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Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What was your favorite pre-made palette? It can be a combo palette, just eyes, a quad, but something with multiple products sold together!

It was the Thunder Eyes quad with Sketch, Rye, Scarab, and Thunder in it. Rye and Scarab are two of my very favorite shadows–I actually don’t have the quad, though I ended up buying all the shadows separately, LOL.

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Rosacea is facial redness (and can also be found on the body, like the arms) that may be linekd to adult acne or the appearance of small bumps. People who suffer from this often find themselves easy blushers and flushing from certain activities that range from eating spicy foods to weather. Seeing a dermatologist may provide you with a topical treatment to help keep it under control, but you can also do things such as keeping cool, protect yourself from the sun, and have a good skin care regimen.

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Kanebo Concealer (Brush Type) ($30.00) is the best concealer I have tried to date. It is incredibly easy to use, the formula is velety and creamy, and it does a superior job of hiding dark circles and minimizing fine lines. I also use it on minor blemishes and recent scars and have found it to work beautifully on these types of skin issues, too. It’s in a pen/brush form, which means it is great to keep in your purse or use on the go. I personally prefer to buff my concealer in using a buffer brush, but for a quick fix, the brush applicator still works. You click the end of the concealer to get the product out and simply swipe onto areas you want to conceal.

It is available in only three shades–light, medium, and dark–which may make it a limited option for some. However, concealers do not need to have as wide of a range as foundations (though I think they could probably stand to add another shade or two). Price is a little steeper than I’d like, but the results make me regret all the money I’ve spent on other concealers. To get fancy on you, Kanebo Concealer includes Reflecting Beads to help diffuse light, Silk Extract to reduce moisture loss, and Phyto Squalane to enhance moisture retention. Overall, this product is a defintie keeper in my beauty bag!

Monday, March 24th, 2008

If you’re living in a naturally warmer climate (cough, California!), it’s easy to confuse spring with the beginning of summer as blue skies dominate and the sun shimmers down.  But whether you’re jonesing for a touch of summer in your life or are already breaking out your booty shorts, bronzers are often turned towards for a subtle, sunkissed glow that is an earmark of summer and fun.

Urban Decay Baked Bronzer ($24.00) looks very much like a the famous MAC mineralize skinfinishes, so if that’s your bag… you should definitely get your butt to your nearest Sephora to check this out! What I like about the Baked bronzer is that you can use it either wet or dry, and using it wet won’t ruin your product or leave a wet stain/spot behind. I actually tried a coming-soon shade in Gilded, which will is part of Urban Decay’s Summer 2008 launch. Original shades Baked and Toasted are fairly uniform in color throughout the product, but Gilded has gold spun through it (very much reminiscent of MSFs!).

Clinique True Bronze Pressed Powder Bronzer ($23.50) is an ultra lightweight powder compact that goes on so smoothly and lasts awhile. I like that it comes in four shades, which gives possibilities to different shades to go for subtle bronzing or deeper color as they please. The compact is sleek and transportable, which is great for doing makeup on the run as I know many of us will be spending plenty o’ time outdoors once weather permits.

Xen-Tan Perfect Bronze Perfect Bronze ($28.00) is a velvety smooth bronzing powder that is designed to “never look orangey or pink, even on fair skins.” Unfortunately, as I’m nowhere near fair, I can’t report on the accuracy of that statement, but it does give me hope for those who have been hesitant about getting into bronzer because of the orange-effect.

Guerlain Terracotta ($42.00) is a luxurious bronzer (hello, it’s Guerlain) that is moisturizing and lasts all day. The powder is also supposed to help protect your skin against free radicals. According to Guerlain, “neutral bronze” is suitable for all skin colors, though the product does come in four shades. If you’re a fan of this brand and have extra cash in your wallet, this isn’t a bad item to splurge on. Though I personally find that for bronzing, since I rarely use straight bronzers by themselves, that I do not need a product like this (then again – it would last me eternity!).

Stay tuned for part two, with even more bronzers to choose from!

Find these bronzers and more at Nordstrom.com or Sephora.com.

Monday, March 24th, 2008

I did this look REALLY quickly last night before we went to Easter dinner- like five minutes or less for everything!

I used Dior Quint in Goldfever for this look. I used the center color all over the lid, the bottom left color for middle of lid, and bottom right color for outer lid and crease; I used MAC Ricepaper eyeshadow above crease and on brow with MAC Black Funk/Pop Blue dual edge pencil on lower lash line with Milani Power Lash mascara and MAC Brun eyeshadow to fill in brows. I wore MAC Margin blush with Guerlain Mythic Pressed Meteorite on cheeks. I had MAC Strawbaby lipstick with MAC Cult Fave lipglass on my lips.

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Monday, March 24th, 2008

If you were using Clinique’s Peony blusher?, what look would you create with it? What shadows would you use? What would you use on cheeks? Anything added to the lips?

Create a look using whatever you want, as long as you include Peony! Feel free to share links to photos of your look(s) using it in the comments.