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MAC Green is Green Zoom Lash Mascara

MAC Green is Green Mascara
MAC Green is Green Mascara

MAC Colored Zoom Lash Mascara

Though MAC’s Flighty Collection has stirred up buzz over the Big Bounce Shadows, there are also four shades of colored Zoom Lash Mascara. I have Green is Green ($14.00 for 0.28 oz.) to review for now (the rest to follow once I have them–probably not late this week or early next). This shade is described as “jade green,” and it’s a dark, cool-toned green with a little hint of teal. The actual tube is similarly colored.

Zoom Lash is supposed to “build density,” while the “ultra-sculpted brush has three-sided fibres to embrace and separate each lash.” My favorite MAC mascara is Plushlash, but I used to use Zoom Lash for quite a bit (because Plushlash didn’t exist). I like how it’s a really thick formula–thick as in it really coats each lash really well in the formula but without clumping. Zoom Lash, being a thicker consistency, will clump if you start going beyond two coats, though. (In my experience, you shouldn’t need more than two.) Zoom Lash separates and defines lashes while thickening them for me. I didn’t have any issues with the mascara flaking or smudging on me.

Green is Green is rather similar in color to Army of Amazons, which launched in Wonder Woman. The color of Green is Green seems a little richer in color, more depth. The Zoom Lash formula works better than Opulash for the color, though, because with colored mascara over black lashes (which mine are), I need the thickness of the Zoom Lash formula to really have a chance of my lashes looking green.

They look green from up close and afar, but the effect is still subtle from afar. Colored mascara will also stand out more with a lighter background–like neutral/light eyeshadows on the lid. You can also use a white-colored lash primer to enhance colored mascara. The color coverage here is good but not totally opaque over my black lashes.

MAC Green is Green Zoom Lash Mascara


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Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner Launches

Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner Launches

Staying true to our belief of never having to sacrifice color for performance, MAKE UP FOR EVER introduces another vibrant addition to our award-winning Aqua range – new Aqua Liner. This eye-catching, highly pigmented new collection of waterproof liquid eye liner was developed to outperform even in the most extreme environments. Aqua Liner was created to provide make up artists with the ultimate liquid liner that boasts precision, a 100% waterproof formula and a bold assortment of colors.

As the official make up sponsor of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami, MAKE UP FOR EVER put artists to work at the top 2011 swimwear shows testing Aqua Liner on models backstage. Their challenge was to create bold, show-stopping make up looks that wouldn’t melt or fade while on the runway under hot lights, performing in the water, or in the humid Miami climate. The end result? Aqua Liner guaranteed intense weather, tear and sweat-proof color that lasted through the shows.

Aqua Liner is formulated with acrylic copolymer, a hydrophobic macromolecule that forms a flexible film to lock water out. It contains 50% more polymers than traditional eyeliner formulations to ensure a long-lasting, waterproof result, as well as essential amino acids derived from apple juice for high-color intensity and bold pay-off.

Available in 15 vibrant shades with matte, iridescent and diamond finishes, Aqua Liner can be used to match all moods and styles. The long and dense, yet flexible applicator is designed like a make up brush handle to ensure easy application, with a specialized foam tip that delivers the ideal amount of texture for drawing an ultra precise line with a buildable result. Aqua Liner goes on evenly and dries quickly for a look that lasts all day and all night long.

  • #1 Diamond Gold
  • #3 Iridescent Emerald Green
  • #4 Diamond Lagoon Green
  • #5 Diamond Turquoise Blue
  • #6 Iridescent Navy Blue
  • #7 Diamond Black Purple
  • #8 Iridescent Electric Purple
  • #9 Iridescent Fuchsia
  • #10 Iridescent Red
  • #11 Diamond Burgundy
  • #12 Mat Mocha
  • #13 Mat Black
  • #14 Diamond Multicolor Black
  • #15 Iridescent Anthracite

availability: Sephora, $23 each

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MAC Big Bounce Shadow Reviews, Swatches, Photos

MAC Big Bounce Shadow
MAC Black Diamond Big Bounce Shadow

MAC Big Bounce Shadow Review

MAC Big Bounce Shadows ($16.50 for 0.17 oz.) is a brand new product launching with MAC’s Flighty Collection (which will hit counters/stores on May 5th). I don’t have all sixteen at this time, and I will, of course, purchase the remaining shades as soon as they are available, but for now, I hope these five shades will suffice: Black Diamond (black with gold pearl), The Cool Elite (white with silver pearl), Count Your Assets (rich blue purple with multi-color pearl), Reward Yourself (bright peach coral with gold pearl), and Spread the Wealth (dirty olive with gold pearl.

Updated @ 6:00PM on 4/25: (Consider re-reading the review, as I changed up about 60% of it!)  The hardest part about evaluating these new shadows is trying to figure out what they’re supposed to do (and conversely, what one shouldn’t expect them to do).  After obtaining more information (see this Q&A), these are supposed to “last for hours” along with “luminescent washes that build from sheer to medium easily.”

Once you throw that little piece in, however, it really does change the efficacy of these, because they do not wear for hours on their own.  I tried four of the five shades alone on the lid, and I spent three days working through them trying to find techniques that would make them work.  I couldn’t find a way to make these work well all alone or as a wash.  Over primer, they still creased (just less creasing than if they were applied to bare lids), but the real zinger is how quickly they crease.  It’s not creasing after four, eight, twelve hours but within an hour.

To achieve the best wear alone, a brush (like the 242) seems to work the best for applying the product without sliding it all over the place.  Just like with any really slippery product, you’ll want to work a little slower and pat the product on and gently smooth out the color or else it will slip and slide and result in uneven color coverage.

  • Black Diamond is a dark charcoal black with teal and silver shimmer.
  • The Cool Elite is a brightened white with a shimmery finish.
  • Reward Yourself is a muted copper with a golden champagne shimmer-sheen.
  • Count Your Assets is a cool-toned purple with silver and gray.
  • Spread the Wealth is a dirty olive green with multi-colored micro-shimmer and metallic sheen.

The texture is very wet and more like a liquid than a cream or mousse–it has a watery feel, though not runny, but a bit like a gel. Initially, I tried applying it to the lid with my finger (but first getting product out with a metal spatula), but I found it did not work well to create a smooth, even layer of color. It’s so very emollient that it glides on easily, but the color slides around and looks rather messy.

The collection does promote the 242 brush (which is part of the permanent range), so I figured I’d try that, and it did work much better. I used other brushes (194, 239, 249), and the 194 and 249 didn’t work as well as the 239 and 242, so the key seems to be some fluffiness in the brush shape (as the 194 and 249 are flatter and firmer) and a patting motion.

Worn alone: I couldn’t wear the Big Bounce Shadows alone without experiencing creasing. I tried three different shades alone (Black Diamond, Reward Yourself, and Spread the Wealth), and Reward Yourself was the only one that didn’t crease immediately. Based on working with the formula for a few days, I think it’s the long dry down time that makes these difficult to wear alone. Unless you keep your eyes closed and lids perfectly taut, the product will settle into any creases while it’s drying down. The dry down time for me was about 45 seconds to a minute. Once they dry down, they do seem to hold on fairly well, but there is some shimmer fall out that occurs.

Worn over a primer: When worn over a primer but with nothing to set it on top, I still experienced creasing within the hour. I found that using it over more opaque primers like MAC Soft Ochre or Urban Decay Eden helped to avoid creasing as soon as it was applied, because the creaminess of the opaque primer helped to fill in some creases, but I still had creasing after an hour of wear.

Set with shadow: They work much better as eyeshadow bases–I had the nearly the same wear regardless of using the Big Bounce Shadow as a base or using an eyeshadow primer, then applying Big Bounce Shadow, and finally setting with eyeshadow. I would say that those with oilier lids may find that the primer, Big Bounce, and powder shadow sandwich would work better for them, as I have normal lids. After twelve hours, I noticed very slight creasing on the inner lid when used without a base, but used with a base, there was none of that slight inner lid creasing.


SET WITH POWDER. Like most cream products, to prolong wear, set with a powder product.  USE A BRUSH. Fingers seem to create very uneven finishes, and it’s difficult to build up color that way–the color always seems sheer.

Pigmentation varies from shade to shade, and so does the buildability. For instance, Reward Yourself applies semi-opaque from the get-go, but Spread the Wealth needs two to three layers to achieve the same result. I found Spread the Wealth to be the most finicky shade of the five I tried, because it was difficult to apply evenly (even when using a brush!) and build up color.

The packaging is similar to Paint Pots, and the Big Bounce Shadows contain the same amount of product as Paint Pots as well (0.17 oz.).  Big Bounce Shadows come with a thin, plastic insert, but I don’t know if you’d want to dispose of it, even though it is rather flimsy.  The shadow does move around and lots of gets stuck to the insert, so it’s probably better to keep it than to toss it.

I just think the texture of these gives to more uneven application, and the dry down time is too long.  I might consider grabbing shades that really appeal to you to use as a colored eyeshadow base, because they work well for that purpose, but with some of the texture issues, I wouldn’t necessarily feel driven to grab ’em all.

These wear well if set with powder and made to last all day (8-12 hours).  Are they worth the effort?  Personally, I don’t mind, because they work well enough as a colored base, which is how I would use them myself, but it’s not how I need/want them to work that plays into the actual rating but whether it works the way it’s supposed to.

At the end of the day, these seem to take more work/experimentation that most customers will want to put in.  If you don’t mind some layering and really wanted to like these, buy from a retailer with a generous return policy–if they work for you, I’m a happy camper, and if they don’t, you can return.

MAC Big Bounce Shadow Reviews, Swatches, Photos


MAC Big Bounce Shadows Q&A with MAC Senior Artist Romero Jennings

A key element to reviewing a product is really understanding what it does (and doesn’t do). When I inquired with MAC, they put me in touch with MAC Senior Artist Romero Jennings, and I asked him a few questions that I knew were on my mind, and hopefully, a couple that you were wondering, too!

temptalia: How would you describe Big Bounce Shadow?
romero: Big Bounce Shadows are a colorful collection of 16 bright, wearable metallic watercolor shades that inspire you to instantly feel that Spring has arrived! Don’t let these beautiful buildable creme shadows fool you, they wear extremely well in extreme weather conditions.

temptalia: What do the Big Bounce Shadows achieve?
romero: These shadows will set and stay in place without creasing. Even though the shadows are metallic I love to layer a nude matte color on top (ie: omega or cork eye shadow) for a diffused metallic day to evening finish. The effect is like “sequins under chiffon.”

temptalia: How should we use the new shadows?
romero: I prefer the soft fluffy MAC #224 Brush for an almost air brushed finish. Start by stippling the shadow then finish with a slight swirl for blended perfection.  Bright is back and it looks modern when paired with jet black mascara like the Studio Fix Mascara. This mascara has the Carbon Black ingredients which means it is really allows the lashes to stand out looking longer and thicker with only one swipe of the wand. I love adding more lash than liner with this bold shadow look for an approachable sweet but sexy finish. If you want an edgier, fun look try pairing the Big Bounce shadows with the Zoom Lash Mascara in bold, complimentary shades! The must have color that is sure to please is called “Blue Charge” – a deep navy blue that complements every eye color.

temptalia: How could one wear Big Bounce Shadow alone as a wash without creasing?
romero: I recommend a small dab of Prep & Prime Face Primer on lids before applying for a long lasting finish.

The description of these specifically (apart from the press release) also reads, “Eyes are fresh and luminescent with beautiful sheen washes of vibrant color using new Flighty Eye Shadows. This spongy, mousse-like eye shadow is lightweight, lasts for hours, and imparts a cooling sensation upon application.”

I’m in the process of revising my review and will bump it up in the next hour or two. It doesn’t change any of the results or testing I did, but it does change how it is graded, what is important, and how well it performed relative to the claims.


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