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3 years ago.

Good multitasking product--cheek or lip stain in a see through bottle, reminds me of a nail polish packaging complete w/ a brush applicator under the screw top. Formula is essentially a rose-water scented liquid in a deep pinky-red color that gives a natural looking flush to the cheeks. Shimmer free, it looks very 'no-makeup', as in 'I just pinched my cheeks' flush. Product does stain everything it touches, so a quick application is necessary: 2 swipes on left cheekbone -->blend w/ fingers --->2 swipes on right cheekbone ---->blend. Layers well, goes under or over powder foundation, great for bare skin flush. Works best on oily to combination skin, just make sure to exfoliate, because stain will apply unevenly to dry, flaky patches. Might not work well for dry skin--creme formula blush might be a better choice or moisturize beforehand to help blend the product. On me the stain last as a blush until I remove my makeup, a favorite product in the summer months--great choice for a day by the pool. Have not used as lip-stain, so no comments there. Packaging is very not safe for travel, cap is prone to cracking if you try to close it tight--avoid over tightening or dropping the glass bottle.

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Skin Tone: Fair - Skin Type: Combination - Undertone: Neutral