MAC Eyeshadow Crème de Violet

Crème de Violet

MAC Eyeshadow

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3 years ago.

One of the few MAC eyeshadows that unfortunately does not meet the standards I'm used to from them. I can't really think of much positive to say about it other than the colour looks quite pretty in the pan and the glitter particles don't fall out a whole lot. That does tend to misguide me into trying it out again only to be disappointed once more. The reasons I don't like this particular eyeshadow are that it's hard to get the colour to apply very well or evenly. It is buildable, but this makes the colour become a dirtier version of what you expect, and it no longer looks the pretty colour it is in the pan, and basically ruins the eyeshadow look.

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Skin Tone: Fair - Skin Type: Oily - Undertone: Yellow