G5556 Powder & Liquid Brush


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G5556 Powder & Liquid Brush Review

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G5556 Powder & Liquid Brush
Skin Tone: Light, Skin Type: Dry, Undertone: Yellow

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Product Information

  • Price $69.00


Quick and easy makeup application to achieve a flawless finish. Carefully arranged bristles create an angled brush surface and synthetic fibers extend slightly further than the goat hair. This specification means that the bristles have more spring and it enables them to pick up just the right amount of product. This helps create a smooth finish to your makeup, while also helping it last even longer. The brush works perfectly with any type of foundation – liquid, cream and even powder.

Temptalia Review

Hakuhodo G5556 Powder & Liquid Brush ($69.00) is a blend of goat hair and synthetic fibers. This particular shape of brush is available in a few sizes (and you’ll also find a few in the S series with the red-orange handle if you prefer that aesthetic), there is the G5552-4mm ($45), G5553-2mm ($45), G5554-4mm ($54), G5555-2mm ($54), G5557-2mm ($69). Since I have a history of choosing a brush that’s just slightly smaller than I actually want, I went for what I hoped would be one of the larger versions! From what I’ve seen from readers, this shape/style is supposed to be similar to Shiseido’s Perfect Foundation Brush (which, apparently, is $30, and I had in my mind that it was going to be a $50+ brush, go figure! This also means I’ll probably cave and buy it!). I don’t have Shiseido’s to compare at this time, so I can’t weigh in on that debate.

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