China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection (Part 1)

China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection

China Glaze: Classic Camel, Ingrid, Swing Baby, Goin’ My Way, Riveter Rouge, Foxy

Vintage Vixen includes twelve new shades of polish, ranging from a khaki beige to a midnight blue to a darkened teal. The collection starts shipping in early July.

The formula on these was consistently good–I had no issues applying these right out of the bottle. As far as I’m concerned, if I don’t have to fuss over a formula and experiment with application, it’s a solid formula. It is a thinner consistency, but each coat still packed quite a bit of pigment. Most of these shades are two-coaters, but you can do three, too, if you so desire (which is usually what I do).

The collection is made up of a mix between frost and microglitter finishes. The feeling is decidedly fall, so it’s perfect for the season (remember–this is China Glaze’s fall collection!).  With twelve shades and sixty photos in total, I split up the two posts to help narrow the focus a bit.  Of these six, my favorites are:  Classic Camel (elegant with a twist) and Goin’ My Way (the way the light hits it is divine).  I also liked Foxy (love the lava-ish look of it), but not quite as much as the other two–there weren’t any dud shades here, really.

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China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection (Part 2)

China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection

Here are the other six shades from Vintage Vixen!  Just to recap, the formula rocks here.  It may feel a little thin, but each coat packs plenty of pigment, despite the consistency.  It’s easy to apply–I didn’t have to play around with application to get beautiful, even, and smooth color.  Most of these are two-coaters, but they easily work with three, which is my preferred number.

From these, my favorites are easily Emerald Fitzgerald (oh, it’s swoon worthy in its inkiness!) and First Class Ticket (so intense and rich in its color).  I also loved the way Midnight Mission looked.

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Recommendation:  If you love your polishes on the darker side (whether now or in the fall), these are some excellent choices.

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MAC To the Beach Collection – Beach Bronze, Weekend Cream Bronzer

MAC To the Beach Collection

From MAC To the Beach, we find two cream bronzers, a first from the company to my recollection. They’re creamy, but they’re very thin and lightweight.  They blend out quite a bit, and in the process, sheer out as well.  The products themselves seem pretty large, given that they’re the size of MAC’s bronzing powders–bigger than a blush.

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