Thursday, April 15th, 2010

The following post is an advertorial.

Pretty.Smart. is a new beauty program that will quickly become your easy and affordable everyday guide to beauty, skin, hair, and body care. Pretty.Smart. is a great source for beauty ideas, how-to videos, and new product advice. It’s kinda like a best friend who also happens to be a cosmetologist, stylist, and a frugalista. This means that with every monthly site refresh you’ll get budget-friendly ideas that’ll keep you feeling and looking great WITHOUT destroying your pocketbook. This year the program is hosted by Nina Sutton, who’s a wife AND a busy mother of 2 young boys. She also happens to be the author of “The Chic Mom’s Guide To Feeling Fabulous” – a book based on a REAL mom’s experience in the beauty and fashion industries. Basically, Pretty.Smart is all set to offer you new, PROFESSIONAL beauty advice for free, every month.

This month they’re featuring Spring Scent-Sations. Nina delves into how fragrance affects your mood, how you can feel fresh all day, and how to maximize the life of your preferred fragrance. This month’s featured products include Degree’s new line of body-responsive fragrances inspired by nature. natureffects©™ pairs anti-perspirant and deodorant in new body mists to create a “scentual” experience that heightens all of the body’s natural senses. Degree® Natureffects™ comes in in Olive Leave & Pink Pepper, Orange Flower & Cranberry, and Honeysuckle & Tea Tree Oil.

The Pretty.Smart. April 2010 edition also features Dove® go fresh Body Mists that will “wake up your senses”. Nectarine and white ginger provide a burst of juicy goodness to drench your skin in fresh moisture. Pomegranate and lemon verbena revive your senses, cool essentials (cucumber and green tea) offer a crisp, soothing scent. And the juicy, sparkling scent of grapefruit coupled with lemongrass offers a brilliant energizing aroma.

Visit Pretty.Smart. for new beauty tips every month.

To celebrate the start of Pretty.Smart., Temptalia is giving away a set of three (3) Degree Women Natureffects Body Mists AND three (3) Dove Body Mists to one lucky winner!

Scents from Degree Women include Orange Flower + Cranberry, Olive Leaf & Pink Pepper, and Honeysuckle & Tea Tree. Scents from Dove include Cucumber & Green Tea, Energizing Grapefruit & Lemongrass, and Burst.

  • To Enter: Head on over to Pretty.Smart. and tell me what makes you Pretty.Smart?
  • Rules: All entries must be received by April 18th, 2010.  Winner will be chosen randomly amongst those who have entered.  One entry per person.

Congratulations to Kat!

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43 thoughts on “Pretty.Smart. Launches + Giveaway!

  1. Elysia W

    What makkes me smart is having the good sense to head on over to WalMart to check these out. They look very summery!

  2. Danie

    Pretty = gut instinct to collect lovely things. Smart = remembering the budget and using the brain to be wise about it all. I try to maintain a balance. 😉

  3. Sandy

    I feel Pretty. Smart. when I use my smartphone to check product reviews when I find something in a store that I’m just dying to buy. This helps curb my impulse purchases and the money it saves me more than makes up for the cost of the monthly data usage!

  4. Eunbee

    i feel pretty after i do my daily self esteem exercises of looking in the mirror and saying 10 things i like about myself. i feel smart when i say no to overindulging and end up saving money! :)

  5. What makes me feel pretty is just close my eyes and think about the top 5 situations i felt myself beautiful and pretty.

    What makes me feel smart is just close my eyes and think about the top 5 situations i felt myself successful. This is what they call NLP. It is my secret.

  6. Sass

    Why am I pretty smart? Well, I read Temptalia everyday several times a day so that sums it all up. Ha!

  7. Amanda

    I read temptalia to get the latest updates before buying news things to keep me smart while sitting pretty in front of the computer. :)

  8. HC

    BEING smart should automatically make any girl feel damn pretty! But I guess if the smart-ness lacks umph, Chanel products make me feel pretty. haha!

  9. Gail

    Your blog makes me smart

  10. Lils

    i love that they have summery scents, i believe that a scent can really affect your mood and this will put me in a happy summer mood!

  11. lisa

    What makes me smart is the fact that i inform myself and realize that expensive does not mean better and that i can get a product with practically the same ingredients as an expensive one for way less at places like drugstores or walmart etc.

  12. Paloma

    oh oh, you forgot to mention Dove’s Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena! I have that one and the grapefruit one which I use regularly….but I haven’t tried the one in the blue bottle…what is that one called?

    Also…I think that what makes me pretty smart is I don’t go out of my way to buy overpriced body sprays when there are fairly cheap ones like Dove’s got that smell fantastic 😉

  13. auroragyps

    What makes me Pretty.Smart is using color and scent to boost my mood. Even when I’m just staying home and not wearing makeup, I can spritz on a body spray in an uplifting scent & wear a nail polish color that makes me happy. It doesn’t take much effort and the manicure can even be a bit sloppy, but when I catch a whiff of the scent I’m wearing or glance at the color on my nails, it makes me smile. Plus, if the products I used weren’t that expensive, it makes me smile a bit bigger,

  14. Yiota

    what makes me pretty smart is that i already bought a dove body mist last summer! 😀

  15. ilmy

    Well, I am pretty smart when I check your site and find this awesome contest and have the opportunity to win!!

    Thanks Christine, always thanks for the updates

  16. tousledkitten

    I’m pretty smart when I use my Phone to scan the bar-codes of beauty products when I’m shopping to see if and where they can be found cheaper. 😀

  17. Anna

    I think being is knowing that if you feel pretty, then you are pretty. it’s more than just how you look to others, but how you feel about yourself. big boobs, skinny waist, and perfect everything is just not real without doing a lot of crazy things. its about being real and understanding that real is not perfect, and loving yourself for who you are.

  18. Leann

    I feel pretty smart when I learn things and I’m able to apply what I learn on other people.

  19. Chel

    What makes me feel pretty is the look my husband gives me when he sees I’ve dressed up just for him. :) What makes me smart is watching our family budget so that our son has exactly what he needs.

  20. Nadine

    I’m Pretty.Smart because I try to put effort into my appearance (oooh, pretty!) even while studying more than I would like (oooh, smart!).

  21. Cindy

    I feel pretty smart when I read temptalia’s review before I head out to make an impulse buy of every item in the latest MAC collection! If not, I will end up with a lot of dupable items from previous collections or things I already have!

    Don’t know what will us beauties do without this such informative blog! Thank you Thank you Thank you! :)

  22. Julie

    i feel when i research beauty/makeup products before purchasing in order to avoid regretful purchases and things that could ruin my skin!

  23. Cheyenne

    what makes me pretty smart is not always going for branded goods that are expensive when cheaper drugstore items work just as well!

  24. Eve

    I am because I think about things before I do them and I am a thinker.

  25. Jenn

    I feel smart when I understand quantum mechanic concepts. And being smart makes me feel pretty! 😀

  26. Kat

    This is totally superficial considering other comment entries, but I feel pretty when I’m dressed up and glamed up. I feel smart when I render a debate partner speechless.

  27. KT

    I’m pretty smart because I go to the gym every day, and I eat right; I take good care of myself.

  28. What makes ME Checking latest reviews and launches and trying to get everything for the best prices. I read Temptalia all the time so that is one great source of information!


  29. ModeCrazyMakeUpOn

    Pretty when I finally find the right HG shade that I’ve been looking for and smart when I don’t end up paying too much for it or worse for something that isn’t exactky what I wanted : love forums and blogs, so useful \o/

  30. ability of listening people (instead of just talking and not to listen anyone-cause this one is easier) makes me pretty smart :)

  31. BlueRoze2001

    Pretty.Smart = Me when I don’t impulse buy my beauty essentials and come to your site to do my research beforehand. It really helps to have real peoples’ reviews when out shopping! =)

  32. I’m when I read Temptalia before making a beauty purchase :)

  33. deyna

    what makes me pretty smart is going to check these out since it would save me time and money!

  34. SiaM

    For me is about being practical and emanating your glam personality , being unique and decisive, strong and kind, having great aspirations while keeping your feet on the ground (to dream & stay real).

  35. Annie S

    I feel pretty when I wear the most comfortable sweatpants I have, an old t-shirt, and really natural makeup… and I still get compliments =]…. I feel smart when I dont let myself buy every single thing MAC owns

  36. Lucia

    I feel Pretty Smart when I talk to other people and they are very curious to know what I have to say! :) Power!

  37. keith

    Being pretty is when I am comfortable whatever I’m wearing because I believe inside that I’m pretty enough to show who I am. :) In terms of being smart, I can handle myself well and I can lead other individuals through a good way of living. :) Remember, “Simplicity is Beauty”.

  38. Sharon

    What makes me
    I take care of my skin everyday!

  39. Shannon

    What makes me Pretty.Smart. is knowing that these new collections from Dove & Degree are available at Walmart so I won’t have to pay an arm & a leg for great products perfect for me!

  40. Tania

    I feel pretty smart when I sell a photo.

    • Tania

      I feel like I should explain that more. When I sell a photo, it helps me to mentally ‘pay’ off my camera. When it’s all done, I can trade it in for a better camera and start over again.