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Monday, October 15th, 2007

What product do you covet so much you won’t touch it? What product do you just love, admire, and are afraid to use it for one reason or another?

Thinking about it, I don’t think there’s any product that I’m really scared to use. I don’t own too many incredibly expensive items, and I’ve always been a user rather than a sole makeup collector. Often, I recognize how many products I own, and that fact makes it nearly impossible to run out of anything!

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Dior dazzles us with their Holiday Bright Lip Gloss in a jeweled pendant with a copper-pink lip gloss hidden inside ($90.00).  For some more realistic purchases, don’t miss out on the “I Love Dior” palettes. The lip palette has four lipgloss shades, and in two sets – warm or cool ($40.00). The eye palettes also come in warm and cool with lovely colors ($40.00). Now available at Nordstrom.comicon.

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Bliss ‘Best of Bliss’ Set contains some of Bliss’ bestsellers: Lemon and Sage Soap, Lemon and Sage Body Butter, Vanilla and Bergamot Shower Gel, Vanilla and Bergamot Body buff, Foot Patrol, and High Intensity Hand Cream. Get this set for $45 at Nordstrom.comicon.

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Yves Saint Laurent celebrates the holiday season with some very lush offerings. The White Gold Celebration palette featuers three eyeshadows, three lipsticks, one gloss, one highlighter, and a blush ($67.00). There is a matching White Gold Lip palette that can be worn around the neck or attached to an accessorry. The heart has two textures, an intense lipstick and a natural gloss ($62.00). Check out their compact powder for complexion decorated with a heart imprint with a duo of Pink Beige and Rose Whisper ($52.00). The White Gold Eyeshadow palette contains four metallic shadows that can be applied wet or dry ($50.00). Don’t foret to keep your nails in the spirit with White Gold nail lacquer ($18.00), nor ignore your lips with lipstick with White Gold ($28.00). Of course, a real standout is the Opium makeup palette, which is gorgeous and detailed with a phoenix and flowers ($57.00). Now available at Nordstrom.comicon.

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

Here are some quick tips and thoughts on the new PRO Beauty Powders, Reflects Glitters, and Nudes & Shapers rom one of Temptalia’s favorite senior regional artists, Louise Zizzo! I e-mailed her for some advice on how to make my new PRO additions really work for me, and I thought I’d share what I learned!  (Don’t you love her?  I do!)

Where to use the glitters? “Because they are sold at pro, ideally they are amazing for body and face work, and can be applied easily by using a little bit of lip conditioner and then tap on the glitter with a brush. Lots of fun can be had especially with Halloween coming up.”

Nudes and Shapers? She recommended I try this combo (can’t wait to try it!): “Highlight brow bone and cheek bone with Emphasize, Contour cheeks and eyes with Bone Beige; Deepen eye crease with Definitive, add Warm light to apple of cheeks; Use Shadowy to line your eyes; Absolutely gorgeous and don’t forget lots of mascara!”

Where to use the beauty powders? “The Beauty powders can be used anywhere; Paperwhite is my fave for highlighting on cheek bones for some extra dazzle.”

How to use the beauty powders? “My trick for cheeks is to use any blush and mix with the beauty powders and then apply. Just dip in the beauty powder and then in your blush, it looks fabulous, I like to use Micro Pink or Drizzle gold for this. These can also be used on the eyes, a little tap in the center of the eye lid can spruce up you look from day to night.”

P.S. – If you haven’t been able to purchase these, you can always call up your nearest PRO store (even if that’s eight hours away!) and place a phone order. Shipping is only $7, which isn’t bad at all. However, if you can wait, later on this year, you will find that MAC will launch a few beauty powders from the PRO line plus new ones to consumers in MAC of Beauty. There will also be Nudes and Shapers coming in the form of Sculpting duos! I’ve heard rumors that a few of the reflects glitters will also be making an appearance!

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

Do you feel naked without makeup? Do you feel the need to put at least a product or two on before leaving for the day, whether it’s pressed powder, blush, a bit of pink gloss?

When I first started lovin’ makeup, I wouldn’t leave without some makeup, but eventually I got a boyfriend and laziness kicked in, so the whole “must have makeup on” mantra disappeared. I’ve also learned to take better care of my skin so I don’t feel the need to conceal and powder my face before I go. Sometimes if I have a nasty flaw, I will dab a bit of something on that spot real quick.