Sunday, May 4th, 2008

Belli is a skincare line that includes three branches: Belli Pregnancy, Belli Motherhood, and Belli Baby. Belli Pregnancy products are teratology screened to make sure that ingredients have never been associated with birth defects. Belli Motherhood products are Lact_med screened to make sure that it doesn’t contain ingredients that are problematic during nursing. Belli Baby provides incredibly gentle produts for the baby that exclude xenoestrogens (like phthalates) that may be potentially harmful.

I know we definitely have some moms on Temptalia, and I imagine we have some mothers-to-be, if not mothers-in-planning. Even though I have no plans [ever] to have children, I think it is worth every penny to ensure you give your baby the best health you can. Teratology screening is important when it comes to the products that may be absorbed through your skin.

Here are some products that you should definitely take a peek at, because I found them to work just as well as my normal skincare products based on trying and testing them out.

Belli Pregnancy | Acne Clearing Facial Wash ($22.00) exfoliates and uses acne-fighting ingredients without being drying. It uses hydroxyacid, and it is safe to use during pregnancy, unlike other acne treatments. Skin Smoothing Body Exfoliator ($24.00) is a body scrub with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, and it is often used to prep skin for other Belli products. Elasticity Belly Oil ($42.00) helps prevent stretchmarks occurring–just like with anti-aging, prevention is more effective than repair.

But you know what products I want to REALLY try? Some of their stretchmark minimizing products! Unfortunately, mine are old and have nothing to do with pregnancy, LOL.

Check out some more product photos…

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20 thoughts on “Pregnancy Safe Skincare – Belli

  1. Marianne

    Thanks for this lovely! You really cover all your fans! You really don’t want to ever have children?! Why is that if you don’t mind me asking? Is it because you don’t like kids or they don’t fall into your plans? Just curious.

    • I try! If someone has a concern, I hope to address it sometime or another! :)

      There is a whole long list of reasons, but I suppose the biggest one is I just don’t like kids. Everyone tells me I’ll grow out of it, and my feelings will change when I’m older, but to be honest, it’s a pretty fierce desire not to have children. But who knows, maybe my biological clock will knock me upside the head at 35. :)

      • TUPRNUT

        Not to get too personal, Christine, but I totally respect you for this. My best friend and her husband have no plans to ever have children – they just don’t want to be parents. I say there are sooo many people who feel the need to have kids, because it’s just the thing to do in life, rather than they really want to be parents and really want that extra responsbility. Don’t ever feel guilty for this or let others make you feel uncomfortable for your decision!

        I have a daughter and love her to bits, but that’s my decision and no one should ever assume that parenting is for everyone!

      • Charlotte

        I won’t have kids ever and don’t like them either. No chance of changing my mind at all. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one on this site that feels this way!

      • amy

        really? so when you see kids your other family members have you don’t have the desire to play with them.. or *ooh and ahh* and new babies?

        i kind of feel that way, except i do like to hold babies, haha.

        does that mean you’re on some sort of birth control pill? if you don’t mind me asking–what are you using? i feel like they may you gain weight, but you look pretty darn thin!

        • I’m like… physically repulsed by babies, OMG, lol. I’m terrible!

          I use Lutera, which is a cheapy brand, but it works and doesn’t make me crazy. I did Ortho Tricyclen at first, and it made me manic depressive, I swear.

          Yasmine makes you lose weight (caffeine), actually.

      • Aww Christine, I’m 27 and I don’t feel like having children either! I was just having this convo with the hub yesterday and I told him this – I don’t feel the urge to be a mother right now, why force a child into this world? I’ll love kids, nonetheless, but this is a matter in which I have absolute control, so let’s not produce a child just for the sake of being parents or that it is the right time to be parents. (Those who might disagree, please keep in mind Indian society is quite rigid in this matter, as soon as a married couple is settled in, say within 2 years, they MUST reproduce, or else withstand extremely personal remarks. I can’t imagine all the bashing I might get due to my stand on this.) But, until my bosy says baby, baby,baby – I’m going to be like this!

      • Christine:
        Thank you so much for putting that out there! I am 35 and you would not BELIEVE all the grief I get about not having kids! First of all, it is everyone’s own choice. I like kids (to a point) but my hubby and I made the decision that we like our independence and do not want to have children…we joke that we can’t have kids because we dont have a “childproof” house, lol.


    By the way, thanks for this post! I’m hoping to have another baby in the next year or so, and it was so hard to find safe products during my last pregnancy. I still want to look good and keep my skin clear, but not at the expense of my baby. I can’t wait to try these out!

    • Marni

      I love this post. I can’t get enough of the Belli products. The really work and I love that they really understand safety. My personal favorite is the Eye Brightening Cream–I think it’s a miracle worker. Good luck with the next baby!

    • My pleasure, Tuprnut!! I know people were asking about it before, so I knew I had to post about it when I had the answer!

  3. Shefali

    Hey Christine! Thanks for the review. My sis-in-law is preggers and her skin is breaking out. I’m going to send her this post. Plus, I’m about to start trying for my second one and need to switch to safe products. No more salicylic acid, etc. Makes me sad, but using these products is a great way to be safe and exchange them for unsafe ones.

  4. Sal

    Your reply re. why you’re not having kids could have very well be written by me! I feel the EXACT same way- I just don’ Though they love and EVERYONE says I’ll grow out of it.
    I have another reason though- I’d like to see my career through as well, and it’s just not possible with a kid in tow, no matter how good a multitasker I may be. It won’t be fair to the kid, and it won’t be fair to my job (I’m planning on becoming a surgeon). C’est la vie (:

    My best friend is planning on having a football team of kids, and has since decided to make ME godmother. How does that work? Hahaha

  5. lisa

    Thanks for the post i will keep this in mind in the future when i decide to have my first kid.

  6. hey hun, thanks for posting this – I’ve a friend who might want to be aware of these products..

  7. Christine

    I just had a baby 12 weeks ago. I too really never wanted kids untill about 2 years ago (I am 33 now). I really started to feel that my life was missing something. I have 2 dogs that are my babies too and have been for the last 10 years – now we are all one big happy family and it is awesome. However, babies are WAY WAY WAY more work then I ever imagined and I do not want another one. She was colic, has acid reflux, sensitive skin, had to go on 6 different formulas cause of allergies, hmm what else… I knew NOTHING about babies either and my Mom has passed so I really had no help, so it was HARD! I am now a baby pro! I tell everyone that she is letting me know by putting me through all this that she wants to be an only child – haha! Anyway, I used Mustela Stretch Mark Cream during my entire pregnancy and I have ZERO stretch marks on my belly. I wish I would’ve put it on my butt to, but I didnt, so I do have a couple of stretch marks on my butt from not using this there. Then after my pregnancy I used their reconstruction serum and my stomach became flat as a board again.
    Anyway, you are still young maybe you will change your mind but if not, then dogs are great too.