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Sunday, October 21st, 2007

Estee Lauder Professional Pure Color Lipstick is a lovely gold gift set with five full-size lipsticks in Pink Parfait, Bois de Rose, Nectarine, Rose Tea, and Rice Papapya. $32.50

Estee Lauder Professional Pure Color EyeShadow is a gorgeous gold palette with six great shades for the holidays: Camouflage, Copper Penny, Honey Drop, Ivory Box, Pale Moon, and Plum Pop for a mere $25.00.

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

I was perusing through my fellow beauty bloggers’ posts, and both BeautyAddict and Makeup Moxie posted Paula Begoun’s response to the much-blogged and over-hyped article that was released last week about lipsticks containing traces of lead.

Now, here at Temptalia, we chose not to alert you because we felt the so-called report was entirely misleading, unfounded, and purely using scare-tactics rather than real facts and science. Immediately upon reading the article, I found myself asking, “How much lead is dangerous? What lipsticks are they testing?  How are they testing it? What are the controls?”  had a gaggle of questions, and yet the article provided no answers! All it did was attempt to scare us into purging our makeup bags of tubes and tubes of lip goodness.

So what’s the verdict? No cause for alarm. It did not provide any knowledge unknown to us before, and it is not a true cause for worry. Indeed, one will find themselves more exposed to lead by doing everyday activities such as breathing the air or drinking from the tap (which already meets certain standards of how much lead per million parts and whatnot). Paula reminds us that dyes used in cosmetics are required to meet certain levels and practice a standard of care.

Wear your lipstick without fear of lead poisoning–there is still no proof that the trace amounts found in some lipsticks are the root cause of health problems. There are many other sources of lead exposure in our everyday lives, much higher in levels, than the trace amounts found in the lipsticks tested by the coalition.

You can check out Paula’s full response here.

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

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Saturday, October 20th, 2007

What lipstick do you love but are scared to wear? What lipstick (or color, shade, hue if you don’t have a specific one) are you ga-ga over, but just can’t bring yourself to wear [yet]?

Me? I’m not terrified of vampy colors, but I really think they look god-awful on me, so I just never wear them for “fear” of looking like the walking dead! (Seriously, last time I put a vampy lip on, my boyfriend asked if I was getting ready for Halloween!)

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

Bobbi Brown ‘Best of Chocolate’ Eye & Lip Kit

A two-tiered mirrored compact includes four lipglosses in Pink Mocha, Golden Caramel Shimmer, Double Fudge Shimmer, Frosted Pink Shimmer, along with four eyeshadows in Bone, Frappe, Cacao Shimmer Wash, and Chocolate. Many of these colors are exclusive to this limited edition palette! Get it for $55.00.

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

The first shaving cream with 5% real milk protein! Milk-enriched lather forms a protective moisture barrier that conditions and softens as it glides the razor for a close shave without nicks. New SkinMilk shaving milk has arrived and it delivers the ultimate shaving experience by providing a close, comfortable, indulgent shave in a creamy, luxurious and smooth base of milk.


SkinMilk is an affordable brand that offers a wide variety of milk-enriched products from bath to body to face. I recently tested our their new product, Shaving Milk, which really helps to moisturize and provide a great lather prior to shaving.

I am happy to report I suffered no nicks or bumps after shaving, and I swear, it keeps the re-growth down just a tad, at least enough to get away with one more day between shaves. It has a light fragrant scent of vanilla, which is pleasant and not at all overwhelming. The product retails for $5.49 online, and I do believe that’s worthy of being called a bargain buy!

Find Shaving Milk and other SkinMilk products at Wal-Mart and www.drugstore.com.

You can learn more about their product line-up by visiting www.skinmilk.net.