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Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

In celebration of its new Originals Collection.

New York, December 18, 2007 — MAC Cosmetics announced the “Are You A MAC Original?” contest to launch their new limited edition collection The Originals. The contest is a celebration of one’s individuality and originality — qualities intrinsic to the MAC brand. Launching nationally through the MAC website (www.maccosmetics.com), the contest will also run regionally in 6 key cities across the United States: New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Houston.

The MAC Originals Collection will launch in stores December 19, 2007. The Originals pays tribute to popular product shades both discontinued or existing that consumers covet and can’t live without. The Originals, a collaboration of the new and the old, introduces new textures and modified formulations of must-have Lipsticks, Lipglass, Eye Shadows and Pigments.

National Contest — How to Enter?
To enter the “Are You A MAC Original?” contest on a national level, consumers can visit www.maccosmetics.com beginning December 26th to submit a picture of themselves wearing their favorite MAC products, along with 50words on what makes them a MAC Original. The winner will be determined by votes online. The winner will receive a $1,000 MAC gift card and the complete Originals collection.

Regional Contest — How to Enter?
On a regional level, MAC will hold the “Are You A MAC Original” Contest in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Houston on the weekend of January 4th-6th. MAC customers can visit designated MAC locations for a complimentary makeup application and get a professional photograph taken. Customers can then enter to be the MAC Original winner of the city and will also be automatically entered into the national contest. The regional winner will receive a $250 MAC gift card, the complete Originals collection and a story in a local publication.

For contest rules and regulations, please visit www.maccosmetics.com.

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Originals have a lust for life that can never be squelched! Some classics can’t be improved upon — from Carol Channing to Björk to Blondie, Bowie, and every glam rocker and tightrope walker in-between. This season MAC pays tribute to all the high flyers, in the shades, shadows and styles that have stayed with us for all these years, and some of the late-greats we discontinued all too soon. It’s a throwback to the future. Originals are now and forever.

Rozz Revival Watermelon reddish pink (lustre)
Chintz on Chintz Sheer mid-tone yellow brown (lustre)
Utter Pervette Soft pastel pink (lustre)
Back to Del Rio Deep brown red (lustre)
Nouveau-Frou Beigey grey pink with white pearl (lustre)
Retrofluid Sheer dirty deep plum with gold and red pearl
Supersequin Plummy pink with silver pearl (lustre)
Twig-Twig Neutral brown plum (lustre)
Sandy B Light shell pink
Russian Red Intense bluish-red
Suggested Retail Price $14.00 U.S./$16.50 CDN

Full on Lust Neutral brown pink (cream)
Avarice Mid-tone yellow red with soft red pearl (cream)
Real Desire Deep plum with red plum
Nico Now Mid-tone grey purple with multicoloured pearl (cream)
C-Thru Soft peached-beige with shimmer (cream)
Suggested Retail Price $14.00 U.S./$16.50 CDN

Daisychain Soft yellow beige with soft white pearl (satin)
Ochre Style Mid-tone yellow brown with gold (frost)
A Little Folie Mid-tone red brown (matte)
Memorabilia Dirty purple (matte)
Clue Mid-tone dirty grey with silver (matte)
Alum Mid-tone blue grey with soft blue pearl (frost)
Charred Deep steelgrey with silver pearl (frost)
Frisco Soft pastel pink (matte)
Parrot Deep aqua blue with bright green and blue pearl (frost)
Suggested Retail Price $14.00 U.S./$16.50 CDN

Kitschmas Light airy shimmering pink/mauve pearl (frost)
Violet Vivid bright violet-purple (frost)
Melon Soft bright golden peach (frost)
Golden Olive High frosted green gold (frost)
Steel Blue Rich deep turquoise green-blue shone with
small pearl particle (pearl)
Suggested Retail Price $19.50 U.S./$23.50 CDN

Reflects Blackened Red Sparkling burgundy
Reflects Very Pink Sparkling fuchsia pink
Reflects Transparent Teal Sparkling white with turquoise
Reflects Antique Gold Sparkling taupe
Suggested Retail Price $16.50 U.S./$20.00 CDN

Ebony Soft black
Coffee Muted brown
Indigo Muted greenish-blue
Suggested Retail Price $12.50 U.S./$15.00 CDN

Black Black
Suggested Retail Price $12.50 U.S./$15.00 CDN

Available December 19, 2007 at all MAC locations, 1.800.387.6707 and www.maccosmetics.com.

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Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

ARIELLE KEBBEL has the most piercing brown eyes thanks to her blue-lined lids. Begin by applying your choice of eyeshadow base (like Urban Decay’s Primer Potion) all over your lid, including a thin line on your lower lash line (really, really thin, then smudged with any brush so it isn’t too thick!). Using MAC’s Moon’s Reflection eyeshadow, apply it to the inner third of the lid using the 239. Apply MAC’s Tilt eyeshadow all over the rest of lid with the 239 brush, and then using the 219, apply Tilt along the lower lash line. With the 239, apply MAC’s Flashtrack eyeshadow to the outer portion of the lid and crease. Use the 224 or 222 to smooth out the harsh edge of blue just above the crease. Apply MAC’s Shroom eyeshadow underneath brow and above crease, as the highlight color, with the 239. Blend your highlight and the harsher color together using swirls and soft strokes of the 224. Line both the upper and lower lash lines with a black kohl (such as MAC’s Blacktrack fluidline or Graphblack technakohl). Coat lashes with several brushes of super black mascara to finish.

Kebbel has flawless, matte skin, and it is easy to get the same look by using a matte finish foundation, like MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid or Make Up Forever’s Mat+ Velvet. Both are liquid foundations, which are always my preference for the ultimate polished look. Always begin a foundation routine by cleansing and moisturizing face (and using sunscreen protection!). Dab on bits of foundation to your cheeks, chin, forehead, and nose with a concealer brush like the 194. Spritz a fluffy powder or buffer brush (129, 150, 182) with a mist of water or Fix+, and then blend out the dabs of foundation applied earlier. Dust face lightly with loose powder with the 129 or 150 to set foundation. With a light hand, pick up a touch of MAC’s Well Dressed blush with a fluffy powder brush (129, 150) and tap gently onto apples of cheeks. Using a buffer brush like the 182, move the brush in circular motions to buff the color into cheeks and leave it as a subtle flush.

To get Kebbel’s icy cool lips, try MAC’s Pervette lipstick or Hue lipstick with MAC’s Luminary lustreglass.  Part lips as if letting a small “oh” sigh escape, and you’ll be just as sexy as Kebbel.

What do you think of her makeup? Would you wear it?

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Are you giving any beauty-related gifts this season? Did you buy any makeup items for friends, family, etc. for the holidays? What did you end up buying?

Monday, December 17th, 2007

Hey readers!  In case you didn’t know, The Originals has been moved up to launch December 19th (instead of the 26th). It’s already online here, though most of it is “coming soon” but we can drool at the swatches, right?  Expect things to be available for purchase later tonight or tomorrow.

What does everyone have on their lists to must buy, maybe buy, and definitely won’t buy?

Monday, December 17th, 2007

Ladies, let me tell you, YSL has truly created a remarkable spring collection (debuting February 2008). I had the opportunity to play and test out the Palette Pop, a face and cheek powder; Rouge Pure Shine lipstick in Pink Sorbet; and Pop Stick Blush (N2) in Strawberry/Raspberry. What did I love? Oh, what didn’t I love!  Here are some swatches – top horizontal one is of Palette Pop, the bottom left is Pink Sorbet, and the bottom right is the Pop Stick Blush! (Psst, myfavorite is the Pop Stick Blush, I am swooning over it!)

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