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Bobbi Brown Canary High Shimmer Lipgloss

Bobbi Brown Canary High Shimmer Lipgloss
Bobbi Brown Canary High Shimmer Lipgloss

Bobbi Brown Canary High Shimmer Lipgloss ($23.00 for 0.24 fl. oz.) is described as a “pure gold with gold pearl.” I’d like to call it sparkling lipgloss gone absolutely, positively insane. This is quite possibly one of the most shimmering, glittering, glimmering, dazzling, so on and so forth glosses I’ve ever used. The base color is really a pale gold that yields little color, but it’s full of yellow gold, molten gold, and copper shimmer, so it brings the coverage up to semi-sheer to semi-opaque. The overall effect is very shimmery, metallic, and it gives lips a browner look. Though it appears “sheer,” there is a marked difference between my bare lips and this on.

MAC Straight to the Head is very brown, there’s no real gold in it. Make Up for Ever M6 is bronze and the shimmer is finer. NARS LusteR is such a tame, tame version–it looks so flat in comparison. MAC Gold Dust is a bit better, but it still doesn’t catch the light as well.  This is a shade that looks fine on its own, but it will be the perfect way to add glossiness and warmth to your favorite lipstick (try it over a red).

I’m a big fan of Bobbi Brown’s High Shimmer Lipgloss formula–it has an amazing high gloss shine that’s ridiculously glossy, shimmery, and all-around dazzling. If you’re a fan of Chanel Glossimers or MAC Dazzleglasses, you really should check out this formula, because (and in my opinion only, of course) these are even better. The formula is lightweight, comfortable to wear, glide on easily but never slip around, and wear for four to five hours–and the best part? The shimmer never feels gritty and doesn’t travel. When I wore Canary earlier this week for a wear test, it wore for four hours. These are mint-scented, taste-free, and non-sticky. It’s moisturizing, though it won’t replace your lip balm.

Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss Canary

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Tom Ford Flush Cheek Color

Tom Ford Flush Cheek Color
Tom Ford Flush Cheek Color

Tom Ford Flush Cheek Color ($55.00 for 0.28 oz.) is a vibrant coral-orange with a subtle satin-like sheen and a faint shimmer. Anastasia Scorching (P, ) is less shimmery (95% similar). Viseart Coral #2 (P, ) is brighter (95% similar). Chanel Tweed Coralline (LE, $48.00) is lighter (95% similar). Tom Ford Beauty Paradise Lust (Bottom) (LE, ) is more shimmery, more muted, cooler (90% similar). MAC Hi Jinks! (LE, $22.00) is more muted (90% similar). Milani Coral Cove (05) (P, $8.99) is less shimmery, more muted (90% similar). Smashbox Geranium (LE, ) is more muted (90% similar). Bobbi Brown Hibiscus (LE, $26.00) is less shimmery, warmer (90% similar). NARS Cote Basque (LE, $39.00) is more shimmery, cooler (90% similar). By Terry Tan & Flash Cruise #2 (LE, ) is more shimmery, lighter (90% similar). Tarte Crave (LE, $28.00) is less shimmery, more muted (90% similar). NYX Tuscan (P, $6.50) is less shimmery (90% similar). NARS Panic (Right) (P, ) is more shimmery, more muted, cooler (85% similar). Edward Bess Secret Affair (P, $43.00) is lighter, more muted (85% similar). LORAC Technicolor (P, $23.00) is less shimmery, lighter, cooler (85% similar). Illamasqua Sleek (P, $26.00) is darker, more muted, warmer (85% similar). Bobbi Brown Pink Coral (LE, $26.00) is less shimmery, lighter, more muted (85% similar). Colour Pop Jelly Fish (DC, $8.00) is more shimmery (90% similar). Chanel Intonation (69) (DC, $38.00) is less shimmery, more muted (85% similar). Dior Corail Bagatelle (763) (LE, $43.00) is less shimmery, more muted (80% similar). Top 20 dupes listed, see the rest. See comparison swatches / view dupes side-by-side.

Flush can be applied sheerly with ease or built up to a medium color coverage–it has enough pigmentation to work on deeper skin tones without being too intense on lighter skin tones. The finish has a natural sheen that isn’t heavy, shimmery, or frosted, so it doesn’t emphasize pores or the texture of the skin. It’s a very flattering shade on warmer skin tones, and though it is more coral-orange than coral-pink, the vibrancy gives it more wearability on cooler skin tones.

The texture of Tom Ford’s blushes is impressive, and truth be told, of all the items from his makeup range, the blushes have been the most impressive. Everything else has left me lukewarm or just a little excited, but the blushes have been fantastic. The texture of Flush is slightly less dense than Lovelust and Wicked, but the texture is very finely-milled, so it feels like silk and melts against the skin. It wore for ten hours and looked just barely faded along the very top of my cheekbones.

Tom Ford Beauty Cheek Color Flush (Discontinued)

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Make Up For Ever Launches Aqua Shadow

Make Up For Ever Launches Aqua Shadow

Simplify your make up routine with an eye-catching new collection of smudge-proof color that stays put no matter where the day, or night, may take you. The latest addition to MAKE UP FOR EVER’S coveted Aqua family, new Aqua Shadow is a range of long-lasting, easy-to-use eye shadow pencils created for make up pros and novices alike.

Aqua Shadow was in high demand backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in summer 2011, where artists had only minutes to create runway ready make up looks that wouldn’t crease or smudge under hot lights and humidity. Aqua Shadow was created for make up artists working in extreme environments as well as women wanting high performance make up they can wear every day, making it a must-have for all, whether backstage, on-stage or in real life.

Formulated with silica powder, Aqua Shadow’s creamy texture glides on smoothly and blends easily, providing immediate color payoff and an event result. A combination of waxes, oils and polymers create a flexible film that locks water out to guarantee long lasting, smudge-proof and crease-proof color.

Aqua Shadow is available in 12 hues from neutral to smoky with matte or pearly finishes. Swipe your favorite color across your lid for a quick and easy look, or create a multicolored effect by layering on additional shades. Apply Aqua Shadow directly to the upper or lower lid and blend with the fingertips or a brush. Allow the product to set for five seconds before blinking. Aqua Shadow is compact and portable, making it great for on-the-go application.

  • 0E Matte black
  • 2E Matte brown
  • 4E Matte taupe grey
  • 6E Matte navy blue
  • 8E Matte green
  • 20E Pearly taupe
  • 22E Pearly coper
  • 24E Pearly pink
  • 26E Pearly peach
  • 28E Pearly beige
  • 30E Pearly pink beige
  • 32E Pearly white

availability: Now @ Sephora, $20 each

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