Friday, February 21st, 2014

Choose or Lose

How often do you wear waterproof mascara?

  • Nearly every time I wear mascara (42%, 975 Votes)
  • Only on occasions where there may be tears (37%, 875 Votes)
  • When the weather warrants it (13%, 302 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (8%, 182 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,334

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102 thoughts on “How often do you wear waterproof mascara?

  1. Tanys

    I never purchase or wear waterproof mascara. I actually hate having to wash it off, it just doesn’t come off and therefore it’s difficult to have clean lashes to work with the following day. If I’m going swimming, I just won’t apply any and won’t have to worry about it running. Also I was once advised if you wear contact lenses you absolutely shouldn’t wear waterproof mascara. Can’t quite remember why.

  2. Kelsey

    I hate waterproof mascara, as it’s nearly impossible to remove. However, it’s the only thing that holds a curl in my lashes :( I wish I could find a non-waterproof drugstore mascara that holds a curl.

  3. xamyx

    I use L’Oréal Voluminous, and even the “regular” formula ho
    ds up very well for me. The only time I’ll use waterproof mascara is if I get a sample, or I need a mascara in a pinch, and my regular one isn’t available, and the waterproof one is notably cheaper. I just don’t find it necessary, and a PITA to remove… Also, it seems like a waste since even if the occasion arose where it was *needed*, those situations are so far between, it would just go to waste.

  4. Vee

    How about always?
    I have sensitive eyes, live in a windy city and wind always makes my eyes water.
    Only waterproof mascara and eyeliner work for me.

    • Karen

      Same here. I find waterproof mascara a sinch to remove with coconut oil, it never fails me, no pain whatsoever.

  5. Jennifer

    Never!! Too hard to remove.

  6. Whenever there is a chance of rain or snow and I know that I’ll be outside longer than just a short run to my car. I also wear waterproof mascara if I know I’ll be out all day or if I’m doing something very important and I have to be 100% sure that the mascara doesn’t smudge or budge in any way. I often wear waterproof on bottom lashes only mainly because they are so long and my skin is oily so I’m afraid of smudging.

    I don’t understand the complaints so many people have about waterproof mascara being hard to remove. I’ve never had that problem with any mascara.

    • Forgot to say that I always wear mascara that is somewhat water resistant. Formulas like GA Eyes to Kill (only example I could thing of right now) are something I just can’t wear as it comes right off just from my eyes being a tiny bit watery or very, very light rain.

  7. Emelie

    Never! It´s just to hard to remove :p

  8. I rarely wear waterproof mascara because it’s such a pain to remove it, even with a really good-quality makeup remover. I do try to keep one tube of it on hand, though, for those ’emotional’ events. 😉

  9. Only when I go to the beach/pool or when the weather is really hot!

  10. Jessi

    I’m sort of surprised you didn’t have a “Never” option. Like some others here, I don’t like what it takes to remove it and don’t use makeup if I’m doing something like going swimming.

  11. I wear Clinique Bottom Lash mascara on my bottom lashes and regular mascara on top. It’s fab for preventing smudges, but I don’t look forward to the removal before bed!

  12. julieta

    Only when i go out with my boyfriend! so, on the weekends.
    He always messes up my makeup haha that’s why i don’t wear eyeliner or lipstick when we go out.
    Nothing i hate more than panda eyes and worn off lipstick!

  13. I actually don’t know. I don’t even know which of my mascaras are waterproof and which are not. I just look at the effect of the mascara and never really at whether it’s waterproof or not. I don’t often get watery eyes and I’ve never had mascara rivers running down my cheeks.

  14. I use tubing and only tubing. Anything else smudges on me. I had those embarrassing moments where coworkers had to be like “um, you have mascara on your cheek.” Tubing stays on great and is pretty easy to get off. I’ll never go back.

  15. Ky

    I swim 5x per week so I wear it on those days. I wish I could find a high end mascara that is actually wayerproof. Every one I have tried does not quite work. I can’t just keep buying 30 dollar mascaras that don’t work. I am a synchronized swimmer and even mufe waterproof mascara doesn’t work and the brand that is supposed to be for synchro swimmers!

    • Veronica

      Have you tried Lancome’s mascara? My mother got it recently and really loved it, and I’ve heard good things from a few people about it handling water well.

    • Kristina

      Have you tried Lancome Hypnose waterproof? I do physiotherapy in an 80 degree pool a few times a week and even when pool running or cycling this mascara doesn’t budge. It needs a good oil base for removal.

      I have also been in a hot spring in an island right at the equator and it stayed on!! That was the ultimate test for a waterproof mascara. Try it out you may like it :)

    • How about a waterproof mascara top coat, instead? I haven’t personally tried it, but Anastasia Lash Genius have had pretty favorable reviews ($21 here: ). If you’re not willing to commit to a full-sized tube right away, try looking for a deluxe sample on eBay just to test it out, perhaps?

  16. I never wear it…guess I’m the odd one out.

  17. I feel like everyone saying that waterproof mascara is too difficult to remove are just using normal (non-oil based) makeup removers. If you use an oil based one, you’ll never have a problem getting waterproof mascara (or waterproof anything) off your face.

    I always wear waterproof mascara.

    • xamyx

      True, but I read somewhere a while back that using oil & oil-based products near the eyes on a regular basis can cause damage to the lens & clog tear ducts. I don’t know how true that is, but my eyes are something I refuse to take chances with.

      • Lauren

        I’d be interested in seeing some actual medical data about that… I’ve been using oils to remove my makeup for years and have never suffered a clogged duct or any other issues.

        If you recall where you read about the issues, it would be really awesome to read.

      • Maggie

        Agreed. I would be interested as well.

  18. At the moment, all the time. I got a lovely waterproof YSL one for my wedding (last September/October), and it’s still going strong, so I want to try and use it up before it goes off! They’re ~$70 here, so I feel compelled to finish it, but fortunately it’s also a lovely formula and an effective mascara! The wand is nice and skinny, too, so it’s easy to do lower lashes as well.
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  19. It would have to be something like an outdoor music festival in the dead of summer for me to wear ACTUAL waterproof mascara. But even then, Big Fatty has NEVER run on me in any conditions, so I just use that in place of waterproof. And mascara for swimming? C’mon people lol.

  20. Not often. I’m too impatient to deal with the work of taking it off.
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  21. Kathrina

    I only wear waterproof mascara when I know my eyes will get in contact with water, e.g. when I go swimming. I never wear it on normal occasions because I always feel I have fewer lashes after having removed it. :/

  22. I’m in the “never” camp. I hate having to remove it, because it seems to pull out chunks of lashes whenever I do and I’m not in situations where I need mascara that’s waterproof that frequently. If I’m going swimming, I don’t bother with it. If it’s raining really hard, I carry an umbrella if I have to go outside. I’m not much of a cryer, so I don’t need to worry about that too often and if it happens, I just wipe it away. If I’m reduced to tears, the last thing I’m worried about is my makeup.
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  23. Else

    Never! I absolultley lothe waterproof mascara. Not only is it impossible to get on my lashes right, but it’s also impossible to remove.. even with waterproof make-up remover! Whenever I try I feel like it’s killing my lashes slowly. I’d take the weather or tears any day.

  24. I used to exclusively wear waterproof until I read an article that suggested it was worse on your lashes than non-waterproof (harder to get off = more rubbing resulting in damage to your lashes; the chemicals they used were harsher; some other things) so I stopped buying waterproof all together! I don’t know if it’s true, but it hasn’t really ever been an issue with non-waterproof so I didn’t really need it anyway!

  25. Elisa

    I actually never wear waterproof. Because my eyelids are oily, and waterproof mascara is best removed with oil-based remover, I find waterproof mascara just melts all over my eyelids! I use Covergirl Lashblast Volume and the CG Clump Crusher to finish it off, and I NEVER have problems with melting or flaking mascara!

  26. I used to only wear non-waterproof, mostly because of all of the people who say it’s so hard to remove. But non-waterproof smudged like crazy. Then I started wearing waterproof when it was raining and realized it was much better about smudging. And then I got a tub of Almay waterproof makeup remover pads, and suddenly it came off just as easily as the non-waterproof kind. Now I like waterproof better, but I still play with non-waterproof varieties.

  27. makeupvixen

    Only on my bottom lashes

  28. Vanessa

    Always – I have stick straight lashes and only waterproof mascaras will hold a curl. I wish I could wear regular mascara – way easier to take off.

  29. Christina D.

    NEVER! I learned the hard way. Waterproof mascara ruined my long, but light-color lashes. It’s like they were gone! Fortunately, they grew back to almost what they were once I switched back to non-waterproof mascara.

  30. Sarah

    I ONLY wear waterproof mascara! It’s the only thing that won’t smudge on my hooded eyes.

  31. Veronica

    I’d say 95% of my mascara wear is with waterproof. I have a few non-waterproof ones laying around, but my HG standby definitely is protected. I find that it smudges less than non-waterproof mascara, which is important when you have long lashes that smudge against your brow area. 😛

  32. Mari

    Only if I’m going to the beach or to a pool

  33. Everyday! I have very straight eyelashes and oily eyelids, so I really need a waterproof mascara. I see a lot of people are saying they don’t like it because it’s “too hard to remove”. Just buy a good makeup remover for waterproof makeup. I use L’oreals Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover Waterproof.

  34. Clamavi

    I never chose to wear waterproof mascara, it just happens to be the one I’m picking up. For example, I’ve bought the Eyeko skinny brush mascara, it’s a fantastic mascara for those who wants define lashes but it’s resistant to water. And I don’t care actually. It’s just very difficult to get rid of…

  35. only when i’m skiing…i don’t use make up when heading to beach or to gym so the only sport activity i use it is skiing…i have to use the waterproof one for obvious reasons..snow..wind..etc

  36. It’s all I ever wear. I have horribly straight lashes, and after I curl them with an eyelash curler, waterproof mascara is the only type that will keep the curl. Any non-waterproof mascara will straighten them right back out again. Not sure why this happens, but it does.

  37. Meagan

    Maybe I’m weird, but NEVER. I don’t like waterproof mascaras

  38. I used to only use drugstore mascara, and I would have to use waterproof every time I wore mascara to hold a curl (my eyelashes are straight). Then I started using Benefits They’re Real Mascara, and it holds my curl all day long. So I only wear waterproof when it’s raining, or if I’m going somewhere where I know I’m going to cry.

  39. Where is the “never” option? Never ever ever ever ever ever! lol

  40. I would say maybe twice a year. I don’t normally buy waterproof at all. I have found L’oreal’s Double extend Beauty Tubes works for me just as well. I used to use waterproof (about 10 years ago) but I found it really damaged my lashes.

  41. I think I might have purchased waterproof mascara for my daughter’s wedding but I’m actually not sure! I often skipped mascara because, waterproof or not, on one eye, I often got a grey smudge by the end of the day, even if I didn’t apply to my bottom lashes. But I have found a few mascaras that don’t do this (2 from Clarins and on from Bobbi Brown and L’Oreal’s Voluminous also seems okay) so mascara has recently become part of my daily makeup again. Also, Clarins makes a wonderful product called Double Fix that really made even problem mascaras “co-operate”. I think it turns any mascara “waterproof”.

  42. Susan Dowman Nevling

    I very seldom wear waterproof mascara because the removal is difficult and, in my opinion, is damaging to eyelashes and the delicate skin of the eyelids. It doesn’t seem to matter what type of eye make up remover I use.

  43. gen

    I wear it almost every day because my mascara tends to transfer on my lids (curly lashes and hooded eyes). This even does it with waterproof but less than other mascaras. Any advice?

  44. Never! Water-resistant only. The few times I’ve worn waterproof (when I did stage productions in college), I felt like I could never fully remove it.

  45. Lauren

    Always. I have never found a non-waterproof mascara that does not smudge on me. I am happy to slap some oil on my face to get it off at night in exchange for no panda eyes.

  46. Not very often lol. My eyes are watery but non waterproof formulas still work for me. I find waterproof mascaras to be a real pain to remove
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  47. Always! I have oily skin so I pretty much have too. Plus it’s like hair spray for your eyelashes–if your curl your lashes they stay that way all day.

  48. Denise

    I used to dabble with waterproof mascara when I was in my teens but now, decades later, I never use it. Don’t know why, just don’t.

  49. Miss J

    When I’m not wearing fake lashes. Waterproof is the only thing that will hold the curl.

  50. Kristen

    I wear it when I work out – a yoga class or other class. Can’t go somewhere public without mascara even if it’s the only makeup I’m wearing! Anything non-WP will run on me. I like CG Lash Blast – but need Lancôme bi-facil + some oil cleanser + some shower to get it (almost) off.

  51. With my watery eyes and puny lashes, I almost always go for waterproof mascara AND mascara base. Well, when I bother to wear mascara anyway.

  52. Moss

    This sounds so ridiculous, but I do wear it, and this is the only time I wear it, when I am lying out at the pool in Vegas. It’s fun to feel glam there and the waterproof insures no running if I get splashed.

  53. Minko

    At one point, I stopped wearing mascara on my lower lashes due to the constant smudging. Then I found Clarins Double-Fix Mascara. It’s a waterproof clear coat that you can put on over any mascara. I even swipe a little on my eyebrows to keep them in place. It’s pricey, but it works.

    As for removing my eye makeup, I use MUFE SensEyes. It, too, is pricey. But a little bit goes a long way, and it completely dissolves waterproof eye makeup without being oily or irritating. I stock up anytime Sephora has a VIB discount.

  54. Lida

    I wear a tubing mascara most days – I must admit that I’m hooked on them now! I get terrible hay-fever in Spring/Summer and this is the only stuff which won’t budge until I go to remove it with warm water etc.

  55. catherine

    I ALWAYS wear waterproof mascara! My eyes water and I rub them a fair bit due to allergies… I can’t imagine not wearing waterproof.

    I also have no problem with removal. Being in a hot shower for a few minutes seems to moisten the mascara enough that it slides right off. *shrug*

  56. Sarah

    I’ve tried so many times to use mascara, but it always smudges on me, so now I just wear eyelashes.

  57. Julie S.

    Oh, the issues!! LOL, If I wear waterproof, I have to watch out of the base makeup I wear, because of my oily skin, it will ‘naturally’ remove and smudge under my eyes, and I look like a panda. If I dont, and my eyes start to spout water, as I cry at the drop of a hat, I will have smudges all over my face! The only mascara I have tried that doesn’t do that to me is Maybelline Falsies waterproof. Biore Ice Cleanser removes it cleanly with no tugging. I hate to spend money on high end mascara, knowing if will come off with oil!

  58. J

    NEVER. Hate it so much.

  59. Never. I think it’s a pain and I never plan for tears!

  60. manuGmz

    How do you not have a “never” option?!

  61. Maggie

    I have NEVER found a water-based mascara to not run on me. So waterproof it is. I really like the new L’Oreal Lash Out Butterfly Waterproof Mascara–with remover, I find it pretty easy to remove for a waterproof mascara. I recommend a dual-phase remover like the purple Neutrogena or the blue Jordana one if you want economical options for eye makeup removers.

  62. Kate

    Unfortunately, every day. I live in Los Angeles and I am always hot so unless I want to look like I play guitar in a metal band, waterproof only. I just wish I could find something that removed it without having to rub my skin raw.

  63. CatherineM

    I wear it quite often. Whenever it’s very humid or hot, or when it rains. And I reach for it whenever I have a cold, as I tend to tear up quite a bit then. I never had any problems removing waterproof mascara with either Bioderma or Shiseido Cleasing Oil without any rubbing at all.
    I don’t really see what the problem with contacts and waterproof mascara might be. I’m using both and never noticed anything. The only thing I can imagine is that some waterproof mascaras tended to crumble some years back, but I wouldn’t use those even if I didn’t wear contacts.

  64. Nic

    I have tried waterproof mascara for special occations, but I haven’t found one, who works for my lashes. So I stick to regular mascaras.

  65. Absolutely need a “never” option!

    Or “When I forget how much I hate it and stupidly buy a tube??”

    I was told years ago that it pulls out your eyelashes, and to never use it. I find tubing mascara comes close enough, and is MUCH easier to remove!

  66. I wear waterproof mascara everyday, because my mascara NEVER stays on otherwise.

  67. faerieevenstar

    I never wear waterproof mascara ever!

  68. Molly

    I honestly don’t care. I just go for the effect it gives my lashes because I’ve never come across a non-waterproof mascara that flaked, smudged, or didn’t hold a curl on my lashes. I will wear Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara when I want dramatic lashes, not for its super waterproof formula.

  69. Daaanielle

    When I’m going on a relaxing vacation where I’ll be at the beach or the pool most of the time I’ll bring a waterproof mascara, or in summer when I’m just at home and going swimming or something!

  70. Quinctia

    When I’ve been stupid enough to purchase waterproof mascara accidentally and then open it up before realizing it was waterproof.

    I really don’t like waterproof mascara.

  71. Just about never. Occasionally if I get one from work (like the Clinique High Impact Waterproof, which I liked way more than I expected), but I never really seek it out. I just like working with non-waterproof ones better, and I’ve never really felt the need to go waterproof.

    I am totally a crier, so I’ve actually found a few great non-waterproof formulas that still look pretty great after a good cry (Benefit They’re Real and Dior Iconic Overcurl – not Diorshow though, that stings like nobodies business if tears get it in your eyes!).

  72. Jessie

    Never! I hate the hassle of getting waterproof mascara off, and I don’t normally have a problem with non-waterproof mascara running/bleeding, so for me it’s not worth it. If I’m doing something that I know my face will be getting wet (like going to the beach/pool) then I don’t wear makeup anyways. I recently tried Maybelline’s The Rocket mascara (not the waterproof one) and it is SO hard to get off- anyone else have a problem with it? I wonder if the waterproof formula accidentally got put in the wrong tube! lol

  73. chris

    Years ago, I used to go for waterproof versions of mascaras I loved that ran like crazy on me. One of them, sadly, is the MUFE smoky lash. I have in the meantime switched to awesome mascaras whose non-waterproof version does not run on me. My long-time favorite is Benefit’s they’re real. On my often running eyes ( in wind, cold weather,…) nothing moves on a regular day. And if there ever is “damage”, it is minimal/hardly noticeable for anyone but me. Perfectly happy not to go through the hassle of removing waterproof mascara at night…

    I would only wear waterproof mascara if I felt I was to go swimming and for some odd reason would like to wear makeup. I like to be bare-faced in summer, so I do not see that happening.

  74. Always on my bottom lashes. :) It helps them from causing smearing!! :)

  75. I would like to offer up a really good suggestion. Like I said, I don’t wear waterproof, but only because I have found non waterproof that don’t move on me. I DO, however, have a TON of experience using it for freelance wedding makeup and senior pictures in the summer, etc. The best remover I have ever used in my entire life, bar none, is MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover (the purple one). It is insane. Do yourselves a favor…waterproof wearers or not, and pick a bottle of this amazingness up :)

  76. astrild.r

    I have very watery eyes so I always use waterproof mascara. I son’t like panda eyes. Sometimes I’ve tried a regular one, but I don’t feel comfortable because I’m always worried about smudging.

  77. Rina


    I live in London and its forever raining

  78. I have rather sensitive eyes and they often react to waterproof mascara and start itching and burning, so I never use any. Additionally, I think it is terrible to get it off and rubbing too much isn’t good for the sensitive skin around your eyes and using strong eye make up remover just irritates my eyes even more, so waterproof mascara is just a no-go for me.
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  79. Pat

    What I like best about this face wash is that I can use it to remove mascara (non-waterproof) without having to be rough on my eyes. I have been using it for years, and my skin was the happiest after I stopped using harsher cleansers (even during my acne periods in college) and used this with a spot cleanser for blemishes. Also, the smell is understated and pleasant. I had to buy it here on Amazon because my local stores weren’t carrying it anymore. :/