Kevyn Aucoin: The Prime Color Creme Eyeshadow

The Prime Color Creme Eye Shadow ($27.00) is an eyeshadow in a twist-up pen form. The eyeshadow itself has a cream consistency. It is true to its claims about creaseless-ness, as I found it didn’t crease after eight hours of wear, but the product itself is not my favorite. It can be difficult to blend the color out and apply from the get-go, and it isn’t the best base I’ve worked with either, because blendability is an issue. The shade I tried was Pristine, which is a soft, golden brown-champagne shade. This is something that can be worn alone on lids if desired, and if that’s the aim, this product meets it well.

Recommendation: Compact and travel-friendly, the Prime Color Creme Eyeshadows might be your new travel companion. They’re difficult to use, and they aren’t the easiest to blend, so for those two reasons, I won’t be buying any more shades in the future. I also find the price a bit steep for what you’re getting, which is just one more reason these aren’t up to my standards.

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What’s your 10-minute makeup look?

What’s your 10-minute makeup look?

In keeping up with the Only in a Woman’s World campaign, I recognize how many of us are busy bees and can’t always find the time to put together elaborate makeup looks. Sometimes we just need something that’s practical, quick, and still makes us look our best. I’m curious to hear what your quick and dirty out-the-door-in-ten-minutes-or-less look is!

Here’s mine

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Kevyn Aucoin: Elegant Lip Gloss

Cloudaine Elegant Lip Gloss ($27.00) is a potted lip gloss that goes on sheerly, but it does provide some color–it’s not really a lip balm, though it looks a bit like one. It has a glossy, lipgloss feel once you’ve broken through the top layer. It does come with a retractable lip brush, which makes the value go up a bit, since I do find the price tag a bit steep for this kind of a product. Cloudaine is a soft, sheer milky pink with multicolored shimmer and a fair amount of glossiness. It’s a very wearable shade–great for everyday. I’m, personally, not a big fan of potted lip balms or glosses, because it requires usage of a brush if you want to avoid bacteria and the ick-factor.

Recommendation: If you need a travel-friendly option of lip gloss, consider this solid form of lip gloss. It’s easy to take with you anywhere, and the included retractable brush makes application easy.


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Sneak Peek: MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection – Lipstick & Lipglass

To wrap up our sneak peek of the Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection, let’s take a look at Hold the Pose lipstick and New Spirit and On Display lipglasses.

Recommendation: If you’re a fan of lustre finish lipsticks, Hold the Pose isn’t a bad choice. The gold shimmer keeps it from being too muted, but the color is very work appropriate, too. Since I’m not a big fan of lustre lipsticks, it’s not a must for me. I do love both of the lipglasses I tried, so now I’m eager to check out the other two from the launch. I definitely recommend everyone check out On Display!

Availability: (August 20th), MAC stores

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