Wella Professionals @ Cynthia Rowley S/S 2011

Wella Professionals @ Cynthia Rowley S/S 2011

Wella Professionals @ Cynthia Rowley S/S 2011

The hair style evokes a sense of couture with a tight, structured updo that leaves the neck completely bare. A deep, side-angled part creates a strong asymmetrical look that flatters the face by offsetting any imbalance of the facial structure. A metallic Wella Professionals colored hair extension woven in to the natural haircolor creates dimension, while the striking shade infusion creates a shiny, modern and sleek feel. Although a sophisticated style, the range of brightly colored clips accent the hair to make it a wearable street style.

Wella Professionals Lead Color Ambassador, Aura Friedman of NYC’s Serge Normant salon, collaborated with Cynthia Rowley to choose the light, iridescent metallic and futuristic haircolor palette that perfectly complements the Spring collection. The marriage of luxury and the modern woman evokes a strong confidence that enhances the overall graphic hair look. Friedman and a team of elite Wella Professionals colorists from across North America custom colored natural hair extensions to achieve shades in a spectrum of shiny metallics and cool, silvery, icy tones for a fresh perspective on blonde. Extension were lightened with Blondor and Extra Cool Blondes and then saturated with colors in the Color Touch and Koleston Perfect Special Blondes portfolio to deliver the incredible tones and intense shine. These striking shades accent the overall look for added edginess to the sophisticated style.

  • Haircolor: Aura Friedman for Wella Professionals
  • Hair products provided by Wella Professionals Styling
  • Lead Stylist: Bok-Hee for Antonio Prieto Salon
  • Wella Professionals Colorist Team: Jennifer Groves, Nikki Anderson, Glenice Beale (PR @ Partners), Vivian Moore (Mitchell’s Salon), Dean Roybal (Planet Salon), Alison Holub (TC Salon), Lee Anne Combs (David Paul Salon), Caroline Beland (Ode Salon)

Step-by-Step Styling

1. Section hair into a deep angled side part starting from above the ear in the opposite direction and work through Wella Professionals High Hair Styling Mousse

2. Blow dry the hair completely smooth and section off a ¼ inch of the part to place the colored hair extension (two inches from the root should be the same as the natural hair color) and comb it over

3. Bring into a tight low ponytail and twist around to the opposite side of the head and twist in a figure 8

4. Pin to the head with ends tucked under

5. Adorn with brightly, colored clips

6. Use a combination of Wella Professionals High Hair 45 Seconds Styler hairspray and High Hair Gloss Serum to finish the look and add intense shine

Dashing Diva @ Nicholas K. S/S 2011

Dashing Diva @ Nicholas K. S/S 2011

Dashing Diva @ Nicholas K. S/S 2011

Celebrity nail technician Pattie Yankee and the Dashing Diva nail team worked backstage on models for the Nicholas K. at Lincoln Center. Nicholas K went with a few polishes, based on the look of her outfit. Pattie Yankee specially mixed a khaki brown and mint green color. Along with the special mixes Nicholas went with Concrete Playground (heather gray polish(, Astor Place (grey/brown mix), and Tibi Couture (light creamy beige). With Nicholas’ army inspired collection, the polishes looked amazing!

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