J116 Highlighter Brush Round & Flat


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J116 Highlighter Brush Round & Flat Reviews

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The Glossover

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  • Price $34.00


This brush offers easy control even for makeup beginners. Apply highlighter to the parts of your face you would like to accentuate, such as bridge of the nose and around the eyes.

Temptalia Review

J116 Highlighter Brush Round & Flat ($34.00) is a small, tapered brush that comes to a small flattened point with rounded, tapered edges and is made out of white goat hair. It’s fairly flat but still dense and lush, where the bristles move more as one and sweep softly across the face. This style is also available in the S-series and B-series, both made out of blue squirrel hair, at $78 and $57 respectively. The brush head is 28mm in length, 23mm in width, and 10mm in thickness with a pinched ferrule and total brush length of 6.5 inches or 16.25 centimeters. ┬áThe weight is well-distributed across the brush without making the handle feel too heavy or too light.

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