Thursday, January 1st, 2009

POP Beauty’s Cat Eyes ($16.00) is an eye crayon that’s angled and shaped to help streamline the cat eye lining process.  It comes in three colors: Black Onyx, Black Dahlia, and Black Olive.  I tried out Black Onyx, because it’s a classic cat eye color, so how could I lose?  I really liked the intensity of the black–it wasn’t super, super black (which I do love when the mood strikes), but for my upper lash line, sometimes a black that’s pigmented and dark, but not ultra rich is much better.  I often want the shadows to stand out, not my liner, so it’s a nice option to have at your disposal.

When it came to actual application, I did find that it helped make the process easier, because of the way the liner was shaped.  It is angled just right, and because it is crayon, you don’t have to worry about dipping a brush into gel liner or going back for more liquid liner.  It’s right there!  I didn’t feel like it went on as smooth as I would like (I had a little skipping), but perhaps if I had warmed the pencil up a bit more, it would have worked better.

If you want a really thin line, this product is probably not for that.  The crayon is thick enough to generate a good cat eye, but you won’t be able to get a very thin and precise line with it, just because it is designed to be a certain thickness.  Otherwise, I think this is a nice way to introduce yourself to the motions of getting the cat eye down pat.  It’s a lot more forgiving than liquid liner, that’s for sure!

In comparison to MAC’s Penultimate Liner, which is supposed to help make lining easier as well, I find this easier to do than Penultimate.  Penultimate is much more like a liquid liner than a pencil liner, so the two have different finishes and will look different in the end.  Penultimate is not as forgiving, and I find it’s all too easy to make an “oops” with it.  But like I said, POP’s is a crayon, so it gives you the look of pencil liner, whereas Penultimate is similar to liquid liner.

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18 thoughts on “POP Beauty’s Cat Eyes for Easy Cat Eye Liner

  1. Fabiola

    Interesting idea. I wish I had had it before, hehehe.

    A few years ago, while living in Japan, I came across an eyeliner from a collection that “remakes” Geisha makeup (ie, red and black eyeliners, white pancake, white powder, etc) and its tip is so soft and thin that I do not feel tempted to change it for now.

    If you want to check the website, it is but all in japanese.

    Cheers and a Happy 2009!

  2. You actually CAN make a super thin line. See the tip of it? Just angle it only at that tip, and bam. Thin line!

    I always felt that this liner reminded me of L’oreal’s Voluminous Marker…not really the same, but the Marker has the same kind of tip (review soon, LOL!). :)

    • I read what you said three or four times, and I can’t seem to visualize it! From what poor visualization I’m doing, it still seems like it would skip too much to make a thin line possible :( For me, whenever I skip, it seems like it just gets thicker and thicker, LOL. But I’m not good at upper lash liner SO that could explain it 😉

  3. Shiny

    How is the smudge factor on this? I worry that with my greasy eyelids even with UDPP I would end up with this all over the place.

  4. Danielle Sharkey

    FYI ON POP: Sephora has it on sale because the brand is being dropped!!! So is Vincent Longo btw

  5. Alannah

    Huh, I got something similar from Bloom a few years ago (exact same tip), but it was pink. I’ll have to check it out–Black Olive sounds intriguing.

  6. Vivien

    wow this is interesting. i have been planning on getting the penultimate liner bc liquid liner is like impossible for me. maybe this would be a better alternative? do you think the penultimate is easy enough to use even if you are like awful at liquid?

    • I’m awful at liquid, and Penultimate IS much easier. It’s just not forgiving if you mess up :( I like the look of Penultimate a bit more than this one, but I always gravitate towards REALLY black.

  7. geri

    This looks cool? Where can I get it from?

  8. BabyyCham

    There’s this eyeliner “pen” which is similar to MAC Penultimate – it’s from Bourjois and it works really well.