Monday, February 8th, 2010

Physician's Formula Bronze Brown Eyes Shimmerstrips

9 Eyeshadows for the Price of $11: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips

Physicians Formula Bronze Brown Eyes Shimmer Strips ($10.95 for 0.26 oz.) is a strip of nine different shades designed to complement brown eyes specifically. Bronze Brown Eyes includes: a neutral lilac, soft bronze brown, coppery bronze, golden champagne, soft copper, bronze, light copper, plummy brown, and burgundy brown. All nine shades apply smoothly, give good color pay off, and have a frosty finish. (If you’re into matte textures, Shimmer Strips are not the way to go.) Physicians Formula describes the shades as “three blendable trios perfectly paired to color, contour, and line your eyes.” Sort of handy if you’re not quite sure how to pair your shades yet.

Physicians Formula’s Shimmer Strips line-up always reminds me of Bobbi Brown’s Shimmerbricks. They’re not-so-elegantly packaged in comparison, as they come in a clear, slightly glossy plastic packaging. Shimmer Strips come in a slim compact that skinny and long that snaps open and includes an angled sponge-tip applicator (which is as good as sponge applicators are, which is not very). Otherwise, they do have a very similar feel and look–soft, not ultra intense in pigmentation but not sheer, and frosty.

I found these worked just fine using regular makeup brushes, though less is more–piling too much on the brush can lead to excess fall out. Overall, I found fall out to be minimal and the color to stay on fairly well with just some fading after the eighth hour of wear. Physicians Formula also designed Shimmer Strips for Hazel, Blue, and Green eyes, if you’ve been looking for a how-to on how to make your [insert color here] eyes.

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  • Product: 26/30
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation: If you’ve been looking for easy-to-use eyeshadows on a budget, Physicians Formula’s Shimmer Strips give you nine all in one!

Availability: Physicians Formula

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Physician's Formula Bronze Brown Eyes Shimmerstrips

Physician's Formula Bronze Brown Eyes Shimmerstrips

Physician's Formula Bronze Brown Eyes Shimmerstrips

Physician's Formula Bronze Brown Eyes Shimmerstrips

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24 thoughts on “Physicians Formula Bronze Brown Eyes Shimmer Strips Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Would you say the color choices are appropriate, for the “make brown eyes pop” thing? I’d have expected more than 1 purple/eggplant shades. If you use shadows the same tones as your eye, doesn’t it “pop” less than using a contrasting one?

    All of this is mildly irrelevant, since I am not likely to own any of these anyways. My eyes have blue, brown, and green, in, so I can use really any eyeshadow color to make them pop, though blues/greens make them pop a bit less(the blue/green are the more overpowering tones in my eyes, generally). It just seems like the product design may not live up to the marketing, in terms of their color choices.

    But that’s just me. How do you feel these actually work on your eyes? Would you choose these colors to complement your eyes, or would you add any other color tones?

    • It’s okay. I think they tried to mix-up the plums with the browns to make it an easier to use palette (because browns tend to be the easiest to use). The darkest brown has a purple/eggplant edge to it, even though it’s still pretty brown.

      I don’t, personally, think one bit about whether a color is going to work with my eye color, though, LOL! I feel like it’s far too limiting and more “thinking” than I want to do. I don’t want to think–I want to have fun!

      Brown eyes are fortunate to really work well with any and all colors, even other browns. The lightness of the bronze/coppers can help warm up otherwise brown-black eyes, so I think it works, even without a ton of plum/purple shades (though I spied two, plus the plummy brown – one at the beginning, one second to last).

      I don’t think I’d use just these on my eyes, but it’s more of a texture thing – these are all quite frosty, so I’d want to mix in a slightly less shimmery texture here and there (maybe in the crease/outer edge).

  2. Dee

    Some of those colors look so similar to the Quad from the Spring Forecast Collection

  3. Jasmine

    That looks pretty. I might have to try it.

  4. Ryan

    I dont like this at all. Everything looks super frosty and I am more a fan of mattes… or anything not frosty. But its kinda stupid how they make a brown eye pallet all browns… is the green eye pallet all green too? When you use eyeshadow to make your eyecolor pop you dont go with that same shade… I learned you use opposite colors on the other end of the color wheel. Like brown eyes would go with purple or blue… Idk maybe that isnt the purpous of the pallet. am I lost?

    • I find that with my brown eyes, metallic/coppery browns do tend to emphasize the warmth in my brown eyes, so I don’t think they necessarily dull brown eyes with this particular palette. I haven’t seen the others, though, so I can’t weigh in.

      I do think that they were striving for a “neutral” palette with more of just accent colors that would emphasize your eye color (e.g. the plum/purples in this palette), though. I imagine if it was a palette purely of purples, some customers might be confused as to how to use it, how much to use, etc.

  5. I’ve been eyeing these for so long but always skip since the colors look very similar. I see they’re not *that* similar though… I might pick up the green and purples.

  6. natasha m

    C thx for the review. Do u think this wold be a good set for a novice 35 year who does not know how the apply eye shadow or lacks experience and expertise in it. She has Olive skin and dark brown eyes. Is it ok for daytime/ work or is it too shimmery? Thx lovely your advice always

    • I’d probably vote no, just because it’s SO shimmery. :( Cargo has some nice palettes that are like “lid, crease, lid” – where each shadow is labeled. Those might be better :)

  7. Angela

    I am so buying this palette. It’s beautiful. Just what I need for my overnight bag to take w/ me for travel. I love all things gold, and brown. Hopefully it’s very pigmented.

  8. Have you seen those new bright Physician’s Formula shimmer strips? They actually make me want to buy drugstore makeup! I would love to see what you would make with them!!

  9. verybecca

    I have and love this product 😀

  10. Mia

    Do plums and purples compliment brown eyes or do greens do? My eye color changes frequently on a day-to-day basis so I’m not sure which colors make it pop. Sometimes they are black, or a dark red, or a semi-dark golden color. Which colors should I use to make them pop?

    • Brown eyes seem to work really well with a lot of colors, but traditionally it’s plums/purple.

      Try earth tones – like golds, bronzes – as well as greens.

  11. ∞Luminosity∞

    Those middle five shades seem nearly identical to the Nude Shimmerbrick I received in the mail today. Love those little black boxes that come from Bobbi Brown and MAC.

  12. Liz

    I adore the Shimmer Strips! I have 3 of the original ones (all but Hazel eyes) and the Smoky Brown Eyes. They’re a little bit hit and miss, but overall they’re a really good value for the money and fun to have around. The best quality IMO are the original Brown Eyes and Blue Eyes. They easily last through a 12 hour day with a good primer, and the colours are all very pretty and wearable. I’ve stopped buying them because many of the shades are starting to become redundant. Nevertheless, I’m happy to see them getting some recognition :)

  13. Salvinia

    I have two of these in the ‘smokey’ line, the green and hazel, and I really like them. They’re my second favourite shadows (after MAC, natch), but I do adore shimmery eyeshadows so I can understand someone not liking them based on their shimmer-factor. The smokey hazel palette has some really pretty silver shadows that look great on me, as opposed to all the silver shadows at MAC which tend to be really unflattering on me for some reason.

    I think they’re awesome value, considering the high quality (as a matter of fact, most of Physician’s Formula’s products are great, esp. the powders and bronzers), and I agree that you don’t really have to worry about which colours are “suited” to your eyes or whatever. It’s nine shadows for eleven bucks! It’s not a huge investment, so IMO you can just go to town and experiment with colours you’ve always been interested in trying but didn’t want to splurge on.

    Also, Physician’s Formula is animal friendly 😀

  14. Amanda

    I really like this product, is it not available in drugstores?

  15. nayeli

    im not an eyeshaodw person, and i have really been wanting the urban decay naked palete but dont want to spend $44 if i rarely use eyeshadows, anyways, do u think this would be a good option instead of the naked palete? are the shades as shimmery as the ones in the naked palete?