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Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

Do you believe in anti-aging products? Is it all hype? Have you seen results?

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

As promised, here’s a clear shot of Flourish lipstick! :)  Flourish is the red lipstick, and pink lipstick is All Mine.  Both of these are from MAC’s Monogram collection and retail for $22.  Below is a close-up shot of the actual MAC monogram–in case you missed it (I did the first few times around!), the design is actually an overlay of M A C.

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

NARS The Multiple Duo Maldives/ Riviera ($45.00) is part of the new Multiple Duos NARS recently launched. The palette is actually pretty large–much larger than the eyeshadows, eyeshadow duos, or blushes.  I see the Multiple Duos as one way to reach a larger audience, because you get two for $45 rather than one for $37.  Admittedly, the Multiple itself has plenty of product to stretch out your dollar–it isn’t like you’ll run out in a week.

Maldives is described as “pink champagne with shimmer,” and the description is right on.   Same with the description of Riviera as a “sheer pink.”  Both of these shades are available in Multiple form, so if you love one but not the other, you don’t have to pick them up as a duo.  Both colors are fairly sheer, and on my skin tone (NC30), I really couldn’t get much color to show.  Riviera showed up better than Maldives, but it required a lot of building to get there.

Unlike the original Multiple, which comes in a stick form, you pretty much have to use a brush with these (the drawback is it may be harder to transfer color onto the skin and you may waste more product that gets caught in the bristles).  I know some will say to use your fingers, which is fine, but I just prefer not to use my fingers to apply makeup.  It kind of grosses me out, especially the idea of my finger oils getting all into the compact. Perhaps a sponge would be better, but I’ve always found sponges to be so wasteful.  Sigh!

What struck me the most was that the duo format didn’t feel as creamy as the original version.  I think that factor contributed to why I found it difficult to get enough pigmentation for these colors to show up on me.   I tried several brushes (187, 188, 190) with all mixed results.  Next time I’m at Nordstrom’s or Sephora, I definitely want to see how both these shades compare when in Multiple form, just to see if the formulations really are different–especially in pigmentation.  I do wonder if it’s like some other creamy products where the surface is firm, but once you’ve used it a few times, the product softens.

I also want to check out Maui/Palm Beach and Orgasm/South Beach duos, too.   I think those may be better for my skin tone!

Have you tried the new Multiple Duos? What do you think?  Which ones have you tried?

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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

MUD CARES PALETTE ($25.00) is a quad of eyeshadows developed and created by Makeup Designory (you know, the school!).  Not only that, but this palette donates 100% of the proceeds towards building homes for children in Africa who have been orphaned by AIDS.

Palette colors:

Spanish Gold Warm, amber brown

Dulce de Leche Soft brown-based pink

Cashmere Medium beige with coffee warmth

Moss Golden olive green with gold flecks

What really impressed me about the palette was how utterly pigmented each of the colors were.  They really are true-to-color and go on like a dream.  Soft and finely milled with just a touch of shimmer/sheen.  It’s more a sheen than true shimmer, but they’re definitely not matte shadows.  I can really see this palette working for most skin tones and complexions; it just has a good mix of colors that have enough depth to really have fun with.

Plus, MUD offers these tips on using it (how awesome is that?):

Great on all skin tones
Mix Spanish Gold with Moss to create a rich liner
Use a sheer swipe of Cashmere for a touch of warmth
Use Dulce de Leche as a highlight for a dimensional effect
Use with Black Eye Pencil and Black Cream Mascara for a dramatic evening look
Use #330 Shadow Fluff Brush for a brilliant sweep of color on the entire lid
Use #330, #350 or #800 Brush to blend and define the crease
Use the fine sharp angle of #210 Angle Liner Brush to apply along upper and lower lash lines as a liner or to achieve natural hair strokes on eyebrows
Use #810 Smudger Brush to smudge or smoke out eye liner or crease color
Use #320 Shadow Brush to apply to the center of the lid
Use #300 or #350 Brush to blend and highlight the brow bone

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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What are your favorite drugstore products? Share your top picks!

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

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