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Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

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Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

She used:

  • Bare Canvas paint and Prep and Prime for a base
  • Vanilla pigment for highlight
  • Passionate e/s and Accent Red pigment on the inner corner to the middle of my eye
  • Beauty Marked e/s on the outer corners
  • Blacktrack Liner
  • Maybelline Define-a-Lash and Revlon 3D Extreme Mascara

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Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

Are you picky about the beauty products you buy? Do you spend a bit of time contemplating your purchase or what item you really want to get? Do you make many impulse buys (that may or may not work out well)?

I definitely contemplate a great deal when I’m looking at buying products these days.I have a fair bit of makeup, so I try to make sure I add valuable pieces to it, rather than further accumulate the same shade of green shadow or yet another plain pink lipstick.

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Think cool gunmetal grays and icy blues, and you’ll find yourself the most gorgeous winter beauty in this gray-blue coat. Bobbi Brown’s Midnight Metallics palette is the perfect solution to the look we want: light gray all over lid, medium gray on outer ild, and deep midnight blue in the outer crease. Dust cheeks with Chanel blush in Neroli Rose for a lovely cool flush. Apply either NARS Gipsy or Galaxy Girl lipsticks to lips for a very chilly, but entirely seductive, pout. Keep the skin simple with only the blush and the rest beyond flawless.

1. Tahari Wool Blend Swing Topper @ Nordstrom for $278.00icon
2. Chanel Irreelle blush in Neroli Rose @ Nordstrom for $40.00icon
3. Bobbi Brown Midnight Metallics @ Nordstrom for $45.00icon
4. NARS Gipsy or Galaxy Girl lipstick @ Sephora for $23.00

With a coat like this, one can truly get away with a whole myriad of looks, but this is our favorite. There is something about metallics and cool silvers and blues that just warms this outfit right up. Go easy on the dark blue in the crease for a lighter daytime look, or turn it into a full-blown smoky eye by deepening the color for sultry eyes for the evening.

Monday, November 12th, 2007

If you are a makeup artist who is interested in being interviewed, let us know at temptalia@gmail.com!

Temptalia had the opportunity to interview MAC make-up artist and beauty blogger Jen M., age 36, who has been an artist for two years and with MAC for less than one. Even though she has no formal beauty training, she’s finding her way as a makeup artist just fine!

Temptalia: What surprises you most about working as a makeup artist?
Jen: That’s a great question! I think I’m most surprised by the many women I meet who apologize for not knowing how to do complex looks with their makeup. How on earth do women expect they should have learned these things?! Unless you’re a makeup junkie and magazine addict, like I was, or if you had a mother who was a makeup junkie, there’s no way to expect that the knowledge would just “come to you”. That’s why there are makeup artists, and when you meet a good one he/she should be able to teach you some tricks so you can expand your own looks. The other thing that really surprises me is how many women immediately degrade themselves when they sit in my chair. I hear “oh- don’t look at my brows! I need to wax them” or “I know I have wrinkles, but – or “Ugh, my skin is so bad” or other things that are harsh and they wouldn’t say to a friend. Why can’t women be accepting of their own unique look?

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Monday, November 12th, 2007

What hair products can you not live without? Are you a hair product junkie or are you a quick comb-through and you’re out the door kind of gal? What products are essential to giving you a great ‘do?