MAC Tartan Tale Collection (Colour): Overall, Round-up, & Recommendations

MAC Tartan Tale

OVERALL, Tartan Tale doesn’t do it for me.  The eyeshadows look really cool, and they have a lovely soft and smooth texture, but they just seem so muted when you apply them.  Glamora Castle and Semi-Precious were the best of the six, while the other shades felt more appropriate as soft, springy pastel kind of shades.

I don’t like the value of Dazzleglass Cremes, and this batch of five tends to run rather sheer and they start to all look like the next when worn on the lips, and there were too many that were similar to permanent or recently released shades–a few also looked just like Dazzleglass and lacked the “creme” part.   Sheer is great, but seeing it over and over within the same collection is redundant.

My favorites are all of the Pearlglide Eyeliners, though three of them are repromotes–all worth a peek if you don’t yet have them! It’s just such a rich, pigmented formula that glides on like butter and still wears long, I can never pass these up.  I also really enjoyed the pigments that came out with the launch, because I felt like they had depth and stood out amongst past and present pigment releases.  Both nail lacquers were stunning on, but the brushes on both were a bit thick, so I’m not sure if there was a manufacturing defect there or not.

Much of this launch felt decent to good but only some items were really great.  On the flip side, I didn’t feel like anything here was really lacking in quality to merit a skip.

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MAC Tartan Tale Collection (Chapter 1): Overall, Round-up, & Recommendations

MAC Tartan Tale

OVERALL, Tartan Tale is both overwhelming and underwhelming–the sheer size makes it difficult to focus on individual products and starts to feel more like an explosion of products. It’s underwhelming in that a lot of the kits/sets aren’t as value-driven as palettes and sets often are, but some of the quality is lacking in the palettes, as well.

For this part of the holiday collection, I have no must-haves. There are some nice colors within the palettes, but I don’t feel that the entire palette/kit is a must-have. These were some of the individual shades I thought were worth noting: Endless Fun (Happily Ever After Lip Kit), Baron’s Rose (Dazzle the Lads Lip Bag), Mellow Mood (Vain & Glorious Lip Bag), and Rolled Gold (Twists of Tartan Palette.  I liked Rockers & Reelers the most out of the palettes and sets, but I didn’t love it.

I also like the Face Kits, and I think they’re worth checking out if you don’t have any of the permanent blush shades included in each. It’s a more affordable way to try three cheek products at once, and at least, if you love the blushes, they’re available in the permanent range, too.  I do always recommend the MAC Viva Glam holiday products. If you love the color of either the gloss or lipstick, but not the bag or both, they are available year-round for purchase.

The one item I specifically do not recommend are the brush sets.  I think the quality is significantly below MAC brushes (full-sized), but worse yet, below more affordable brush options.  Buy one or two full-size brushes and add to your brush collection over time.

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MAC My Highland Honey Blush

MAC Highland Honey Blush

MAC Highland Honey Blush ($18.50 for 0.21 oz.) is a rich shade of peach-orange with a very subtle satin sheen.  It can be built up for a more intense, more orange-y look or used lightly for a lit-from-within kind of glow.  I love that it’s pigmented without being straight-up orange, but it’s also buildable; you can easily apply it lightly or pat more on for a more intense look.

It’s warmer and more orange than Melba Blush, which is a darker peach with less of an orange pull. It’s not as orange as NARS Gina nor as coral as NARS Gilda. It’s a shade lighter than Illamasqua’s Lover, but the two are similar. It’s also similar to Utterly Game, which leans a little coral but not by much.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! 🙂

RECOMMENDATION: It’s a nice choice to warm up cheeks, especially on warmer skin tones.

AVAILABILITY: Online now, October 28th in-store

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