NARS – Duo Eyeshadows – Swatches

NARS Cosmetics – Duo Eyeshadows – Swatches

More important than product photos are swatches, of course!  Who cares how pretty it looks in the pan if it doesn’t look as pretty on the skin, right?  So we bring you swatches of all of duo eyeshadows (including the cream duos).  Which are your favorites? Do you have any?  Which do you have?

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NARS – Duo Eyeshadows – Product Photos (Part 1)

NARS Cosmetics – Duo Eyeshadows – Product Photos (Part 1)

Next to their blushes and The Multiples, I’d say NARS’ duo eyeshadows are the next favorite. Available in four duo cream eyeshadows (each retails for $32 and includes Thebes, Unconditional Love, Summer Time, and Madagascar).  But it’s not the cream ones that are the real crowd-pleaser, it’s the 49 permanent shades of powder duo eyeshadows (each retails for $32).

Today, we’re going to share with you all forty-nine flavors of these duo shadows (plus the four creamier ones), starting with this first set of product photos.

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Beauty Basics: Must-Have Eye Makeup Brushes (Video)

Just four months ago, I wrote about what my seven must-have eye brushes were.. and they’ve already changed a bit! In this video, I talk about six brushes I think are really excellent for building up your eye makeup brush stash, plus a little talk on two extra brushes that you might want to consider as well (or in place of one of the six).

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Make Up For Ever: Star Powders & Pure Pigments

Make Up For Ever Star Powders ($19.00 for 0.09 oz.) are finely milled loose color. Think MAC pigments, but more of a powdery texture and more finely milled. They can be used wherever you want, however you want. I only used mine with mixing medium, personally, as I found without the adhesiveness of mixing medium, they didn’t stay put as well.

Pure Pigments ($19.00 for 0.12 oz.) are extremely pigment-rich loose color that are matte in finish. They’re like Star Powders, but they’re more intense and contain no shimmer. Pretty much all of the Pure Pigments will stain the skin (and your brushes — so be sure to wash those ASAP! after using).

Which of these are your favorites?

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