Sunday, March 9th, 2014

Temptalia Asks You

How often do you use eyeshadow primer? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerI used to, thinking it was the only way to live, but after reading the actual descriptions for most eyeshadows, a lot said long-wearing on their own. After going through and testing so many formulas that way, I don’t find primer necessary. It’s an extra step I’d take if I needed my eye makeup to be virtually flawless for 10+ hours, though.

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88 thoughts on “How often do you use eyeshadow primer?

  1. I wear it anytime I wear eyeliner or eyeshadow!

  2. Kristen

    Everyday. I guess I haven’t been lucky enough to find the good, long lasting eyeshadow. It has creased or completely faded (usually more so on one eye than the other) by lunch time during my work day. I’d rather have good wear through out my whole day.

  3. C

    I wear bright colours every day and want to get the most out of them so I always use primer.

  4. Hooded lids here, so I use it every time I put shadow on!

  5. Every time I wear any kind of eyeshadow – powder, pigments, creams, pencils, you name it. I have hooded lids that can often be oily, and not using primer results in creasing within a few hours.
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    • Esmeralda L

      I have oily hooded lids too. I do need to wear a primer else any eye product will start creasing for me

    • Lee

      Yeah, I have hooded eyes too and eye makeup doesn’t last an hour without primer. I don’t think people unhooded eyes realize how fast stuff creases in the fold.

  6. Dee

    Every. Single. Time.

  7. Nikki

    I use primer every time I wear eyeshadow because I find that it makes the shadows pop against my lids and last longer than if I don’t.

  8. Jessica

    Every single time I wear shadow. I have extremely oily lids, so even with a primer, I get extreme creasing after several hours.

  9. stacey

    Never. I tried it once or twice to test it out. I did not see it make a difference and I dont like the silicon feel of it.

  10. All the time, when I’m wearing makeup. I have to. Otherwise any eyeshadow — powder or cream — will crease on me after ten seconds, because oily eyelids.

    • ME TOO!! freakin oily lids lol. But…. i hear they wrinkle less being oily and looking at my family gene pool i would say there may be something to that

  11. I use it whenever I use eyeshadow. Unfortunately my eyelids are too oily to go without it.
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  12. Always! Super oily lids + High humidity are perfect for creasing. My fave: the NARS e/s primer.

  13. Ellie

    Lucky you! My shadow becomes muddy within a couple of hours because of my eye shape… even with primer.

  14. Jip

    ANYTIME I wear eye shadow (which is not everyday). Due to my super oily eye area, anything used without a primer would disappear in one hour.

  15. Elisa

    I wear it absolutely every time I wear eyeshadow. I have very oily skin and oily eyelids, and have tried every imaginable eye primer out there. I have to layer two primers, Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Urban Decay Primer Potion, and then I get 12 + hours wear, more if the shadows are good quality.

  16. Miss J

    If I’m putting anything more than mascara on my eyes then I’m absolutely putting primer on my eyes. I have extremely oily, hooded lids. Taking the time to do a look on my eyes and not putting primer on is a complete waste of time and product for me. It doesn’t matter if the product is $1 or $100, if my eyes aren’t freshly washed and primed, that product is going to be off/faded/creased/whatever in less than an hour.

  17. Every time I wear powder eyeshadow. I’ve never found a formula that works better without primer.
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  18. Veronica

    Once I discovered it, I never stopped. My lids are the only oily part of my face, and as my eyes are hooded, it makes major difference in the longevity and “neatness” of my eyeshadow wear.

  19. Stephanie

    I wear Eden primer by Urban Decay everytime I wear eyeshadow. It really makes a difference in the pigment and lasting power of my eyeshadow. Its a staple for me.

  20. Every single time I have make-up on. I have hooded eyelids, and if I don’t use a primer, eyeshadows (no matter how long-wearing) crease on me after 10 minutes or so.

  21. Poo

    For me too it is an additional step If I am using long wearing shades.. but if they are prone to creasing.. primers saves it for me! :)

  22. Never actually although really want to buy the UD original primer potion.

  23. Most of the time I wear powder eyeshadow. I don’t use it under cream eyeshadows.Sometimes I just wear concealer on my lids.
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  24. hex

    I need primer. darn oliy lids haha. Even maybelline colour tattoos crease on me like crazy after 1 hour of wear. I’ve worn them alone and with UDPP underneath. UDPP creases for me after like 4 hours with all eyeshadows including MAC, and it’s the only eye primer I’ve ever tried. I have a feeling MAC paintpots will work better for me-at least the Pro-longwear ones.

  25. Barbie

    every time i put eye makeup

  26. Whenever I use eyeshadow (which is not that often actually) due to oily and slightly hooded eyelids.

  27. Thank you for picking my question 😀 (Blimey – what a long list you must have to work through too!) I’m surprised at your answer, as for me I get creasy shadow within a couple of hours. Must be a combination of oily lids, heat behind my glasses… and wrinkles.

  28. KaseyCannuck

    I wear it all the time now, thanks to super oily and partially hooded lids.

  29. Every time I wear eyeshadow. It really does help pigmentation, wear, and blendability on my somewhat oily, weird-textured lids. And depending on the color/texture, I might also wear something like a cream shadow or Pixie Epoxy, too.
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  30. Everytime I wear heavy eyeshadow, so not a lot ;))

  31. I always wear eyeshadow primer as my eyelids are super oily!

  32. Every time I wear eyeshadow or eyeliner. If I don’t they won’t wear more than 2-3 hours.
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  33. Jessica

    Christine, do you wear the eyeshadows from Urban Decay’s Naked palettes without primer? I always use UD Primer Potion with them and I wonder if it’s necessary.

    • I wear eyeshadow primer maybe 10 times a year at this point! Pretty much only if I’m going to be out all day long and I’m not actually testing something (which is rare). I don’t use primer when I test Urban Decay’s eyeshadows!

      Like the rest of my skin, I’m normal-to-dry with my eyelids generally being mostly normal and occasionally (depending on how many eyeshadows I applied and removed in the day!), they can get a little dry around the movable lid area. The oilier the lids, the more likely a primer will be a necessity rather than a luxury!

  34. Every time I wear eyeshadow! Unless I’m wearing a cream or pencil shadow that is long wearing and acts as a primer (Maybellline Colour Tattoos, Sephora Jumbo Pencils, MAC Paint Pots), I use an eyeshadow primer because it’s the only way I can be sure my shadow will last without getting gross and creased looking by the end of the day. I wear eye creams, so my lids are probably a bit oilier than they would be otherwises. The fact that primers exist (they didn’t when I was in my teens/20’s) has made wearing eyeshadow (which I love) a much more “every day” possibility.

  35. Rarely. Its just another unnecessary step for me. I just use good, long lasting eyeshadows.

  36. Kris

    Aaaah, the advantage of non-oily lids, Christine!

    I wear eyeshadow primer every day if I am wearing shadow, or it ends up creased and messy, which is a good look if that’s what you want to go, I guess, but… Not quite want I want, haha.

    NARS eyeshadow primer for me, because UDPP or Lorac aren’t enough to stop the creasing.

  37. Dreamer19

    Every time i wear eyeshadow and/or eyeliner. i have very oily lids.

  38. Oh every single day, literally! And I always use Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance primer. Urban Decay’s Primer Potion is another favorite, but Too Faced is still number one :-)

  39. Carrie

    Always. Between the fact that I like my bright shadows to pop more and than I get allergy eyes and primer helps ensure I still have some on my face at the end of the day and don’t just rub it all off :)

  40. kellilee

    Every time I wear eyeshadow. My eyelids are too oily to go without it.

  41. zainab

    Always. I’ve had eyeshadow crease within minutes otherwise, and that’s whatever tiny amount managed to adhere evenly. Primer is the only reason I started wearing eyeshadows.

  42. Every single time I wear makeup. (I have fairly oily eyelids) Especially with mascara – it stops the transfer to my brow bone/upper crease area. The ONLY eyeshadow I have found I can wear for about 6 hours without creasing is Makeup Forever.

  43. I wear it whenever I wear eye shadow, although I have yet to find one that is amazing. NARS comes close, though.

  44. Wwendalynne

    I wear cream base (usually MAC paint pot) in lieu of primer to hold colour better over my hooded eyes and to help intensify colour. At this stage, primer is too drying and can result in crepiness so I use PP for smoother finish. When I was younger, I used both primer and a cream base as my eyelids were just that oily.

  45. Rebecca

    Contrary to most of the comments at the time of me writing this – i dont have oily eyelids but I wear eyeshadow primer every day. I just love it for providing me with a smooth base to put my shadows on top of. I probably don’t need it, but I wear it everytime I apply eyeshadow for that smooth base.

  46. Every time, no matter what. Oily hooded lids here

  47. Lauren

    Every time I wear eyeshadow, I wear either eyeshadow primer or MAC Painterly paint pot. Even then, I can still get creasing with some brands of primer. So far, the only primer that I have tried that leaves me 100% crease free is the Tarte eyeshadow primer. It is really light, so it is good under cream shadows too. The only thing I don’t like about it is the fact that it doesn’t even the color of my lids, so I often layer it under the MAC painterly paint pot. I still can get creasing with the paint pot, but with the two together, I have a perfect base.

  48. Chantal

    Just like Temptalia, I used to wear it all the time. Of course, I used to wear lots of bright colours and dramatic looks with shimmery finishes. Now that my daily look is neutral, with a matte or satin finish, I don’t wear primer and don’t notice the difference. I’ll only wear it if I’m going out, and wearing something colourful or vampy.

  49. GUSnail

    Always. I have very oily lids and I need my make up to last at least 10 hours. Also, I like to use primers that will enhance the color of my shadows.

  50. Every time, and then a paint pot on top and underneath the powder shadows if I really want them to last.

  51. I have pretty oily eyelids so I have to wear the primer every day. Or else my makeup smudges and creases in 2-3 hours depending on formula.

  52. LU

    Every time I wear eyeshadow. I have really oily lids and use two primers, actually. UDPP followed by either milani shadow eyez, ud shadow pencil, or MUFE shadow pencil.

  53. Sara

    I swear my life was changed when I bought my first tube of UD Primer Potion! All through college I kept trying to find eyeshadow that wouldn’t crease to death throughout the day. Then I stumbled upon UDPP because the original Naked palette came with the little bottle of it. It’s magical stuff! I didn’t use primer yesterday because I put on really light makeup and ran out the door, by the evening all that was left of my eyeshadow was a single crease. It’s a MUST even when I have a light makeup day!

  54. kurohana

    i dont but i dont wear eyeshadow

  55. Diana

    Every day I wear eyeshadow. My eyelids are oily, so if I didn’t use primer, it would turn into a sludgy mess very quickly.

  56. Keen Janine

    I wear it anytime I wear eyeshadow, which is 2-3 times a week if not daily. My shadow will not last if I don’t. My lids are very oily. I’ve tried going with out and it doesn’t work for me at all.

  57. I don’t use them, it’s rare I need shadow to be perfect for more then 10 hours or so. I know you can get a bit better pigmentation or wear if you have oil lids, but for daily make up it seems too much hassle!
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  58. Eileen

    I’ve never considered eye primer a must because by the time it became ubiquitous, my skin had converted to dry and I no longer had oily lids. Since the idea behind the early primers was to block the flow of oil which degraded the shadows, I had no need for them. Back in the Dark Ages, though, when I was a teen, I would have loved a good eye primer as my shadow was always creasing.

    Flash forward to today :-) I do own an eyeshadow primer for those times when weather conditions like humidity dictate the need. I’ve used Kanebo Sensai in the past because it was well suited to my dry, mature skin. I’m currently using Tom Ford’s.

  59. Depends on the shadow. Some need it, but I find that a bit of concealer or even a bit of face powder applied to the lid first does a pretty good job of keeping things in place. :-)
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  60. Kica

    I never put on es without it. Primer literally changed my mu life.

  61. Melissa

    Whenever I remember to apply it during the winter months when wearing eyeshadow. Evey time I wear eyeshadow during the warmer months.

  62. I use color tattoo/paint pot as an eye primer almost everytime I use eyeshadow!
    I rarely use primer potion or another clear eye primer..

  63. Every day that I wear makeup! I have pretty oily, hooded lids though. In order for my makeup to look fresh through my 10 hour work days, it’s essential for me to use primers. Lately, the jane primer has been absolutely amazing! I generally pop MAC Painterly on top, but that’s more for color correction. I wish Painterly didn’t crease within 6 hours on me. :(

  64. J

    Every single time I wear eyeshadow. I can do without it, but it’s such a habit now.. I always get free samples of Urban Decay at Ulta! Lol

  65. I try every once in a while to see how long it will take before they crease, so far I haven’t found a shadow that holds up for more than a few hours. I have a deep crease that’s a bit hooded and that fold closest to my inner corner always causes the problem! I stick with primer daily unless I’m doing another experiment. :)

  66. SoSo

    Everytime i wear eyeshadow! Even though my lids arent very oily at all, i find primer gives my shadow an even application and I would rather take the extra few seconds in the morning applying primer than risk looking like a mess by the middle/end of the day!

  67. Judy Czarnecki

    Every day! My skin is oily and I find that it keeps the shadow from creasing & wearing off, even the “long wearing” shadows.

  68. I wear eyeshadow primer everytime I wear eyeshadow along with a base to keep my eyeshadow from creasing throughout the day and been doing the primer and base since 2011.

  69. I wear mostly loose eyeshadow so I always wear primer!

  70. Always! Otherwise, everything slides off within five minutes. Yes, even products like Maybelline Color Tattoos! With my oily, hooded lids and watery eyes, even primers don’t always help, unfortunately. :/

  71. xamyx

    The flipside to oily lids, which noone seems to mention, is dry lids-which is where I fit in… No matter how “fabulous” the formula, or how “long-wearing” or pigmented, powder eyeshadows just don’t stick properly to my lid. I don’t have issues with creasing, but unless I use some sort of base product (primer,concealer, cream product), eyeshadows just tend to look dingy & dull. I ddon’t bother with primer, however, when using cream/pencil products. My lids are so dry that even most eye creams get absorbed upon application, so that doesn’t even help.

    • xamyx

      I recently discovered NYX eyeshadow base in White Pearl, and love it so much, I just picked up botj of the other shades. I don’t know how it works out for creasing, but it amps up my eyeshadow colors.

  72. Asha

    I always prime before eyeshadow. Not only to pro long the shadow but to get rid of the veins and to make the eyeshadow more vibrant.

  73. Jane

    I never use primer – the one’s I’ve tried are always thick and waxy and I feel overmade up before I even apply eyeshadow. What I’ve been doing for forever is this – I lightly apply BB cream or foundation over my whole eyelid area, from lid to brow. Then I use a brush to apply translucent powder to the same area. I find shadow then sticks perfectly and lasts all day. It’s always worked for me – I have hooded eyes but I don’t think the lids are oily – it never occurred to me until I read so many posts here about women with oily lids!!!

  74. Samantha

    Daily. I have a full-time 40+ hour/week job as a technical writer, go to graduate school full-time at night after work, and volunteer on the weekends (when I am not working).

    Primers are essential for me. I get a lot more wear out of all of my makeup with good primers and setting sprays. I do not have time throughout the day to touch up anything other than my lips. I wear face primer, under-eye primer, eyeshadow primer, lip primer, and setting spray. I use it all sparingly znd a lot of them are samples. By the end of the day, my makeup generally still looks fine if not fresh.

  75. Jan

    About once a week or once every-other-week: Pretty much when I actually wear eyeshadow on the lid and not just the crease or outer V.
    That’s because I have very oily lids.
    However, most of the time, I solve the problem by simply not wearing shadow on the lid itself.

  76. Mari

    Only for big parties, nightclubs, dance presentations… When I want to be flawless for a longer time, if it is a special ocasion and I want my makeup to be better than what I use daily.

  77. I use it every time I use eyeshadow. I have really oily lids and my eyeshadow creases in an hour if I dont use it

  78. Every time I use powder eyeshadows. I have dry skin/eyelids and my skin sucks the moisture out of all powder products that I put on my face. I need something tacky for the eyeshadows to adhere to or else my skin sucks out all the moisture in the powder and the colours fall off.

  79. JG

    Every time I wear eyeshadow! I never used to be able to wear eyeshadow, even kinds marketed as “long wearing”, because my eyelids are insanely oily. But since I discovered primer, I can actually wear eyeshadow now and not have it melt off within a few hours! :)

  80. Only on evening occasion where my makeup is supposed to last long. I use white eyeliner everyday as alternative though.