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My dog ate my eos lip balm that was on my bedside table, the plastic end of my urban decay 24/7 liner in penny, and the rubbery handle of one of my orly nail polishes. LOL

My dog ate my EOS lip balm too – multiple times. I am not sure if she thinks it’s a ball. After the third time I put it where she can’t get it.

My dog also like to sniff my makeup – and has a tendency to get close to an open MAC pigment and knock it over. But I still love her 🙂

Never any true disaster, but once I was using my lovely Laura Mercier artist palette and my cat decided it would be awesome to jump on it.

He ended up scratching a couple of the eye shadows…so nothing too CATastrophic…heh heh

No, but one of my kids (not sure who), twisted a brand new Tarte Lipsurgence all the way up and then put the cover on it, ruining it. My then 18 month old also drew on the walls with a UD 24/7 pencil.

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I don’t remember my cats actually DESTROYING anything, but I remember my baby cat (he is 3 years old, but he acts like a kitten) chewed on my favorite foundation brush 🙁 I had marks on the handle,and it was kind of cute looking at it. 🙂 He chewed on it because he likes to chew/lie on/ eat/rub himself on stuff I use a lot.

Not any of my beauty products, but Ry did “adorn” my glasses by chewing on the sides. He also had an accident on one of my Coach bags, fortunately it was nylon and survived the wash no worse for wear. Tensions were high that evening to say the least.

One time a MAC blush found its way to the floor and my little ferret Frisbee opened it and clawed it up. In the heat of the moment I was upset since I had just bought it, but she has since passed and now every time I open the lid and see her little claw marks I smile. Naughty little weasel! 😉

Usually have four dogs, some of whom have/had a preference for lipstick, so I have quite a few with teeth marks. One splintered a Shu case + another tried to hide a Vincent Longo Vesuvio Sheen under a radiator. You guessed it: it melted all over the floor + it’s discontinued, natch! They go for the ones which are accessible….especially by climbing to a table, and which had been worn frequently around that time. My best pet obsession with makeup, though, was the Malamute I had in the eighties. She watched me diligently and occasionally took brushes into her crate, which was always open. She would nose me and do the Wooo Wooo, until I did her up, too. At first I would actually put a dot of eyeshadow in the white spots over her eyes + a streak of blush on her ‘cheeks.’ It got to be such a PIA, that I eventually resorted to just stroking the brush on her face. She was so smart, I’m surprised that she did not know the difference. I almost got a couple of cheap brushes, because I had to spend time every day washing them! Eventually, I had to shut her out of the bathroom….For her, the novelty never wore off, and she posed around like Linda Evangelista. I paid for shutting her out, because she either wolf-howled or sulked the rest of the day. With the other dogs, they simply liked something that smelled like me: lipsticks were scent objects. But Petrushka (the Mal) actually liked makeup, or makeup application, for itself. And even if she looked like Clarabelle, she thought she was tres HOT! This is the god’s truth!

Knew a horse (gelding) who had a strong preference for hot pink and animal print accoutrements, such as saddle pads, boots, etc. Knew one liver chestnut gelding who looked amazing in rich purple bridle, etc.–and knew it, too.

What a lovely story! I’ve had malamutes, too, and think they are the world’s most wonderful dogs! Thanks for sharing such a cute story about yours.

I’ve only ever had cats, and while they have never destroyed anything, I’ve found “lost” items under/behind furniture.

I did come home from work one day to find my then 2 1/2-year-old gouging a Cargo palette with the bases that came with it. Luckily, I was able to save most of it!

My puppy has chewed up many an eos lip balms and she also likes my beautyblenders! If she sees me waving the fetching sticks (aka my brushes), she sometimes tries to catch those as well!

As I do dog rescue and foster I have had a few things destroyed. My feline eyeliner comes to mind and a Mac Lipglass. They always chew the handles.

Once i bought a really pretty powder with some sort of overspray or something, i wanted to take pictures for my blog, so i opened the compact, put it on the table, reached for my camera and saw one of my kitties stepping right into the powder.

thank god, she didn’t really destroy it, but quite a bit of the overspray was gone.

Lola bit through a squeeze tube of Smith’s Rose Balm and one of Clinique yellow moisturizer gel when she was a puppy, now not so much. But she does like to collect pink things in a pile on her pink blankie…

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YES! I have always had shoe eaters and the random brush chewers. But 12 years ago I started rescue work, I foster the occasional puppy. About four years ago I had a lab-pit mix puppy who ate everything -clocks, telephones, small appliances … She ate all of my make up brushes!! I had started buying them when I was 13 and had collected the lot over a 3 year period in high school, several hundred $$ invested in 1983 dollars and they were unbelievable, after 30 years still in excellent condition and she ate them all, they were completely destroyed. I cried. I have no idea who manufactured them and have not been able to replace them. They just aren’t made the way they used to be, haven’t found anything like them yet. If I do I know it’s gonna cost me… I am going to try the Japanese brushes next. *Sigh* After that, not much else can phase me so I thought, ha! Early this year I had two puppies who had a taste for discontinued lippies. =-O They are 6 before I realized they could open my purse. I bought a new bag ( causea I kept gum in there too) and had to start keeping all my lip products in the dresser drawer. Puppies are horrible. I don’t know why I keep bringing them home.

OMG D: I can relate. I have brushes that I hate to admit, are decades old, too. They are still just as good as new. I’ve also acquired several artist’s brushes which are very good quality – you might look at those as possible replacements.

Because, as dreadful as they can be, they are the loves of out lives! Hey, if you want to go for Japanese brushes, check out Wayne Goss’s brushes on Beuatylish. Major drool, drool. For a good/comprehensive review of them, check out Cora’s on VintageorTacky. It’s a while back. You’re going to want virtually all of them! Don’t you HATE it, when a collection of irreplaceables goes? Tres BOOOOO!

oh…yeah…my dog brandy…was caught lying on my vanity room floor….chomping away at my MAC..single embark eyeshadow….brown color was all over (I had been in the kitchen cooking etc. )..in the carpet, her mouth….and i was like …omg…noooo….that was 4 yrs ago….she was a puppy…so it never happened again….the eyeshadow had fell some way..to the floor..idk….but it was hell cleaning it!! lol

My little four legged furry brother Freddie seems to have a particular love of Lush.He has devoured at least one of each of babyface, buffy, herbalism, angels on bare skin, anything “buttery” or smelly. He even mangled the aluminium tin that ultra balm comes in to get to the goodness inside. I came home to find a flattened tin, with teeth marks in it. His most recent beauty meal was a babylips lip balm, that he stole of the table next to the tv.

Yes, my dog chewed up a makeup brush! Thank goodness it was only one of those little ones that come in the bottom part of blush/powder compacts. I’m keeping him out of my makeup room though in case he’s developed a taste for them.

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