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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

She used:

  • Manhattan Illuminate Champagne Eyeshadow as base
  • Inglot Integra Trio nr 30, the lightest shade of pink for the inner eyelid corner
  • Yellow Gold Wibo Eyeshadow for the middle part of eyelid
  • Inglot Purple Eyeshadow Trio, nr 152

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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, something very special has been brewing behind-the-scenes at Temptalia, and it appears that we are heading, in person, to New York Fashion Week!  Temptalia will be spending February 1st-4th in New York City milling about the tents at Bryant Park, hoping to glimpse at some celebrities, drool over designer clothes, and have some makeup breakdowns and tidbits to share with you all.  So while I am busy gearing up (and trying to find winter clothes that will prevent me from turning into an ice cube…), share with me who your favorite designer is (clothes, jewelry, shoes, whatever!).

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

I think I’m actually going to be late to school because I’m posting this, LOL! I have about… eight minutes to shower and get ready before I need to be out the door. Seriously, do you ever just get caught up doing internet-related things, whether it be browsing or writing someone an email? I always fall prey to it! Ask my boyfriend – he has to drag me away from Temptalia sometimes or else nothing in my life would get done! (Honestly, it’s not quite THAT bad!) Anyway, I did this look on Saturday, figuring I’d give Soft Ochre paint pot a shot (despite the huge paint pot following, I am not among it), and I rather liked how it ended up coming together. Happy hump day – hope you all are having a fab week! I hate Wednesdays, mostly because it’s my longest day of school (9am-4pm), and STARBUCKS! is the only thing that can get me through these kinds of days.  *edited to add* Totally wasn’t late to school.  In fact, five minutes early!

I used Soft Ochre paint pot on lid, Nanogold eyeshadow on inner lid, Goldmine eyeshadow on middle of lid, Velvet Moss eyeshadow on outer lid, Femme Noir eyeshadow on outer crease, Nanogold eyeshadow above crease, Ricepaper eyeshadow on brow, and Feline kohl power on lower lash line. I wore Margin blush with Light Flush mineralize skinfinish to highlight on my cheeks. I had Tiger Tiger lipstick with Vital Spark lipglass and Tres Cher lipglass on my lips.

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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

This is supposedly the color story for Fafi For MAC, and since I know many of you are eagerly anticipating this release (February 13th!), I thought I should share!


  • Fun ‘n’ Sexy Blue pink with blue pearl (G)
  • Not so Innocent Sheer tan with pink and peach pearl (G)
  • Utterly Frivolous Rosy coral with pink pearl (L)
  • High Top Grey purple with blue pearl (G)
  • Flash-n-Dash Intense tangerine red with pink pearl (G)
  • Strawbaby Coral rose with rainbow pearl (L)


  • Cult Face Blue mid-tone pink with white pearl (F)
  • Sugar Trance Creamy soft pink with white and rainbow pearl (F)
  • Squeeze It Brassy plum (F)
  • Totally It Sheer bright pink with intense pink pearl (F)

Quad #1

  • Howzat Deep grey with silver sparkle (S)
  • Hey Neutral tan with pearl (VP)
  • Pink Venus Washed pink (L)
  • Vanilla Soft pale-peachy-ivory flecked with shimmer (V)

Quad #2

  • Bold as Gold Yellow gold with gold pearl (L)
  • You’re Fresh Pale green with silver sparkle (L)
  • Shockwave Intense orange with silver sparkle (V)
  • Prankster Muted dark blue (S)

Paint Pot

  • Nice Vice Dirty purple with purple pearl (F)
  • Girl Friendly Creamy grey pink (C)
  • Layin’ Low Creamy beige (C)
  • Cash Flow Green gold with gold pearl (F)
  • Perky Cream coral with white pearl (S)
  • Rollickin’ Aqua blue green with white pearl (F)


  • Blacktrack Solid flat black
  • Smolder Intense black (Eye Kohl)
  • Fascinating Snake-eyes matte white (Eye Kohl)
  • Zoomblack Rich black (Zoomlash)

Powder Blush

Hipness Intense coral with soft white pearl

Fashion Frenzy Mid-tone blue pink

Iridescent Pressed Powder

  • Sassed-up Soft coral pink with gold sparkle
  • Verve-acaious Intense yellow gold with gold pearl
  • Belightful Gilded peach bronze

Nail Lacquer

  • Girls Will Be Girls Pink with coral pearl
  • Boom! Rich eggplant with purple pearl


  • 210
  • 129SH Powder/Blush
  • 208
  • 182


  • Rectangle M.A.C/Small/Clear with Fafi detailing
  • Rectangle M.A.C/Mini/Clear with Fafi detailing

Fafinettes (Dolls)


Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Temptalia Asks You

What’s one part of beauty that you neglect? Do you always play up your eyes, but then forget your lips? Or are you all about the face, but then ignore your nails?

For me, I ignore my hair. I mean, it doesn’t look like a hot mess, but I honestly am all thumbs when it comes to styling it in any fashion. I either leave it down or put it up, there’s not much else I know how to do! It’s just so thick that I can’t bobby pin it up, because it just falls during my amateur attempts.

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Temptalia would like to congratulate Linda! She has won our grand finale portion of our New You with New Beauty contest by random drawing.  Thank you to everyone for submitting their stories of how they have changed in the past year – it was so inspirational and just amazing to read them all.

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