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The Glossover


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Product Information

  • Availability: Limited Edition
  • Finish: Glitter
  • Color: Pink
  • Undertone: Warm

Temptalia Review

Angel Whispers Nail Lacquer is described as a “soft, pale pink creme.” It’s a very light, pink-tinged white with fine white sparkle and shimmer. It’s a textured polish, so the finish has an almost sandy feel, but it’s not a genuine sand finish/texture to me–smoother than that, somewhat matte, but sparkly still. The consistency of this polish was unbearably thick, almost gluey. It dried down surprisingly quickly despite that problem, but it is difficult to apply evenly, both in terms of just getting an even thickness across the whole nail as well as just getting the color to spread evenly across the nail. The end result was sparkly and interesting, but this was one of the thickest polishes I’ve ever come across. It was also opaque after two coats. I don’t have any dupes for this.

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