LORAC 16-Pan Eyeshadow Palette Pro Palette

Pro Palette

LORAC 16-Pan Eyeshadow Palette

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LORAC Pro Palette ($42.00 for 16 x 0.02 oz.; 1 x 0.19 oz.) consists of sixteen eyeshadows (half are shimmery, half are matte), plus a travel-sized Behind the Scenes Eye Primer, which comes in a squeeze-tube.

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Profile photo of Hillary


5 months ago.

Overall I love the highly-pigmented colors of the Lorac Pro. The matte colors are pretty much all spot-on; the mauve and the taupe are some of the best transition shades I have ever used. The light bronze, pewter, and garnet are all gorgeous. I end up with a professional looking eye almost every time I use this palette. The formula is pigmented, buildable, and blends well. The two colors I'm not as much a fan of are the champagne and the deep purple. The champagne is just way too glittery and I end up with sparkles all over my face no matter how carefully I apply, or what primer I use. The deep purple ends up not purple at all on my eye, but ends up a muddy grayish color that is not flattering. Otherwise, an excellent palette!

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Profile photo of Emily


3 years ago.

The LORAC Pro Palette was the first "high end" palatte that I purchased. I was orginially going to purchase the original NAKED palatte but changed my mind because I felt that the Pro palatte offered a greater variety of color choices. There are six matte shades and six shimmery shades that complement and blend well with each other. It has been one of my best purchases as an aspiring MUA because is allows me to experiment with creating a variety of looks with out have to go out and purchase several different products. Plus, it is great for travel. My only complaint would be fall out. The colors are super pigmented and if you get some fall out on your cheeks and try to swipe it away with a powder brush you may get some streaks of color on your cheeks. Other than that it is a great investment.

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