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Saturday, July 12th, 2008

You know, this combo got quite muddy, so I wouldn’t really say this worked out well. It took a LOT of work to get it to be “presentable,” you know? It was like, as soon as you put the colors on, it was mud-central. Really weird experience for me (I don’t think I have ever had anything turn muddy on me before!). I don’t know if it’s me or the quint, but one of us needs to improve STAT! On another note, though, all of the colors are incredibly pigmented. Has anyone picked up this quint yet?

It’s Saturday morning, the sky is lookin’ gray, but I’m pretty sure it’ll clear up and the temps will start to soar.

I used Dior’s Earth Tones Quint for this particular look. I used the center shadow (goldish) for the inner lid, the bottom left (the reddish color) shadow on the middle lid, the bottom right (brownish color) on the outer lid and crease, and the upper right shadow (softest) to highlight my brow. I wore Dior Impression Cuir on my cheeks. I had Dior Pink Drama Lip Color and Dior Delicious Plum Creme de Gloss on my lips.

You can check out pictures and swatches (plus my review) of these Dior products here.

** These are recommendations for dupes based on permanent colors available — may not necessarily be identical; they are the closest I can think of!

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Saturday, July 12th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What was your best beauty bargain? Did you score ten lipsticks for $1? Did you find a coveted item on eBay?

Friday, July 11th, 2008

MAC Cosmetics’ Gold Fever launches September 25th, 2008 in LIMITED locations. From what we’ve heard, it’s Nordstrom’s only.

Slimshine Lipstick

  • Voile Canary yellow with gold pearlized pigments (Frost)
  • Missy Creamy pastel coral (Cream)


  • Sharkskin Swimming sharp polished grey
  • Penny Light pinky coral

Liquidlast Liner

  • Classic Cream White gold
  • Auto-Orange Rusted copper with pearlized pigments


  • Blacktrack Solid flat black
  • Silverstroke Richly metallic platinum
  • Brassy Metallic brass


  • Golden Lemon
  • Silver Fog


  • 3D Silver Multi-reflective silver
  • Gold Sparkling chunky gold


  • 209 Slim, tapered eyeliner brush made of synthetic fibres
  • 242 Shader brush made of natural & synthetic fibres


  • 3 Lash Long, full, natural-looking lashes
  • 34 Lash Slightly dramatic length lashes w/wispy & winged corners

Thanks Nartian!

Friday, July 11th, 2008

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Friday, July 11th, 2008

I told you I made one purchase at Barneys, right? Well, that’s the gloss I purchased. You look at it and go, “Sure, that’s pretty, so what?”

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Friday, July 11th, 2008

Define the eyebrows with Soft Charcoal Eye Shader with 263. Apply Phloof Eye Shadow to the brow bone 252. Lightly apply Flammable Paint to innermost lid using 242. Dust Cranberry Eye Shadow directly over Paint. Using 217, apply Rule Eye Shadow to lid immediately beside Cranberry. Apply Bitter Eye Shadow onto lid with 217 beside Rule. Dust Swimming Eye Shadow next to Bitter with 217. Using 224, apply Electric Eel Eye Shadow to outermost lid. Apply Crystal Eye Shadow to inner crease and Parfait Amour Eye Shadow into outer crease with 252. Line the upper lash line using Boot Black Liquid Eye Liner. For your lower lash line, use Engraved Powerpoint Eye Pencil Kohl. Apply Zoom Lash Mascara to upper and lower lashes. Dust Prism Beauty Powder Blush on the apples of the cheeks with 116.

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