Butter London Nail Lacquer Slapper


Butter London Nail Lacquer

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3 years ago.

I love the packaging, it's a really great size and shape to store, and there's something special about the 'double lid' with the bird on the inner lid. In terms of this particular shade I think it's quite unique, and really pretty. When I saw all the colour options I had to pick the one I hadn't seen other brands do. Application is pretty straightforward, I find the brush thinner than most I've used, but I didn't find that helped or hindered me so I was relatively indifferent towards that aspect. Generally speaking I'm satisfied as long as something like that doesn't make the task more difficult, which is the case here. The major downside was the almost immediate chipping! Even with base and top coat I experienced tip wear and corners missing from the moment it dried. Really quite disappointing for a more expensive brand!

Skin Tone: Fair - Skin Type: Oily - Undertone: Yellow