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3 years ago.

Because I own both the original Body and the Intense I will talk about them both. The original Body translates on me as a softly suggestive scent that isn't too heavy on any of it's notes. It isn't overly flowery or woody. There is just something about it that invites people to come in for a closer smell. It is the number one perfume I have ever worn that seems to get most guys attention (which can be a good OR a bad thing). It does seem to wear off more quickly than you want so you may find yourself reapplying at some point in the day. It doesn't go completely away, but it becomes a whisper of the scent. Intense is as the name suggests...a more intense version of this perfume. Initially I loved this one more because I felt like it lasted longer, but after revisiting the original I realized that although it still smells good it just doesn't have that soft suggestive sexiness to it. That's not a bad thing, but I prefer the softness of the original. Overall having both in my collection isn't a bad thing. The difference in both are noticeable enough to not feel like a redundant purchase.

Skin Tone: Tan - Skin Type: Oily