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Sunday, November 25th, 2007


Kicks up the volume and length of each and every lash for a look that’s lusher, plusher, bolder. Pure, deep color. Wear it once and you’ll feel naked without it.

  • Applicator: Medium-sized brush with high density in bristles, seems very thick.
  • Clumping: In order to reduce chances of clumping, it is vital that you wait a bit in between each coat application.
  • Curl: It naturally curled just a touch, but it held a curl quite well.
  • Ease: With its medium-sized brush, application was a breeze. I liked being able to get to my inner lashes and lower lashes without leaving mascara marks all over my under eye area.
  • Length: Oh, length it gave. I love a mascara that gives phenomenal length, thickness, and volume–which is asking a lot–but this definitely delivers on length.
  • Thickening: My lashes were noticeably thicker, but they could go up a couple more notches on this, but I was satisfied with the results.
  • Volume: High Impact is considered Clinique’s volumizing mascara, and I say it does a decent job of adding volume to sparse lashes. What I liked is that it gave volume and length to my stubby lashes amongst my decent natural lashes to bring them altogether for a lovely full lash.
  • Best: I liked that I didn’t have clumping problems, even without waiting too long between coats. I loved the richness of the black color, as well as the length I achieved. This mascara is definitely worth the price ($14), which I find reasonably for a high-end brand.
  • Worst: There’s nothing I disliked about this mascara, honestly. It’s great for the price, and it delivers fairly well on most accounts. I mentioned I could use more thickening power but that’s purely a personal preference.

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

NICOLE SCHERZINGER has one of the most lovely tans, which may or not be natural (though we’re siding on a definite natural glowy deep skintone, but we won’t judge whether it’s completely natural), and her golden bronzed skin is such a stand out feature despite her slightly smoky eyes. We see she has a bit of dewiness to her skin, so we recommend MAC’s Mineralize Satinfinish liquid foundation to achieve the same finish. Of course, you can also add a touch of shimmering lotion (MAC’s Strobe Cream) to your favorite moisturizer before applying your foundation and get similar results. Apply dabs of liquid foundation on cheeks, chin, forehead, and nose with a concealer brush like the 194. Spritz a blusher or buffer brush (we like the 182) with water or Fix+ if you have it, and then smooth out the dabs of foundation to mimic flawless looking application. Contour cheeks just slightly with a color one to two shades darker than your natural skintone–either a blush (MAC’s Strada is great for lighter skin tones, Harmony for darker skin tones). Apply to the hollows of cheeks (make a fish face, and you’ll notice where your cheeks really hollow out) with the 168 brush. Try one of our personal favorites for barely-there cheeks: MAC’s Margin blush gently dusted on with the 150 brush. Highlight face using a fluffy brush like the 150 or 182 with MAC’s Dancing Light loose beauty powder on forehead, cheekbones, and chin.

Scherzinger wears a light smoky brown/taupe eye with smoldering black lashes. We like MAC’s Tempting eyeshadow all over the lid with the 239 brush, and a dab of MAC’s Bronze eyeshadow in the outer crease and corner, also with the 239. Add a touch of Bronze eyeshadow along outer lower lashes with the 219 brush and smoke out with the 239. Again with the 219, apply a touch of Tempting eyeshadow alogn the inner lower lash line. Using the 266 stiff angled brush, line lower lash line/waterline with MAC’s Blacktrack fluidline with a thin line, while going for a thicker, cat-eye liner on the upper lash line (also with Blacktrack). Either apply thick coats of a mascara like Dior’s DiorShow or opt for thick false lashes like MAC’s #7s.

Lips are really downplayed in this look, as they are a neutral-pink color with a gold, glossy sheen. To replicate, try MAC’s Cherish lipstick for the color with MAC’s Instant Gold lustreglass to add the golden reflects. If you wish to line lips first, try a color much like your own; MAC’s Buerre or Summerfruit cremestick liners might suit. Smile without pursing your lips, and you’ll surpass the beauty you see here!

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

What traveling tips do you have when it comes to makeup? Any tips or tricks you’ve found to make sure everything has a safe voyage? How do you deal with any airport restrictions (like liquids)?

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Mom’s can be difficult to shop for, because so many of us have darling mothers who spend little time fussing about their looks and adore their minimalist beauty regimens. Of course, some of us also have mothers who are bigger beauty addicts than ourselves (sigh, don’t I wish!). Today’s guide, however, is dedicated to finding the perfect beauty products for the mom who doesn’t mind looking amazing, as long as it is easy, quick, and painless.

THE MINIMALIST MOM | Surprise her by providing her with a basket of beauty goodies that improve her regimen without adding hours to it. Everybody loves their skin to look their best, so we think this is one aspect to concentrate on for moms with less beauty product love and more natural beauty love.

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Saturday, November 24th, 2007


An everyday essential for lashes. Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara has an innovative, all-in-one formula that lengthens, thickens, and defines – without smearing, smudging or clumping. With special conditioning and strengthening ingredients for beautiful, luscious lashes. See how-to video here.

  • Applicator: Medium-sized brush, very typical mascara wand you’d find in a variety of mascaras.
  • Clumping: As a fairly light-weight mascara, it did not clump in the three or so coats I put on my lashes.
  • Curl: It held a curl quite well, though I didn’t feel it benefited from much curl because the lashes seemed too short.
  • Ease: Applying this mascara was as easy as the majority of mascaras; the wand is not new to the scene nor is it obese like some of the cult favorites (ahem, DiorShow), so the user can easily get to the inner corner lashes as well as the lower lashes without getting black streaks all over them.
  • Length: This mascara did not give me the length I desired. This mascara is described as an “everyday” mascara, so wearing this without any other makeup works. I prefer my mascara to have insane lengthening powers, though.
  • Thickening: There was some thickening, but not by much. Like it describes itself to be: it’s a natural-looking mascara.
  • Volume: I didn’t notice much difference in my lashes in terms of volume – they were blacker, a touch thicker, but I didn’t see any appearance of them being fuller.
  • Best: The best part about this mascara was that it didn’t clump, and I do like that it’s a great natural lash alternative to the market of bigger and better lashes. This is a great mascara for someone who’s not heavily into makeup, but they like to feel/look pretty from time to time.
  • Worst: It’s a bit pricey at $20 a pop; compared to the myriad of drugstore mascaras just under $10, I feel you could probably get away with using one of those if your budget doesn’t allow this.

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

She used:

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Chrome Yellow eyeshadow
  • Passionate eyeshadow
  • Expensive Pink eyeshadow
  • Beauty Marked eyeshadow
  • Shroom eyeshadow
  • Blacktrack fluidline
  • Fiberlash mascara
  • ID BareMinerals in fair
  • Springsheen blush
  • Cubic blush
  • Lightscapade mineralize skinfinish
  • Soft and Slow lipglass

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