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Thursday, June 19th, 2008

sukicolor is a branch of sukipure, which is a natural skincare brand (which I have good luck with in the past, so I was eager to try out their makeup line!). sukicolor fills in an area often overlooked by mineral makeup lines, which is cream-based makeup. sukicolor is “fresh finish mineral cream makeup.”

Some products I enjoyed:

Tinted Active Moisturizer SPF ($45.95) comes in two colors (Natural and Bronze), which means it may be limiting for some skintones. However, I’m medium-toned, and Bronze worked out for me. Because it is a tinted moisturizer, the color itself is still rather sheer and blendable, so you don’t end up getting a super dark foundation color or anything, if you don’t need it. suki recommends adding two pumps of this to your moisturizer, blending together before applying, for lighter skin tones.

Triple Cream Eye Definer ($41.95) has seven shades to choose from, and iti s a 3-in-1 product. These creamy balms can be used to highlight, liner, shadow, or as brow fillers. I personally used the Amber shade, and I preferred it as a liner or brow filler over other ways (only because I prefer powder shadows).

Pure Cream Stain ($40.15) also comes in seven shades ranging from the lightest (Sandstone) to the deepest (Vermillion). The shade I tried was Dahlia, a creamy reddish-brown blush/lip stain. Even being one of the darkest shades, it is still just a tint, so don’t let it scare you! I loved how creamy it was, and I liked that it didn’t go on super pigmented, because I could build it up and blend it out without worrying I needed to defuse the clown-effect of more pigmented cream blushes. (Hey, if you’ve ever worn cream blush, you know you need to get it perfect before it dries–which isn’t that much time–so buildable is preferrable over ultra pigmented.) I think I’d love to try Opal, Nectar, and Vermillion in the future. What I also like about this stain is that it is suitable and advocated to use on both the lips and cheeks, which means it does double-duty AND you can match, if that’s your thing (and it IS my thing, ha!).

Other products you may be interested in: Liquid Formula Concealer ($41.95), Rich Pigment Mascara ($33.95), & various brushes (varies).

What could they improve on? Price. There are a plethora of mineral makeup brands, albeit most of them focus on powder versus cream/liquid, but very few of them reach the price point of sukicolor. I’m completely satisfied with sukicolor quality and packaging, but I do feel that the price will put a lot of potential customers off.

Learn more at www.sukicolor.com.

Have you tried any of sukicolor’s products?  What do you think?

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

IsaDora was launched in 1983 in Sweden, provides fragrance-free products that have not been tested on animals. IsaDora has their own mineral make-up branch that contains a wide range of products.

Some stand outs we found from testing:

Mineral Translucent Powder ($18.00) reminds us a lot of a traditional loose setting powder, but it is smoother and finer. It melts into your skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores to the eye (not permanently or anything – the powder basically sinks in and fills in the lines). It works incredibly well with IsaDora’s selection of mineral makeup brushes ($10-14.00).

Speaking of kabuki brushes, IsaDora’s Mineral Body Kabuki Brush ($19.00) is fantastic. It’s a huge (duh, body-sized) kabuki brush that works really well with the Mineral Body Glow ($20.00). It can be used on the face, though the size of it makes it more difficult. Mineral Body Glow is a shimmering pink body glow used mostly for highlighting.

Other products you may like: Mineral Foundation Powder ($18.00), Mineral Blush Powder ($16.00), Mineral Compact Powder ($17.00), Mineral Powder Concealer ($12.00), Mineral Eye Shadow ($10.00).

What could they improve? IsaDora’s mineral make-up line is not extensive when it comes to the color ranges of their mineral eyeshadows and blushes.

Learn more about Isadora at www.isadora.com.

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Wellness by CLEAN:  Purity ($76.00) & Harmony ($76.00)

Purity eau de parfumhas top notes of bergamot, mandarin, tea, and ewberry, along with notes of rose, jasmine, muguet, and geranium at the heart. The base consists of cedarwood, sandalwood, elather, and musk. CLEAN describes this scent as “softly soothing and centered.” Between the two new Wellness offerings (Purity and Harmony), I do prefer Purity if only because it smells a bit more like a soapy fragrance than traditional soap. There’s still the cleanly scent easily detected, but there’s some sweetness and floralness (the rose, jasmine, and bergamot coming out to play) that lifts it up.

Harmony eau de parfum has top notes of Italian lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary, along with notes of rose, jasmine, and orange blossom at the heart. The base consists of cedarwood and musk. Again, CLEAN describes this scent as “for centered, balanced living.” I found this one more closely scented to soap. It seems lighter than Purity, as well. I think this is a great, wearable scent for those who don’t like the more cloying traditional scents and perfumes.

Shop or find more at www.cleanperfume.com.

What do you think of CLEAN fragrances?

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What are some of your favorite drugstore brands? What works?

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Cynthia used…

  • NYX eyeshadow in Wild Fire on the inner & middle lid.
  • L’oreal HIP pigment in Valiant in outer crease & outer lid.
  • NYX eyeshadow in Luxor in above crease.
  • Wet N’ Wild eyeshaddow in Buttercream as a highlighter
  • NYC Smooth Mineral Loose Eye Powder as eye liner.

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