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Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer Review, Photos

Korres is a brand that considers themselves natural, and this product (based on Korres‘ website) has 85.1% natural content, and it does not contain petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicones, parabens, sulphates, or synthetic dyes. It does contain fragrance, alcohol, and nuts. It is suitable for vegans and contains no animal by-products or undergone animal testing. Also, even though it talks about diminishing fine lines, it doesn’t contain any retinol or AHAs (it’s purely from the vitamin C).

I started using Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer immediately after I finished testing their Thyme & Honey Cream, which I liked but didn’t love. I definitely liked the feel, scent, and results of Wild Rose better than the Thyme & Honey Cream. I felt like this had a very subtle scent of rose, but it was much less cloying (even when you sniff directly from the jar) than the honey scent from the other moisturizer.  I didn’t mind the honey scent since it didn’t linger, but it wasn’t exactly my favorite.

My favorite part about this moisturizer it is it applies very quickly, feels lightweight, and it does provide good hydration throughout the day. I don’t typically feel dry with this moisturizer at all, which is a great thing. However, I’ve noticed as I’ve concluded my testing phase (five weeks), I do have some drier spots–in the same places where I typically get them–so I think it’s about time for me to switch to a more moisturizing night-time moisturizer. While I was using this, I also felt like I wasn’t as oily at the end of the day, either.

I was using this AM and PM (I’ve been too lazy to come up with a dual regimen, I fail!), and it lasted me approximately five weeks. With the SPF (even though it’s minimal) in this product, I would consider it more of a morning moisturizer, and if it’s used strictly during the morning, you’ll find a jar lasts you two to three months, which is typical of a 1 oz. jar (from my experience). As far as pricing and value go, I think it’s about on par with mid-range skin care, and I get enough usage out of one jar to merit the $32.50 price tag.

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The Scarlet Season: MAC Classic Dame Lipstick

MAC Classic Dame Lipstick
MAC Classic Dame Lipstick

The Scarlet Season: MAC Classic Dame Lipstick

MAC Classic Dame Mattene Lipstick ($14.50) is a semi-matte shade of creamy, opaque nearly neutral ruby red. It’s a bright pop of red with a superb formula, and it really is a shame that MAC hasn’t made the Mattene formula (and its lovely shades!) permanent. This shade is certainly fitting to its name–Classic Dame–and it reminded me a bit of Chanel’s Dragon. The semi-matte finish gives the color a bit of glossy sheen without adding any frostiness, and it also makes it moisturizing but still hugs the lips to give you several hours of wear. Anyone else remember Classic Dame and wish they’d make it permanent?

What about you? Would you wear this red?

The Scarlet Season is a series of posts showcasing and featuring my favorite shades of red lips–from glosses to lipsticks that runs through December 2009. You can sure expect to see a lot of red this holiday season!

See more swatches and comparison photos

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China Glaze Preppy Pink Nail Lacquer

China Glaze Preppy Pink Nail Lacquer ($3.20 to $7.00) is a warmed-up, medium pink with a yellow undertone with a mix of lilac, silver, and icy pink square-shaped glitter. Preppy Pink is part of China Glaze’s fifty new glitter polishes, along with Atlantis and Meteor Shower, which I reviewed earlier this week.

Preppy Pink has a pink jelly base that goes on opaque in two medium-thick coats, and the glitter itself rises to the top and sparkles prettily. Like the other two new glitter shades I’ve tried from China Glaze’s latest batch, the quality of and the way the formula applies is fantastic. Glitter polishes are, by their nature, not smooth to the touch, though a thicker top coat can help minimize the feel–it’s hard to completely mask it, though. It’s a lovely shade of pink, and I’m so pleased to see a warm pink, too.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! 🙂

Recommendation: For a pretty light pink–probably most suitable for spring–Preppy Pink is a good one to check out!

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Spring 2010: Your Input!

What information, products, etc. would you like to see me cover for Spring 2010?

As always, I’m most interested in how I can better serve and help you, so before I start preparing for what kind of content to earmark for the spring season (yes, I do mean spring).  I’d love to get your input on any particular products you really would love me to review, whether you want full reviews of certain spring launches, or if there’s some issue or concern you have that you’d love to see covered come January.

Here are some plans I can share with you now…

  • The Spring Season: Soft, light, pastel lips – nudes, beiges, pinks
  • Spring Collection Reviews — don’t have any specifics penned down yet, but definitely some of the usual suspects; I’d love to hear if you’re interested in full reviews OR just reviews of standout products (e.g. a palette) OR nothing at all? (This doesn’t apply to MAC — I will and always will review MAC Collections in their entirety.

I don’t make any promises to be able to fulfill everyone’s request, but when possible, I certainly will make every effort to do such.  Please note that I test very, very limited skincare (both for the sanity of my skin as well as the fact that skincare takes so long to review, so I am extremely selective)–but I definitely welcome your suggestions, I just wanted to be transparent about the process and all that 🙂  I only have one face!  (As my mom would say, “You only have two eyes, why do you need 200 eyeshadows?”)

I appreciate your feedback TREMENDOUSLY. I cannot stress enough how valuable and vital your feedback and suggestions are–they help me direct content and do the things and write about the products you are interested in, that help you, and help me serve you best.

Thank you!!