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MAC Styledriven Collection for Fall 2011 – Official Information & Photos

MAC Styledriven Collection for Fall 2011

Launch Date: September 22nd, 2011 for U.S./Canada, September 2011 for International

“Drive,” she said… and there’s no mistaking a woman on a mission to get what she wants! And in this case, that would be the ultimate in future-forward pro-longwear technology: a creamy new eyeshadow, plus lipglass that juices up gloss for six extended hours of lasting shine, lip pencil that won’t skip-and-drag, and they go for 15 hours – that’s about the time it takes to drive from Paris to Monte Carlo… plus five hours of still looking flawless for dinner.

Pro Longwear Lipcreme ($17.00 U.S. / $20.00 CDN) (Permanent)

  • Soft Sell Light yellow-pink (Cream)
  • Dress It Up Light blue-pink (Cream)
  • So Very Good Mid-tone plum with pearl (Frost)
  • Till Tomorrow Mid-tone dirty mauve (Cream)
  • To the Future! Dirty neutral pink with pearl (Frost)
  • Good to Go Loudmouth orange (Cream)
  • Positively Dashing Mid-tone berry blue-red (Cream)
  • Extended Play Dirty red, yellow undertone (Cream)
  • Prolong Clean red with blue undertone and pearl (Cream)
  • Endless Drama Deep berry blue-red (Frost)
  • Soulfully Rich Deep dirty purple with red pearl (Frost)

More details in Longwear Lipglass, Lip Pencils, & Eyeshadows ahead! 

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MAC Art of Powder Collection for Fall 2011

MAC Art of Powder Collection

Launch Date: September 29th, 2011 at all North American MAC locations, October 2011 at select MAC locations internationally

A collection of three M·A·C Artist Powders inspired by the Masters & modern art movements. There’s an op art Optical Bronzer that explores the depth, dimension and sheer illusion of bronze. A Street Art Eye Shadow personalizes the eye with a madcap act of pure graffiti – and for those who love random acts of light and shade, an In The Abstract Highlighter. These palettes empower creation…make some art!

Highlighter ($38.00 U.S. / $46.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • In the Abstract Soft pink base with yellow gold lines and lavender and mid-tone pink dots

Eyeshadow ($38.00 U.S. / $46.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Street Art Graffiti design with light brown, white, light cool blue, warm orange, pastel pink, and pastel blue

Bronzer ($38.00 U.S. / $46.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Optical Bronze with gold pearl and neon pink with gold pearl

See more photos!

OCC Mirrorball Cosmetic Glitter

OCC Mirrorball Cosmetic Glitter

OCC Fall 2011: Mirrorball Cosmetic Glitter

OCC Mirrorball Cosmetic Glitter ($12.00 for 0.088 oz.) is described as a “disco-era silver with rainbow reflections,” and it will launch with the Pretty Boy Collection on September 6th. OCC’s Cosmetic Glitters are not for use in an airbrush machine and not recommended for use in the immediate eye area. They are micronized metallic glitter for face and body art, and they recommend applying over OCC Ink (before it dries) for long-lasting wear.

Mirrorball is a silvery-blue base of color with a multitude of iridescence. It really is a rainbow of reflections, because there are so many visible colors reflecting, but it is dominated by green, blue, and violet–though there are red, orange, yellow shimmers as well. Swatched dry, it tends to look more like colored sand, but when applied wet (I used water, though for real application, I would use a mixing medium–something with a more adhesive base), it comes together better.

The glitter feels very fine, though it certainly has more of a gritty texture than OCC’s Loose Colour Concentrates–which is as expected. Again, these are not recommended for use in the immediate eye area. Some ways to use glitter: mixed in nail polish, strewn over wet polish, in hair, mixed with lipstick/gloss, mixed with a body oil–just to name a few ways.

I decided not to use the Glossover rating system to grade this product (which does not work for all beauty products–e.g. hair, skincare, etc.), because ultimately, it’s going to depend on how you use it. It’s not a product that really stands on its own–it is designed to be mixed with something.  The very nature of the product doesn’t enable it to stay on without some type of base (like a sticky cream) or adhesive element (like a mixing medium).  It’s a nice glitter–it’s not chunky or gritty, and it comes together well when used with other mixtures.  There are lots of pretty reflections and iridescence, just as one would want in a glitter.

On an overall basis, I rate the product an A.  The packaging is just like the Loose Colour Concentrates, and again, I really had to tap and bang around the pot to get as much glitter to show as I did for photography purposes.  The three-holed sifter gives you enough product to work with but not too much.

See more photos & swatches!

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Bite Beauty Rose Luminous Creme Lipstick

Bite Beauty Rose Luminous Creme Lipstick

Bite Beauty Rose Luminous Creme Lipstick

Bite Rose Luminous Creme Lipstick ($24.00 for 0.13 oz.) is described as a “peachy pink.” Rose is a vibrant pink with a hint of coral, but it’s like a nearly-neon watermelon pink. The color coverage is opaque, and the finish is cream, so there is a slight shine to the end result.

It is pinker than MAC Full Speed, which looks more coral, and it has a little more oomph compared to Dolce & Gabbana Splendid. It’s remarkably similar to VS Be Mine, both in color and in texture. Wet ‘n’ Wild Hot Paris Pink is darker and more coral, as is Make Up For Ever #37.

Bite Beauty is all about better ingredients, so their Luminous Creme Lipstick touts resveratrol and food-grade ingredients (supposedly “healthy enough to eat”). The lipstick is also supposed to be long-lasting and moisturizing. The texture is creamy but on the thicker side, which helps yield better color payoff, but it is not as weightless as some other formulas (even when they have opaque color). With a bright shade like Rose, I had good wear for around four hours, but by the sixth hour, I was in desperate need of reapplication. I didn’t find the formula to be long-lasting on me–four hours is the average I get from the hundreds of lipsticks I’ve tried.

It was moisturizing while I wore it, and I didn’t feel an immediate need to slather my lips in lip balm post-wear, which is always a sign of a lipstick that actually imparts moisture while it is worn. The lipstick has a lot of slip, as the creaminess of the texture allows it to slide around for the first hour or so before it seems to settle into place. I could see this making some of the darker shades more prone to bleeding. There is a faint scent of lemons but no taste.

Bite Beauty Rose Luminous Creme Lipstick


NARS Night Breed Eyeshadow

NARS Night Breed Eyeshadow

NARS Night Breed Eyeshadow

NARS Night Breed Eyeshadow ($23.00 for 0.07 oz.) is described as a “black with silver glitter” and that is an apt description. It has a matte, black base with silver micro-glitter strewn through the color. The way it’s placed makes it noticeable but not shimmery or over-the-top. It’s a dark black, though not quite the most intense black, but it certainly does not venture near soft blacks. Lancome The New Black is more intense, but it also has more silver flecks, and even the base has more of a satiny look in comparison.

NARS Eyeshadows are described as “ultra pigmented, long-wearing, [and] crease-resistant” that can be applied wet or dry. I get around eight hours of wear before I notice subtle creasing, so I would still wear an eyeshadow primer if I wanted all-day wear. The packaging is slim and compact with matte black rubberized packaging that absorbs impact better than a harder plastic. There is a mirror inside the compact as well.

The formula of Night Breed is nice, but the flecks of micro-glitter don’t always show up on the lid.  If you want the glitter to appear, make sure to pat on the product and use a stiffer brush, because fluffy brushes tend to catch the glitter between bristles rather than depositing them on the lid.  Night Breed has a soft, smooth texture that’s silky and easy to blend.  There is very little chalkiness and drag with this shade, which can be issues for matte textures.

NARS Night Breed Eyeshadow


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