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The Glossover


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Product Information

  • Availability: Permanent
  • Finish: Glitter
  • Color: Glitter
  • Undertone: Neutral

Temptalia Review

Would Jubilee It? Nail Lacquer ($8.75 for 0.50 fl. oz.) is described as “circle glitters in fuchsia, aqua, and silver; hex glitters in sapphire and turquoise; and micro slices in fuchsia, aqua, and silver.” It’s an assortment of large circular glitter in fuchsia, silver, and turquoise; then smaller hexagon-shaped glitters in navy blue and turquoise, and then even smaller glitters in fuchsia, silver, and turquoise. There were also short bars of turquoise, fuchsia, and silver glitter. I applied one coat over The Grape Beyond, and then I applied two coats of the glitter top coat alone on my thumb, plus one coat of KBShimmer’s Top Coat (as recommended). You’ll need to push and pull the glitters into place so they don’t bunch up in places. I found the large circular glitter to be more difficult to drag into place, and they tended to just stay where they initially landed. I think one coat isn’t dense enough, but two coats might be too dense, so you’ll have to maneuver and dab as needed to get the right coverage. I typically get a week of wear with KBShimmer’s formula, both regular and glitter top coats.

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