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Ozotic #529 Nail Lacquer
Ozotic #529 Nail Lacquer

Ozotic #529 Nail Lacquer

Ozotic #529 Nail Lacquer ($17.50 for 0.50 fl. oz.) is described as “glittering particles that shift from blue to purple to orange.” this is definitely more of a layering polish than one most would wear alone, though it still comes together nicely enough by itself. There’s a healthy amount of glitter coverage without leaving gaping holes or lots of bald spots, and it doesn’t take a lot of work to do that either, as the glitter distributes well and doesn’t require pulling and manipulation of the brush to get the glitter to sit just right. It’s predominantly purple with more of a coppery orange hue around the edges, and the glitter is suspended in a clear base. You could argue blue, too, perhaps more blue-violet, but to me, mostly purple and copper.

It’s not too thick, as some glitters can be when they’re in a clear base, and I used three coats for swatches, so you could see how opaque it could get. It didn’t feel too thick at all with three coats, and I wore this shade on my right hand (I usually keep my left hand naked for regular polish swatching) for a week with no issues. Removal was on par with most other glitters; more effort than your typical polish, but if you let your polish remover soak through the polish, it won’t be so difficult.

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Ozotic #529 Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

I like it, though I don't think it shifts colors quite enough for my taste, so I probably wouldn't shell out for this particular shade (and would opt for something else by Ozotic, since I do like what I've tried so far!).











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Ozotic #529 Nail Lacquer
Ozotic #529 Nail Lacquer

Ozotic #529 Nail Lacquer
Ozotic #529 Nail Lacquer

Ozotic #529 Nail Lacquer
Ozotic #529 Nail Lacquer

Ozotic #529 Nail Lacquer
Ozotic #529 Nail Lacquer

Ozotic #529 Nail Lacquer
Ozotic #529 Nail Lacquer

Ozotic #529 Nail Lacquer
Ozotic #529 Nail Lacquer

Ozotic #529 Nail Lacquer
Ozotic #529 Nail Lacquer

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Llarowe, $17.50.

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I couldn't think of any!

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14 thoughts on “Ozotic #529 Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. holly

    looks better in the bottle.

  2. E

    I’m loving this! I bet it’d look great over a deep purple.

  3. I would love it if my nails were longer.

  4. alison

    i agree with you – not enough shift for my taste! looks amazing in the bottle though! a common problem with shifters, unfortunately…

  5. Miriam

    I’ve never heard of this brand before. The color looks pretty on it’s own but I think it’d look even more phenomenal layered over a deep blue or purple shade. If my storage weren’t spilling over with nail polishes, I would’ve probably picked this one up.

  6. Jennifer

    Oh I bet this would look amazing layered over a black or a dark blue, though. I have some shades like that that seem so flat until you layer them and then they come to life!

    • You think this looks flat on its own? lol! I thought it sparkled quite a bit! It looked the same layered for me – it wasn’t more or less sparkle, though I felt like you lost some of the purple when you layered over a dark base.

  7. If you layer this glitter over its corresponding multichrome (according to Llarowe’s description, it should be 533), it should be so glorious your eyes melt. At least hypothetically.

  8. Brittney

    I love love love your site, as always, but I was disappointed and am only mentioning that because I love this brand and particular polish so much and want people to see the true amount of awesome this polish can be! As someone else mentioned, this polish needs to be layered over a multichrome to see the true depth and shifting. If you google swatches of ts particular shade you will almost solely see it layered over multichromes. It is an effect only achieved by layering and is truly unique.

    • Hi Brittney,

      When I tested it, I did layer it as well and didn’t see any additional shifting – in fact, I thought it appeared a bit muted! It wasn’t worth photographing, IMO! :( It certainly shifts, but it’s the same as what you see on its own in the swatches in this post. I want people to make sure they can see the color of this particular polish, because you can layer over many things, so it’s good to see what you start with and you can figure out the combination you want with things you own. I guess I am the opposite as this is how I prefer to see reviews! And just FYI, I did mention in the very first sentence that most would use it as a layering polish. :) I’ll definitely consider including a layered photo in the future, if time permits! :)

  9. All of the Ozotic effect nail polishes are designed to be worn over black polish. They look incredible, but wearing them alone doesn’t do them justice. I’d try wearing them again hey were they were intended.

  10. Christine I think this is an amazing way to show this polish. They are best layered over a multi chrome, 506 in particular, but the actual polish color is what you were reviewing. Thanks so much…you are the bomb! 😀