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MAC Surf Baby: Dupes & Comparisons (Part 1)

MAC Surf Baby: Dupes & Comparisons (Part 1)

Here are some possible dupes/comparisons for a few of the eye products from Surf Baby.

  • SAFFRON is closest to MAC Coppering (permanent), but it’s not quite as red and the finish makes them look different. Red Brick (PRO) is redder.
  • SHORT SHORTS is closest to Nylon (permanent), which is golder. Soft Force (limited edition) is a lot yellower, while Fresh Daisy (limited edition) is whiter. Femme-fi (limited edition) is beige in comparison.
  • SUN BLONDE is closest to NARS Mangrove (permanent), which is a little greener. MAC Jasmine (limited edition) is similar but lighter. Gorgeous Gold (permanent) is shown more for the family of color as it is far too light to be a dupe. Goldmine (permanent) is shown to contrast against what a yellower, truer gold looks like in comparison. Crest the Wave (limited edition) and Going Bananas (limited edition) are shown so you can see how much yellower they are compared to Sun Blonde.
  • SURF USA is closest to Gulf Stream (limited edition), which is just a hair lighter. Newly Minted (discontinued) and Melody (discontinued) are similar in color but not as dark.
  • SWELL BABY is probably closest to Print, which I don’t own (or couldn’t find if I do own it), and it’s not really similar to other grays that I own. Electra (permanent) is too light, while Silver Ring (permanent) is darker and cooler toned (almost looks blue in comparison). Copperplate (permanent) looks almost edged with plum. Smoke & Diamonds (limited edition) is too brown in comparison.
  • BLUE MOON is a lighter version of Urban Decay Covet (permanent). Float on By (limited edition) is a little darker and bluer.

See comparison swatches! 

We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!
We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

The biggest thing is practicing — the more you do it, the more comfortable you get with it.  One thing you can do is to apply it before you do your eye makeup, because if you make any mistakes, you can easily remove it entirely without ruining your pretty eye makeup.  You can either try to apply your actual eyeshadows and the like around it, or not worry too much about it and then carefully go over the line again at the end.

— Christine

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MAC Surf Baby Suntint Lip Balms Swatches, Photos, Reviews

MAC Surf Baby Suntints
MAC Surf Baby Suntints

MAC Surf Baby: Suntint Lip Balms

MAC Surf Baby Suntint SPF 20 Lip Balms ($15.50 for 0.33 oz.) include three shades: Full of Grace (soft sheer rose), Lilt of Lily (soft creamy pale pink), and Pink Tinge (clean bright yellow pink with gold pearl).

  • Full of Grace is a sheer watermelon pink.
  • Lilt of Lily is a sheer, milky pink-lilac shimmered with iridescent pink.
  • Pink Tinge is a sheer, yellow-based pink with gold shimmer.

These are lip balms, and they’re designed to be sheer–this is exactly what they are: tinted lip balm. If you have naturally pigmented lips, these will add mostly gloss for you. Those with paler natural lips may find that Full of Grace deposits some color. Lilt of Lily has the least amount of color, while Pink Tinge has the most shimmer. Earlier today, I was actually lamenting doing lip swatches for these, because they’re so similar when worn, and ironically, I didn’t do lip swatches when these first launched (back in 2009 with Baby Blooms) for the same reason!

We’re on that border again; it’s expected to be sheer, but at what point is sheer too close to clear and therefore unpigmented? Full of Grace enhances my natural lip color by making it pinker and rosier, so it seems near our target. Lilt of Lily does a little but to a lesser extent. Pink Tinge adds shimmer and makes my lips look a little lighter than normal, and the sheerness is closer to Lilt of Lily but there is a little more here. It seems like pigmentation is where it should be for Full of Grace (like 9/10), while Lilt of Lily is lacking (5/10), and Pink Tinge falls somewhere between there (7/10), which averages out to around 7.

Suntints have a thicker, jelly-ish consistency and feel a little like gel lips. They’re sticky (less so than Lipglass), and they have a light vanilla scent to them. I get only two to three hours of wear with these as a lip balm, but they are somewhat moisturizing. They seem to do a good job of locking in moisture, but I don’t feel like they add much to lips, because once it’s gone, so are most of the moisturizing benefits. The Suntints come in squeeze-tube packaging, and each tube holds a surprising amount of product (0.33 oz.).

MAC Surf Baby Suntint Lip Balms Swatches, Photos, Reviews


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