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Win It! $100 Cash from Ebates! (Again!)

Celebrating Labor Day with Ebates!

The first giveaway was so successful, we have another fantastic one lined up with Ebates!

If you’re not familar with Ebates, it’s a program that allows you to earn cash back on your online purchases whenever you shop through Ebates. For example, if you sign-up, click-through their Sephora link, then you would get 8% cash back on any purchase made at Sephora. Every three months, Ebates pays you (via check or PayPal) any cash back you’ve earned.  You can either sign-up through Temptalia (which is a referral link), or you can simply go to Ebates.com directly to sign-up.

From Labor Day, Ebates is offering extra cash back on the following retailers:

  • Athleta, Banana Republic, GAP (10%)
  • JCPenney (5%)
  • Sears (4%)
  • The Body Shop (10%)
  • Walmart (2%)

The Prize

To celebrate the Labor Day weekend, we have a fabulous giveaway featuring everyone’s favorite–cold hard cash–with three winners (U.S. residents only).  One (1) grand prize winner will receive $100, while two runner-ups will each receive $50!

To Enter

  • You must be a member of Ebates, whether you’re an existing member or sign-up today (they will use your email address to verify you are a member).
  • Leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite beauty (online) retailer is to shop at!

For official rules… 

We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

Back-to-School Makeup: Quick Looks

Back-to-School Quickies

The alarm went off… a half hour ago.  You only have five to ten minutes before you have to head out the door–these are my favorite ways to look and feel good when time is short!

  • Neutral + Dark Crease: Pop a flesh-toned neutral all over the lid and add pop and oomph with a much darker crease. On warmer complexions, an eggplant purple adds definition and color without being over-the-top. On cooler complexions, navy and charcoal blues work well.
  • Bright Eyeliner: Whether you line the lower or upper lash lines (or both!), using a brightly colored eyeliner can give you a really fun look without a lot of work!
  • Find Your Duo: One of my favorite eyeshadow duos is Hourglass’ Gypsy–it just works well for me–and I reach for it regularly when I’m in need of some color on the lid but don’t have a lot of time to think about what I want to do. Whether it’s neutral or not, totally up to you, but finding a duo, trio, or palette with a never-fails combination is essential for those mornings you wake up late!
  • Bold Lips: Don’t be afraid of bold lip colors! Especially as we head into fall (officially, at least!), darker lip colors are always in style. You can add an instant brightness to your face by using a bolder, darker lip color. Plus, darker lip colors tend to last longer on lips, which means less reapplying.
  • “No Makeup” Makeup: Classic, polished, and easy to do once you figure out what products you love most for the look. Ideally, you want to add depth and brightness to the eyes as well as defined lashes; soft glow and natural color to cheeks; smooth, “flawless” skin; and your my-lips-but-better lipstick/lipgloss–look out for plums, mauves, and plummy-pinks.

What’s your go-to look when you only have a few minutes?

Rescue Beauty Lounge Pepto Pink Nail Lacquer

Rescue Beauty Lounge Pepto Pink Nail Lacquer

Rescue Beauty Lounge Pepto Pink Nail Lacquer

Rescue Beauty Lounge Pepto Pink Nail Lacquer ($18.00 for 0.40 fl. oz.) doesn’t have much in the way of an official description, but I suppose with a name like Pepto Pink, is it really necessary? It’s a brightened, medium-dark pink with a thin consistency that’s a little streaky on the first and second coats. It needs a third coat to bring it together, though I still had some visible nail line after three. The formula didn’t do it for me, which was disappointing, because the RBL formula is often worth shelling out for, but it wasn’t here.

It’s not currently available, but since RBL has now instituted “Bring It Back,” if it is a shade that calls to you, vote for it and you may see it make a return. I picked this up when the brand had its massive 50% off sale – I’ve been slowly going through what I’ve purchased for swatching, and unfortunately, sometimes I reach for a shade that is–of course–sold out. It’s so hard for me to let the photos go to waste, though!

As far as potential dupes are concerned, I first thought about MAC Ice Cream Cake, but it much cooler in tone. Zoya’s Jolene is more neon pink. MAC Galore Pink was the closest, but it is a little brighter. Feel free to share possible dupes in the comments! 🙂

Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Lacquer Pepto Pink

Limited Edition


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Customer Service is King

Customer Service is King

In today’s world of social media and 24/7 communication, bad customer service stories get around all too easily and then they spread like wildfire.  I’m not sure enough businesses realize that customer service extends beyond prompt shipping and receipt of intact, as-ordered products.  Good customer service is about the total experience:  from the minute I step into your store (or office, retail front, website, etc.) until I’ve come home with my purchases (or service has been rendered).  The older I get, the less tolerant I am of shoddy customer service.  I really do appreciate being treated like a human being, and it is surprising the effect one bad experience can have on your entire view of a business.

I keep seeing some of the same mistakes made by businesses–both large and small–and here is some advice that would make me, as a customer, feel good about purchasing from you:

  • Transparency is underrated.  If there is a problem, please be upfront about it.  If a code is broken, your Facebook app doesn’t work, or you’ve oversold a product, acknowledge it.  Acknowledge the mistake from the beginning rather than attempting to cover it up.  If there is an ongoing problem, consider regular status updates and spend more time providing real information than promises on when something might be fixed if there really isn’t a solid ETA.  You would be surprised at how far the mere act of acknowledgement will go–especially with big businesses that cannot always react as quickly and fluidly as customers would like.
  • Privacy is extremely important.  Keep customers’ personal identifiable information private–it’s personal, and customers are entrusting you with their data and information for a particular purpose.
  • Blaming customers is never the right path.  Sometimes customers can be wrong, but in reality, going on a public form, whether it’s a person’s blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. is not making the company look good.  Part of the costs of doing business is dealing with bad customers, sometimes cutting them loose because they become too expensive to keep, but also recognizing that for the few bad customers (like the ones who report missing items that weren’t or always do questionable returns), there are many more that are good and honest.
  • Accept bad reviews with grace.  Not everyone is going to love your product/service/business.  If you truly have a good business and feel like you’re doing all the right things, it will show.  Just because one person has a poor experience with your product/service doesn’t mean it will be true of others.  However, if you start harassing people who give you negative reviews, you might find the backlash is far worse than one bad write-up.   After hearing from readers who posted negative reviews on various retailers’ websites and not having them posted (but their positive reviews went through just fine), I became much, much more jaded about the weight and value of reviews on retailer websites.
  • Don’t be afraid to apologize.  Sometimes a forthright, on-time apology is all that is needed or can greatly mollify frustrated customers until something is resolved.  Just don’t abuse it–you can’t keep making the same mistakes and expect an apology to suffice.

We often regale friends and family members with stories of poor customer service, while too often forgetting to recognize incidents of excellent customer service.  We should do both; we should warn others against businesses that practice poor or questionable ethics, fail to address customer concerns and problems adequately and efficiently, and ones that are simply rude or dismissive of customers, but we should remember to give praise to the businesses we love to shop at because of how we feel at the end of the experience.

Feel free to share your tips for excellent customer service or share a story of superior customer service!

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