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Urban Decay Press Statement: Animal Testing and China

From Urban Decay:

Urban Decay is going to sell our products in China. Because of China’s policies on animal testing, we know that this will not be a popular decision with some of our loyal customers. But the decision is a thoughtful one.

For 16 years, we have been committed to two key causes: women’s rights, and the fight against animal testing. Our dedication to those causes will not waver.

For those of you unfamiliar with China’s policies, the sticking point is this: the Chinese government reserves the right to conduct animal testing with cosmetic products before the products are approved for use by Chinese citizens. The government has not told us if they have exercised this right with our products. So, our brand does not test on animals, but the Chinese government might conduct a one-time test using our products. Do we like China’s policies? No…and that is really the point. Going into China was a huge decision for Urban Decay. But, we believe that change cannot and will not happen by outside pressure alone in a closed market. Change can only happen from within. When we enter the Chinese market, we will do our part to help make those changes.

When we were considering expanding into China, a group of marketing consultants told us to remove the section of our company history that describes our crusade against animal testing. “It doesn’t mean anything to the Chinese beauty customer,” they said. Of course, we refused. Our “no animal testing” policy is part of who we are, and has been since day one. The news that animal issues don’t even register with the average Chinese consumer was one of the biggest factors in our decision to go there. During Urban Decay’s infancy, we worked hard to inform consumers about animal rights in the United States and Europe. The battleground for animal rights is now in China, and we want to be there to encourage dialogue and provoke change.

We also hope to shed some light on women’s rights issues in China. As a company that caters to a female customer, this is extremely important to us. For one thing, going into China is a way for us to advance women into important professional positions. We will help grow the cosmetics industry, which primarily employs and creates career paths for women. Although workers’ employment rights are a relatively new concept there, progress has been made partially because of pressure from businesses, consumers, and advocacy groups from other countries. Based on this, our belief is that both an outside force and inside pressure for change can result in helping transform both the importance of women and animal testing policies in China. And more importantly, we hope to influence the perspective of the citizens on both of these issues.

If we don’t go to China, other companies without our beliefs will, and the culture will never change. We want to encourage a culture of consumers who care enough to buy cruelty-free products, and who view professional women as role models who influence their lives on a daily basis.

Yes, we are a for-profit company. And yes, we would eventually like to make money in China. But we don’t stand to turn a profit in China for quite a while, partially because the market isn’t quite ready to sustain an untraditional brand like ours. If it were only about the money, we would wait a few years. But our foray into this market is also about participating in an amazing time of change in China. We don’t like animal testing (and neither do the 13 dogs in our office), but we are trying to change the world… even if it is one eye shadow at a time! Sitting on the sidelines isn’t our style. We understand that you might not like our decision, but we hope you can respect it.

For any advocates or Urban Decay fans interested, Urban Decay founding partner Wende Zomnir will host a live chat on urbandecay.com to answer questions about our entry into China.

Please keep comments respectful, thoughtful, and refrain insults, personal attacks, and the like. I know that this is an issue that is near and dear to many readers’ hearts, and sometimes passionate beliefs can inspire equally passionate, but sometimes hurtful, disrespectful, or disparaging responses. I ask that readers give each other the respect that each of us as human beings deserves.

Comments are now closed. Readers are disrespecting each other and their beliefs. 

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Make Up For Ever #24 Aqua Cream

Make Up For Ever #24 Aqua Cream
Make Up For Ever #24 Aqua Cream

Make Up For Ever #24 Aqua Cream

Make Up For Ever #24 Aqua Cream ($23.00 for 0.21 oz.) is described as a “matte vibrant yellow.” It’s an intense, bright sunshine yellow with a yellow-orange undertone. Illamasqua Hype is a darker yellow. MAC Goldenrod is more orange. Inglot #323 seems nearly identical.

The texture of Aqua Creams is creamy, slightly thick, and pretty opaque from the get-go. You don’t need a lot of product to get an even, opaque layer of coverage, but it is possible to sheer out the color to more of a semi-opaque look if so desired. Aqua Creams are, as touted, long-wearing, waterproof, and intensely pigmented. It’s a formula that dries down fairly quickly and then stays and stays and stays. It doesn’t budge, smudge, or fade at all during the day. They can work alone, as eyeshadow bases, or as eyeliners (some shades are designed for lips/cheeks and not eyes, however, so you’d use those as lip/cheek products!).

I love the the intensity of this shade; it’s really vibrant without being neon. It’s warm without venturing into goldenrod/orange-territory, but it’s warm enough that it’s a yellow that can be worn more easily, since it won’t look sallow against the skin.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #24

Bobbi Brown Orchid Pink Treatment Lip Shine SPF 15

Bobbi Brown Orchid Pink Treatment Lip Shine SPF 15
Bobbi Brown Orchid Pink Treatment Lip Shine SPF 15

Bobbi Brown Orchid Pink Treatment Lip Shine SPF 15 ($23.00 for 0.07 oz.) is described as a “light heather pink.” It’s a soft, pale pink with subtle cool undertones–it almost looks warm in the swatch but cooler on my lips. Guerlain Rose Piquant is a touch darker. Chanel Charme is darker and more shimmery. Guerlain Rose Innocent is similar, slightly paler. Estee Lauder Mauve Mirage is similar, perhaps a touch darker.

The formula is listed as “lightweight, soft shine lipstick that doubles as a rejuvenating moisture treatment.” It’s supposed to have both short-term and long-term hydration. It’s scent- and taste-free (no distinct SPF flavor!). It’s a soft, pliant formula that has some slip, but it doesn’t have any thick, creaminess, so it doesn’t slide all over the place.

The lipstick applies smoothly and evenly, and it deposits semi-opaque color without having to slather it on. The finish is lightly glossy, mega-shiny, but it doesn’t have a really wet look to it, so it’s not quite as glossy as a lipgloss. It’s moisturizing and feels good once applied, and while I did not wear this particular shade back-to-back, I did test out the wear of several shades back-to-back, and my lips were nicely hydrated post-wear. Orchid Pink wore for three hours when I tested it.

Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shine Orchid Pink

Paul & Joe Beaute for Summer 2012

Paul & Joe Beaute for Summer 2012

Paul & Joe’s Summer 2012 is every girl’s Midsummer Night’s Dream…literally! Inspired by the whimsical Shakespeare play, this make up collection is full of fun and fairy-inspired colors that will help you feel dainty even in the summer’s hottest temperatures!

Face Color G ($24.00) (Limited Edition)

Fall in love this summer with Paul & Joe’s Limited Edition Face Color G. Inspired by the warm tones of a midsummer sky, the dreamy blushes contour cheeks and provide a natural, enchanting glow. Soft and romantic, these new shades compliment any skin tone with good-for-you ingredients like Rosemary Leaf Extract and Orange Flower Water for a healthy kiss of color and a beautiful complexion. Available in three fresh, heartwarming hues, Face Color G is sure to leave a striking impression on the most eligible suitor.

  • Nymph Pop of pink to add a bold burst of color
  • Nubile Soft, flirty peach to flatter every skin tone
  • Faune Deep rose to create elegant contours

Nail Enamel ($14.00)

Perfectly poised for a summer of romance and pleasure, Paul & Joe’s newest Nail Enamel launches are a whimsical ode to Shakespeare’s timeless “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Three playful, sheer shades are beautiful on their own and instantly add a touch of enchantment and extravagance coated on top of any hue. With just the point of a finger, Paul & Joe nail enamels add a little sparkle to your summer!

  • Fairie Queen Specs of glittering pale pinks, purples and blues perfectly pepper this shimmering translucent shade
  • Sprite A watery, whimsical shade of pastel green dotted with pearls of precious pink adds a gradated finish to fingers
  • Pixie Striking silver sparkles create a holographic effect that creates depth and dimension on any manicure

Lip Gloss G ($22.00)

Paul & Joe introduces a new collection that will send your taste buds dancing. The Lip Gloss G collection consists of three new enchanting shades that instantly melt onto your lips for a punch of sheer shimmering color that coolly completes your sexy, summer style. Even more delicious, each hue is infused with a hint of heavenly flavor inspired by the juicy fruits we crave during the warm months. Succulent strawberry, invigorating green apple and refreshing orange each blend deliciously with creamy vanilla for lips that are hydrated, healthy, and undeniably kissable.

  • Love Potion The perfect pink to swipe on for day or night with a light Strawberry & Vanilla flavor
  • Fairie Kisses A bright yellow gloss that appears translucent on lips with a light Green Apple & Vanilla flavor to refresh your pucker on a sweltering day
  • Dream a Little Dream An enchanting orange sherbet tint with a creamy cool Orange & Vanilla flavor

Availability: Beauty Habit

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