • Scented (5)
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2 Written Reviews

Profile photo of Melissa


5 months ago.

I've become a purple freak... I've been collecting a couple of purple lipsticks from different brands for a while now (no dupes of course). But none is as versatile (for wearing) as this colour. You can wear this casually: at work, going to uni, preparing for an interview, while meeting friends, at a bar night out. It's just the perfect brightness and purply tone. It goes fantastic with nude, simple make-up look. It's extremely pigmented with one swipe and MOST IMPORTANTLY it doesn't feather/bleed over the lip line after application. It's lasts a damn long time/ isn't drying (like illamasqua lipsticks) too. I'm in the city for over 8 hours and I only re-apply lightly after a meal. It's now my casual go-to lipstick.

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Skin Tone: Light - Skin Type: Oily - Undertone: Yellow
Profile photo of Sam


1 year ago.

honestly, this is one of my go-to essentials in my makeup kit - it's quite versatile depending on skin tones and can range from subtle (well as subtle as bright-ish purple can be on lips) to super bright. it's very creamy and goes on smooth, although sometimes it feels kind of thick. it's not the sticky type of thick, so that's a plus. it smooths my dry-ish lips, and makes it feel soft and supple-y. in the heat here it manages to hold on, as i wore this shade for a dance. i wore it for 3+ hours, and it stayed on. like, it was clinging to my lips the whole event. there was obvious transfer on the glass of water, but it didn't feel or look splotchy. it's quite pigmented, as one run through my lips was quite opaque. IMO, this is a great starter lipstick for a person who likes edgy yet wearable lips. price *might* be an issue for some, but TBH it's a really good value. it's part of the permanent line-up, so you can get it anytime!

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Skin Tone: Light-Medium - Skin Type: Normal-to-Oily - Undertone: Neutral