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Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Benefit for Holiday 2008

  • Best of Benefit: Sexy Stash ($58.00)
  • Best of Benefit: Beauty Uppers ($68.00)
  • Primpcess Eye Primping Kit ($34.00)
  • Peace, Love, & Glossiness Set ($26.00)

Available at www.benefitcosmetics.com!

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Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Sephora Brand Makeup Artist Brush Belt Make Up Artist Brush Belt ($42.00) This is a nifty way to store all of your brushes in one fell swoop. You can wear it around your waist for easy grab and go. You might even feel like a bit of a super hero :) If you don’t have quite as many brushes as the image above, you can probably roll it up, too!Otherwise, if yours is so full, you just fold it in half and call it a day.

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Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you give beauty advice to others? Do you try and give advice to your mom, or sister, or friends? Do you let them know when their foundation isn’t matching? Or teach them how to treat their skin better?

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Smashbox Rapture Collection for Holiday 2008

  • Best of Smashbox Kit ($19.00)
  • Rapture Lip Gloss Set ($29.00)
  • Flawless Finish Primer set ($39.00)
  • Rapture Eye Shadow and Brush Set ($59.00)
  • Rapture Travel Brush Set ($49.00)

Available now: Smashbox Raptureicon.

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Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Some more images from Dior holiday :) The lip/eye palettes retail for $40 a pop. Nordstrom.com JUST popped them up on the site five minutes ago.

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Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Choose or Lose

What color of mascara do you prefer?

  • Black (89%, 648 Votes)
  • Brown (7%, 53 Votes)
  • Colored (4%, 31 Votes)

Total Voters: 732

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section!