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Thursday, December 13th, 2007

ORLY Sugar Coated Spring Collection | Confections that Sparkle!

Los Angeles (December 2007) — A sweet garden of delights awaits you in ORLY’s new Sugar Coated Color Collection. Creamy lilacs, sugary pinks and icy whites combine for a color palette that will make your clients feel as sweet as candy.

The Sugar Coated palette contains:

  • Rock Candy — sheer lilac with turquoise flip
  • Cupcake – demure classic pink crème
  • Meringue — winter white shimmer with sugary gold flip
  • Petit Four — classic orchid crème
  • Taffy — baby pink glitter
  • Bon Bon — classic lavender crème

With the launch of this Spring collection, ORLY introduces a new packaging design for all their nail lacquers. The new silver bottle screening and matching silver signature Gripper Cap™ create a unique, fresh look for the ORLY brand. All ORLY nail lacquers including the Sugar Coated Spring Collection are free of DBP and all traces of Toluene and Formaldehyde.

The Sugar Coated collection lacquers are available beginning in March 2008 . The collection is available at fine salons, beauty supply stores and purveyors of beauty throughout the U.S. and in over 65 countries worldwide. Visit ORLY’s web site at www.orlybeauty.com.

Any of these catch your eye? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

What do you when you’re having a bad beauty day? We all have them; those days where we can’t get that eyeshadow to look right, our skin is a hazard zone, every line on our face is showing, and we can’t believe we’re still functioning. What’s your remedy for the beauty blues?

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

We have given you several gift guides to celebrate the season of giving, and we hope you have found a few ideas for your family and friends (or even a few for your own wish list!). Make sure you didn’t miss any of the ones we’ve posted this month…

What are some of the beauty-related gifts you’re giving this season? Share your ideas in the comments!

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007


Long, lush, soft to the touch lashes.Take lashes to new lengths for the softest, prettiest look imaginable. An exclusive new formula extends lashes up to 30%-without flaking or clumping. For full, feathery, natural-looking lashes that go on forever.

  • Applicator: Medium-sized brush with a rounded square shape to it.
  • Clumping: Not too much clumping, but my lashes are a bit wonky, so sometimes they’d get crossed and stick.
  • Curl: This isn’t a curling mascara, but it does hold a curl when you’ve used a lash curler.
  • Ease: Quite easy to apply given the nature of the wand, which allows for more precision to get to harder to reach lashes on the inner area and the lower lashes.
  • Length: Length that comes out is moderate; it’s not nearly as long as I’d like, but it gives you a decent au natural length.
  • Thickening: I was definitely able to extract some thickening out of this mascara, especially on my outer lashes, but not so much on my inner lashes.
  • Volume: The mascara gave me fairly decent volume–it looked like I had more lashes than I naturally do–and my lashes looked fuller and more voluminous.
  • Best: I think my lashes looked fairly good in the end; although they could definitely be longer, I really liked the overall fullness. I also liked the price of this mascara, because it’s not so high that it makes it a hard purchase to make.
  • Worst: If you’re looking for more length, try Clinique’s High Impact mascara instead, which we loved!

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

Anyone pick up Air of Style? Thoughts?

The Scent: It is a fairly heavy fragrance when initially smelled from the vial, but when it dries down, it isn’t so heady. MAC describes the scent as, “A baroque blend of white pepper, dates, tuberose, orange flower, jasmine, precious woods, leather, vetiver and amber crystals sumptuously overlaid with the opulence of ylang ylang and orris.” First, the description is insanely long and makes it sound like they threw nearly every particular note they could. I want to say that what I could sniff out was more of a sweet floral scent with jasmine undertones, a touch of woodiness, but mostly sophisticated floral tones. You will probably be able to note the subtle sweetness, and I wouldn’t really call this a masculine scent (far too much floral!).

The Packaging: The bottle pictured online is filled with the perfume, when in reality you receive it in two parts: empty perfume bottle and filled test-tube vial [of the perfume]. They include a funnel so you can put it into the actual bottle. The problem with this packaging is you have to figure out a way to get this bad boy to stand, which is pretty much impossible. The scent is better spritzed rather than dabbed on, so for me, I’ll be filling up travel-size spray vials (from eBay) instead of really utilizing the bottle. The actual perfume vial is cute in design, but it’s not practical, which is a problem for those of us would like to actually display it rather than tossing it into a holder of some sort to keep it vertical. I think they would have been better off if they had used airbrushed metal or higher caliber material for the cap of the vial, too.

Overall: I know some people griped about the price ($60.00), but considering the prices of most perfumes, I don’t really see how this is shock-worthy. Just as there are numerous perfumes that are made by some of the most famous perfume houses that make us want to gag, they are still priced similarly to MAC’s prices. Overall, though, the scent is lovely enough and doesn’t make me want to gag. It’ll be a nice scent to transition from winter to spring.

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

HAYDEN PANETTIERE is emerging as a gorgeous young woman these days, and this look is no exception to showing how she’s matured over the years. With ultra glossy red lips and a silvery smoky eye, how are we to resist?

Panettiere’s face is dewy, flawless, and lightly blushed–but she doesn’t look like she’s wearing much makeup at all. How does she do it? It’s all about the foundation you pick, and while a powder foundation can work, I have always found that liquid foundation yields better results quicker (and entirely more foolproof than using powder compacts!). The liquid foundation should dry to a dewy finish, but don’t despair if your foundation is matte–just add a touch of moisturizer to it (and if you have one with just a hint of shimmer in it, try that; MAC’s Strobe Cream is great for this trick). Our pick is MAC’s Mineralize Satinfinish for those with dry to normal skin, but opt for MAC’s Face & Body for those with oilier skin. We want dewy, flawless skin that looks shimmery but not at all oily; Satinfinish may be too much dewiness for oily skin (though, not always). As always, our technique of choice for foundation does not change, but at least we have a separate step-by-step tutorial now for it! Using a small, flat brush like a concealer brush (194), apply a dab of foundation each cheek, chin, forehead, and nose. Spritz a fluffy powder or buffer brush (think 129, 150, 182) with a gentle mist of water (less is more!) or Fix+, and then brush against the dabs of foundation to spread the coverage onto your skin. Spread out by pulling the dab outwards, and then buff into skin with small, circular motions with the brush (this is why we adore the 182 for the job, nobody does it better…). Gently rouge cheeks by using the 129 or 150 brush and picking up a hint of MAC’s Springsheen blush and tap onto the apples of the cheeks. Highlight cheeks using MAC’s Dancing Light loose beauty powder with the 129 or 187 brush (a stippling brush will give you more control and allow you to build up and not overdo it). Apply on cheekbones, swipe gently across forehead, and tap lightly on the chin.

Even though the lips are stunning, we cannot keep our eyes off her… eyes! Using the 249 brush, apply MAC’s Silverstroke fluidline all over lid–this is your base–so you can already see the pop of silver. Pick up a touch of MAC’s Crystal Avalanche and apply to the inner portion of the lid using the 239, and be sure to apply to the inner tearducts, as well, so you really get that pop of silvery white. With the 239, dab a touch of MAC’s Silver Ring eyeshadow to the middle of lid, and don’t put it away, because we’ll be using it shortly. Apply MAC’s Carbon eyeshadow using a separate 239 brush (we advise getting a duplicate shadow brush, whether it be a cheap brush or high-end, for dark colors like Carbon) to the outer lid and outer crease. Also, gently tug it just under your outer lower lash line–only a smidge. Using Silver Ring again, apply it to the crease area with the 224 brush, dusting it lightly into it. Finish the shadows off by applying MAC’s Shroom eyeshadow underneath the brow to highlight and blend the grayish smoky eye gradually. Apply a thin line of MAC’s Blacktrack fluidline to upper lash line and bottom lash line. Complete the look by adding MAC’s #6 lashes for rich black, ultra long lashes.

Panettiere’s lips are easily duplicated; they are not a true, fire-engine red–you can see just a touch of berry undertones. We vote for MAC’s New York Apple lipstick applied precisely with a lip brush (316) and topped with MAC’s Russian Red lipglass for high sheen, pouty red-berry lips. While we really do think this berry lipstick, ultra red gloss combination will do it for you, if you’re wary, try MAC’s Dubonnet lipstick topped with Russian Red lipglass instead (and hey, it’s not a bad combination to be aware of!).