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Clair (02)
Skin Tone: Fair, Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry, Undertone: Pink

First, I just want to say that I so wish we could purchase less costly (cheap plastic packaging) “refill pearls” for these products as the packaging is pretty lush and certainly easily refillable and reusable and saving a few bucks (or maybe more than a few) is something I’d sure appreciate.

I finally treated myself to these iconic beads in 02/Clair. All I can say is that these do not disappoint and I only wish I hadn’t spent a sizable amount already on Hourglass Ambient Light powders and Dior Rose Diamond (I was desperate to get another one before they were discontinued). Those are all nice products and good quality and give a lovely finish to the skin but they pale by comparison to the Meteorites. I think these will replace the other products I mentioned. I much prefer the glowing but natural results I get with Meteorites.

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Perles du Paradis
Skin Tone: Fairest, Skin Type: Normal-to-Dry, Undertone: Yellow
Meteorites Pearls
Skin Tone: Fairest, Skin Type: Combination, Undertone: Neutral
Meteorites Pearls
Skin Tone: Fairest, Skin Type: Normal-to-Oily, Undertone: Pink
Perles du Paradis
Skin Tone: Fairest, Skin Type: Combination, Undertone: Neutral
Meteorites Pearls
Skin Tone: Fair, Skin Type: Combination, Undertone: Pink

The Glossover

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  • Size 0.88 oz.
  • Price $60.00



Each shade of Météorites Pearls begins with the same legendary combination of 3 colors which adapt to every skin tone and collectively work to beautify skin: mauve catches the light, pink refreshes and yellow counters dullness and corrects redness. These delicate and perfectly round pearls continue to be shaped by hand, with craftsmanship mastered by only 4 people in the world. Softer than ever, the new pearls allow for an even easier application and a more visible effect with every brushstroke. These precious pearls are contained in a beautiful metal tin, now marked with a new emblem of a reinterpreted rosette created with a light gradation of pink.