Dior Addict Lipstick 2011 Relaunch

Dior Addict Lipstick 2011 Relaunch

The New Dior Addict Lipstick collection is inspired by John Galliano’s bold, daring fashion collections. Featuring the largest shade wardrobe of any Dior lipstick collection—56 striking shades direct from the runway—this trend-setting collection offers a variety of options for the woman who is not afraid to experiment. The ultra-hydrating formula creates a veil of luminous shine and vibrant color in a single sweep.

The New Face of Addict

Kate Moss has been John Galliano’s muse for many years. Her unique beauty as well as her love of fashion are an endless source of inspiration for Galliano. Over the years, they have formed a lasting friendship and fashion partnership. No one else but Kate could possibly embody Dior Addict. Three shades in the collection represent three sides of Kate: Diorkiss #578, which embodies the “Rock Icon” style of skyscraper heels, oversized sunglasses and sexy jewelry, the “Doll Icon” style of Beige Casual #222, the perfect nude to mix with pearls and a light pink Lady Dior, and the bold, “Glam Icon” look of Red Carpet #963.


The key ingredient, Mirror Jelly, brings shine, volume and hydration to the lips. This unique ingredient is made up of two components: polymers that provide a long-lasting, second-skin effect with exceptional hydrating and softening properties and silicone oil, which creates a light, smooth texture. In addition, a significantly lower level of wax (25% less than a standard lipstick) creates a light-reflecting, voluminous effect.

The Collection

  • Shades: Tulle #214, Beige Casual #222, Basic #253, Rose Déshabillé #260, Beige Perfection #322, Nude #333, Miss Dior #343, Blush #353, Créateur #445, Parisian Chic #454, Singulière #465, Vintage #525, Bobo #530, Tailleur Bar #535, Baby Rose #561, Diorkiss #578, Must-Have #579, L.A. #586, Spotlight #612, Granville #621, Androgyne #626, Miami #635, Millie #680, Icône #681, Gibraltar #682, Beige Dandy #712, New York #714, New Look #745, Rock’n Roll #750, Fashion #753, Paris #762, Reflet #763, Rouge Podium #773, Londres #783, Stiletto #797, Smoky #811, Couture #864, Collection #865, Arty #872, Fashion Week #881, Red Carpet #963, Fourreau #971, Rose Shocking #972, Perfecto #991
  • Sephora Exclusives: Urban #178, Diorissime #249, Garçonne #330, Pink Chérie #368, Tokyo #422, It Pink #554, Model #564, Taffetas #566, Backstage #583, Show #778
  • Saks Exclusive: Beige Mondaine #623
  • Nordstrom Exclusive: Insoumise #983

Availability: March/April 2011

5 Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Are you going with a special look for Valentine’s day this year? I tend to opt for Chanel Dragon as my go-to special occasion look, including Valentine’s Day.  I’m still undecided about this year, but here are five looks I’ve created that were inspired the holiday!

  1. Pinks & Purples
  2. Pinks & Browns
  3. Neutral Eyes & Red Lips
  4. Peach & Plum
  5. Neutral Eyes & Pink Lips

Would love for you to share your look in the comments!

Lancome Taupe Craze Color Design Palette

Lancome Taupe Craze Color Design Palette

Taupe Craze is a cool-toned neutral palette; not all shades have strong, cool undertones, but overall, the palette leans cool. I liked how the palette was a mix of finishes–satin, shimmery, and almost matte. Initially, the two shimmery shades were concerning, because they looked almost glittery, but it seems like it’s more of the top layer than anything else–both shades are more shimmer than glitter.

The all-over color is a pale peach-beige with a satin-matte finish and excellent color pay off and a smooth texture. The lid shade is a neutral-cool medium brown with a soft taupe shimmer. The crease shade is a medium-dark taupe brown with a soft satin sheen. The highlighter shade is a smoky taupe with a bright metallic sheen and shimmer in its finish; when used wet, the metallic sheen is emphasized. I have no idea why Lancome would recommend this shade as a highlighter. Finally, the liner shade is a deep cool-toned taupe brown with silver flecks of shimmer; it is best used wet, if you want really smooth, richly colored line. The liner seemed the least pigmented–it’s a touch lighter swatched than what it is in the pan, but when used wet, it is a touch darker.

Both the shimmery shades (lid and highlighter) along with the liner shade worked whether wet/dry (with the liner shade being better wet). I did try the all-over base and crease shade wet, just to see if I could, and they worked better dry. There did seem to be a slight hardening and darkening over the crease shade from using it wet, though. I couldn’t find out whether these were to be used wet/dry on Lancome’s website, but from my experience, it did not negatively impact any of the shades, with the exception of the crease shade.

my thoughts on the formula: With the exception of the liner shade, the other four shades had very soft, smooth textures with nice color pay off. I really loved the all-over base shade–it had such a silky soft texture with beautiful pigmentation. It worked well as a lid shade and highlighter shade (which is good, because the “highlighter” shade is quite dark for a highlighter).

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Dolce & Gabbana Rosebud Shine Lipstick

Dolce & Gabbana Rosebud Shine Lipstick

Dolce & Gabbana Rosebud (170) Shine Lipstick ($30.00 for 0.13 oz.) is a glossy pale pink iwth a hint of rose and soft white micro-shimmer. It’s nearly opaque, and the paleness of the color makes the fuller coverage color look milky and creamy.

my thoughts on the formula: The Shine Lipsticks can be very creamy, when the finish is less shimmery, or more glimmering, if the finish is shimmery. Overall, they have a glossiness that isn’t there in the brand’s Classic Cream Lipsticks. The lipstick is rose-scented, and it is one of the heavier scented products I’ve come across, so if you are at all sensitive to scents, I would probably keep on looking. I usually average four hours of wear with this formula.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! 🙂

final thoughts: It is a surprisingly flattering milky pink, even on medium skin tones.  Milky pinks tend to wash me out, so I do find them hard to wear on their own, but I think this works.  I also like that it doesn’t have strong cool undertones.

where to buy: Saks

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