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Profile photo of Tooba


2 years ago.

Personally I thought the product was a huge disappointment given its size and usage. I checked the illamasqua website and they've shown the product usage with its powder eyeshades. One important thing they fail to mention is that the product, when used with powder eyeshades, will turn ur pan into a solid rock. And that's that. You cannot use that eyeshadow again. Somehow I feel, this information should have been mentioned on the site, or in the product description. What a waste of good eyeshades!

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Profile photo of Emma


3 years ago.

This product is great when mixed with loose pigments/shadows and glitters to work as either an adhesive or to 'make' an eyeliner when used with a liner or angled brush. It does exactly what it's meant to, and the packaging is pretty cool because it has a sort of alchemy vibe to it. My only complaint is that it costs £12.50 (in the UK). You do get 2 small pots of it for that price, but when other brands (such as Stargazer with their glitter fix gel) do similar products so cheaply I feel like I can't justify that price. Especially considering that water can do some of the jobs the sealing gel does.

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