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Holiday Gift Guide: Brazil Edition

By Dâmaris, Brazil Local Contributor

Dâmaris is 37-years old and Brazilian. Her parents taught her to love nature and observe its colors, textures, sounds, flavors, and fragrances. She deeply appreciates nature and respects it, and she has found this education helped her develop a taste for beauty in all its various expressions, like music, photography, and cosmetics.

She studied in Psychology and currently teaches at the University. Dâmaris believes there is an art of self-care, which is good for your emotions. She describes her philosophy as, “Taking care of the body is good for the heart, thoughts, and does good to the will to live. Highlighting your points of beauty is a secret we learn every day.” Check out her blog, Village Beaute!

Holiday Gift Guide: Brazil Edition

Here in Brazil, our Christmas is spent among beaches, swimming, and most importantly, among the people we love. Exchanging gifts is a sign of affection with everyone.  I’m happy to share with you some of the most interesting and beautiful holiday kits from my favorite Brazilian brands this season.

The Contém 1 grama released several kits with sets ranging from small travel bags to makeup palettes with shadows, blushes, applicators. Christmas, for me, is a solemn moment, so I suggest the Kit Glam (R$ 88,00), which is has appropriate colors for night use and, beyond the shadows, also includes a great black mascara. The value of the kit is good–it’s better to buy the set than the products separately.

To stay smelling nice, O Boticário launched kits for men, women, children and teens, with one prettier than the last!  For the most value, I really enjoyed the Portinari Kit (R$148,00) for men, which comes with deo cologne, soap and nail care instruments. The Lily Essence Kit (R$ 199,00) contains my favorite Brazilian eau de parfum for women.  For that person we want to gift, but we cannot spend too much, there are some beautiful bath sets that are good, with several fragrances that start at R$ 13,90.

Finally, a brand in southern Brazil, which is a network of pharmacies, the Panvel. It has fragrant and moisturizing creams, makeup, and soft brushes all with very good prices! It is impossible to resist. Whenever I go to Panvel, I can’t get out of there without something. It has a travel brush kit (R$ 19,90) generously sized, as well as a pretty-in-pink (and super soft) kabuki for only R$ 19,00.

Do you have any favorite Brazilian gifts to give this year?

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Dior Spring 2012: Garden Party Collection

Dior Spring 2012: Garden Party Collection

“After women, flowers are the most heavenly creation.” — Christian Dior

Christian Dior grew up in Granville, on the cliffs of Normandy, in a house buffeted by strong winds, and seemingly unsuited to the creation of a garden. However, the young man’s creative strength and relentless hard work defied nature, and today one can still admire the garden in bloom and in particular, the fantastic rose garden planted with his own hands.

Christian Dior also loved the excitement of parties, and often hosted the aptly named “Grand Balls of the Century” with enchanted beauties from the Normandy coast and Paris alike. The theme of the festive garden is still alive today throughout many Dior creations. The Dior spring color collection is inspired by Dior’s fantastic garden.

Garden Clutch ($75.00) (Limited Edition)

The clutch is reinvented in with the Garden Party spirit in mind. Featuring a glossy light pink leather-like shell, adorned with a woven pattern & sealed by a “Rosebud” clasp and makeup must-haves for eyes and lips. Inside is a trio of delicate rose-embossed eye shadows, one shade of Dior Ultra-Gloss and one Lip Maximizer. Available in two color harmonies: Milly Garden #001 (Nordstrom and Dior.com Exclusive), Granville Garden #002 (everywhere except Nordstrom).

5-Couleurs Garden Edition ($59.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Garden Pastels Pale pink, buttercup yellow and luminous greens
  • Garden Roses Soft pinks, Parma violet, silver and purple.

Vernis Garden Party Scented Lacquers ($23.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Waterlily (#504) Soft green
  • Forget-Me-Not (#694) Light mauve

3-Couleurs Eyeshadow ($48.00)

  • Smoky Garden (#461) (Dior.com exclusive)

Rouge Dior Lipcolor ($32.00)

  • Corolle Pink (#363) (everywhere but Sephora)
  • Tulip Pink (#448) (all locations)

Ultra-Gloss ($28.00)

  • Socialite Pink (#152) (Dior.com exclusive)
  • Party Lilac (#396)
  • Pretty Rose (#452)

availability: January 2012 at Dior counters nationwide, dior.com

See more photos!

If there’s a product I like, I would keep using it, no matter the status — that is assuming I was a normal consumer and not a beauty blogger. Since I am a beauty blogger, I am usually testing something new, so I don’t have a chance to use many products extensively once I’ve finished testing them. There are a few products I reach for on personal days, and that is when I use what I want to and not think about how it relates to the blog.

— Christine

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Lancome Kitten Heel Color Design Eyeshadow

Lancome Kitten Heel Color Design Eyeshadow
Lancome Kitten Heel Color Design Eyeshadow

Lancome Kitten Heel Color Design Eyeshadow

Lancome Kitten Heel Color Design Eyeshadow ($18.00 for 0.042 oz.) is described as a “golden peach-y pink” with a shimmer finish. This is one of my personal favorite Lancome shades, because I’m all over any peach-pink eyeshadow! What I like about this one is that it is decidely pink with a golden sheen; often, these types of shades lean more orange (think MAC Melon pigment). I love that it’s more of a yellow-toned pink as the base color with the golden shimmer-sheen. The closest dupe I could think of was MAC Goody Goody Gum Drop which is similar but slightly cooler-toned and with a less noticeable golden sheen.

The texture is good, but it could be a touch smoother; when applied to the lid, it seems to be better than swatched. It’s not bad, it truly is good, but I think the texture has a little room for improvement. This is a great one-and-done shade, though, and it has more oomph than a beige/champagne wash of color does. Bonus? It could totally be used as a blush or highlighter. Lancome’s eyeshadows are supposed to be long-wearing (without a base), and while I don’t quite achieve all-day wear, I get around eight hours with subtle creasing, but I don’t have any creasing issues if I use a base underneath.

NARS Casablanca Lipstick

NARS Casablanca Lipstick
NARS Casablanca Lipstick

NARS Casablanca Lipstick

NARS Casablanca Lipstick ($24.00 for 0.12 oz.) is described as a “classic, full-bodied coral.” It has a satin finish (so it’s part of the Satin Lipstick formula), which is described as a “lustrous, long-wearing lipstick infused with conditioners to provide comfortable wear and sumptuously, silky color.” Casablanca is a softened tangerine orange with a natural shine and just about full color coverage. Chanel Sari Dore is more vibrant, while MAC Made to Order is glossier and has some shimmer in it. Bobbi Brown Soft Coral is lighter, while CoverGirl Delish is just slightly lighter.

NARS’ Satin lipsticks are creamier than some of the other formulas, though they’re not super creamy or soft. Because they’re not too creamy, they don’t apply too thickly either–you get a nice lightweight feel with your more opaque color. Casablanca wore for around five hours, and it almost stretched to six, but I felt it needed reapplication by the sixth hour. It’s not drying, but it’s not really moisturizing over the duration of wear. I didn’t detect any scent or taste.  As far as oranges go, this is a more wearable one, especially for cooler complexions, though it’s still warm-toned.

NARS Lipstick Casablanca

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